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    Chatbox has now returned, now that everything has cooled down we've allowed the chatbox to return. ~~~~~~ Chatbox has been removed until further notice.
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    So, A lot of you are not understanding the concept behind the Trade Limit that we've applied. We understand it comes as an inconvenience we really do. However, 6 days downtime and a lot of work is more of an inconvenience, if we don't continue to push against those attempting to break rules we will continue having these problems. 9/10 of any case we look into in regards to anything in relation to exploits, gold buying/selling, botting and any other illegal activity that happens in-game is done by using a low level alt account. So think about it... the Trade Limit slows down the process a lot for these people. I'm not saying that there will no longer be gold sellers or buyers because hey... as long as someone pays someone will do it. But I am saying each time we catch a bot, gold buyer/seller, exploiter they have to go through the goals again. Eventually it won't be worth it for the people doing these activities. Now before there is thread after thread, think of the whole picture. The goal we're trying to accomplish here is to keep this game as clean as we can. We understand that it's an inconvenience but this game is more than just trading please remember that. That being said, for only a few hours of your time you will be capable of trading again and all is well. Do not break rules and guess what? You're done... simple. So relax please and understand we're doing this for the benefit of the server. Thank you.
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    Hey all, We've listened to the communities concerns as they did not have any time to react to this change. We have removed the Trade Limit until Monday, this will give everyone enough time to grab items off their alt accounts. We feel 3 days is enough time for you all to react and get comfortable with the change. Do not see this as a position of weakness either, the Trade Limit is returning we are just being understanding towards some of your concerns. Thank you
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    Trade Limit has returned: All EXISTING players level 94+38 or higher have automatically skipped the Trade Limit requirements. NOTE: Any new players will have to do the goals as normal. Only existing players could skip this. Any existing players that were not 94+38 also must do all the goals. Upon levelling to 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90 you will be reminded to claim your Level Up package from Armored Bash. Increased the drop rate of the following items: Increased the gathering rate to 100% for the following items: Cooldown of skill "Capture" has been reduced to 15 seconds. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash over the weekend.
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    Servers will be coming back online very soon. You can read the patch notes here: Compensation Package has been distributed to everyone who logged in within the last 30 days. Thank you for your patience.
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    Update We're at the end of the road now. We are doing a final QA over the night. Final changes and applications will be done then and we hope to launch early AM UTC tomorrow. Thanks again for your patience.
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    Hey all, So we've looked into all the trades placed by the people involved. Due to the significant amount of gold being injected into the economy we have reversed some of the trades. Obviously some people spent their gold and so on. We looked at the more damaging trades in-game, we're aware of the many box purchases and other items but it was simply not enough to reverse it all without wiping the entire economy. We have however taken 20% of the gold from the entire economy to suffice. So please read below what has happened and who has been affected: NOTE: We've also taken into account the 20% deduction made to the economy. Items Returned Gold Removed Items Held NOTE: Some players have been banned, there has been no account for the gold at all and we suspect possible Gold Selling activities. Please follow normal ban ticket procedures for more information. Thank you!
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    if GM's will decrease prices of shining blue souls then we will earn less money from exp on a6.1 therefore I think that they should also decrease price of full hp pots from 35k to 30k. Also I dont agree with idea of non trade policy before 83 lvl. It's just stupid because lvl never should be a requirement of trade and if it is really needed then they should atleast decrease that lvl to 55. Next suggestion is opposition to idea of decrease ingame gold economy by 20%. It is just aggainst rules if gms will destroy our hard work just because they didnt program server good enough to protect it before exploits. Why we have to pay for their mistakes? As IT specialist I can say that it's not professional to make people lose because of somebodys mistakes. That's all from me, thanks for reading and tell me what u think about this ideas. Cheers!
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    Hello everyone! Yes, its the moment everyone has been waiting for - new game sages! Also, I'd like to make this note here and now. Whatever ill will you may have towards someone who may have been hired, please leave it at the door. From this moment on, while they are a part of the staff, we hope that you will treat them with respect as we hope they treat you with respect. Should any of the drama or anything of the sort continue after they have been hired, then submit a ticket with all necessary proof. Due to the current Nostale issues, these supports will not have tags till next maintenance. Eden Eternal: Head GS: @Nanami @Deathoniak @Mozz @Lilith @Mikitotefu @MoistyBlood @Springy Scarlet Blade: *Please note: As a new requirement for all SB GS, they are required to have a character on BOTH faction sides. @Viper @Daddy @Norleras @Colt
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    Server is now back online!
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    Gold Rate has been reduced to x3. Minigames Channel has been removed. Channel has returned back to channel 9. There will no longer be mini-games running on this channel for now. We have plans to revamp it in the future. NosBasaar has been wiped. NOTE: All items and gold have been returned to those who either bought or sold an item. This does not include any expired sales, they have just been deleted. Anyone who went above the max value has had their gold added to their cuarry bank. Some gold may have been lost in the process, we cannot return anything more than we have. We apologise in advance for this. Use of all Trade features are now locked until the following goals have been met: Analysis of the entire game code has been performed and any issues that we located have been fixed. NOTE: This does not mean we have 110% removed/fixed all exploits. Exploits can always pop up so do not hold this against us if any issues arise in the future. Removed 20% of the entire gold economy in-game. NOTE: This is so we can ensure any of the gold that has leaked through to other players has took a hit. We understand innocent people are affected by this but the economy could do with a small purge if you ask me. Deleted all duplicated items from the game. NOTE: If you're missing an item this was a duped item, we do not return duped items and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Added a new "Level Package" option to Armored Bash NPC in NosVille. This option is available for Mage, Swordsman and Archer characters. You will obtain a "Level Package" which can be opened Level 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90. The package will provide equipment and consumables to help you with your journey. You must select the option each time to receive each package in their respective order. NOTE: Existing players can also obtain this package, just go to the NPC and speak to him. Level requirement for creating a Martial Artist has been changed to the following 99+30 -> 93+30. Reduced the sale prices of the following items: Adjusted Mimic (Mystery Box) in-game Rewards to the following: Fixed bug with Snarl's passive doing an opposite effect.
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    Channel 1 player count has been reduced back to 300. Global Speakers have returned to the game. Created the following new stats: Added Zephyr's Calamity wings to the game. Added Zephyr's Vanguard wings to the game. Updated the stats of the following items: Removed Fibi Frosty from Mimic Mystery Box rewards in-game. NosMate Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Partner's Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Updated text of certain items that gave wrong information. Improved drop rate of Amon and Lucifer bosses. Martial Artist now has a Trade Limit requirement of 93+30 and 2,500,000 reputation. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash this week. Fixed bug where "Huge Monsters" would not drop anything.
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    Hi-hi. BananaNyan/Kira here and I would like to bring to attention on how hard it is to EXP and lack of boosters being provided in the game now is making it even harder and could be making it almost impossible for players who do not spend Vendetta Points on the game to level up to end game. As a medic, it is especially hard since I cannot farm alone as I do not contain the damage other classes have and it's extremely hard to find EXP parties as I am not always on when Free Knights are busy or even when they are, majority of the people are already level 65 and the the other half just do not want to level up because of how boring it is. Sometimes, I find a few people who are genuinely helpful, but they are also not on all the time when I am online. With my experience with leveling, I would understand why players who are level capped would not want to help due to it being so repetitive. I know Boosters are given when you level up, but the amount you are provided are nowhere near the amount you need to level, so you are in a predicament and I've been told before that leveling was even harder before I came back, but this could still scare away new players who want to get to end game and I do not want that. I have some suggestions to try to make this easier if possible. 1. Providing a buff when you go into Dragon Valley that gives you a % amount of experience boost. Can range from just 100% which isn't exactly the best, but it's something... to 500% exp boost buff, so at least players who cannot afford to buy boosts can have some way of experience boosting, 2. Making bosses in Amara and Boss events in Enocia drop EXP boosters from 700% to 1000% that are tradable as I have seen 200% boosters before, so if people at level cap do not need these boosters, they can give to someone who needs. 3. Making the experience boosters in Item Mall a little cheaper, like from 500 VPN to 250 VPN. 4. Making the mobs have a really rare chance of dropping something that would cost gold, like Ancient Jewel Spanner, Jewel Spanners, 10% Unique Kilos, or Jewel Safeguards. This could attract people who are already level capped into helping others who are not because they have a chance to get some good loot from this, but make the chance slim so people do not end up just farming mobs all day and not participating in PvP or bosses. 5. Creating a title for killing mobs in Dragon Valley that grants them boost on DPS Stats. It would attract more people who are DPS to come help and would make experiencing a little faster called like Dragon Hunter or Dragon Destroyer. These are only mere suggestions and I would completely understand if they cannot be used or made, but I do think it would make things easier or make people more excited to help players who are having a hard time leveling and do hope these are taken into consideration. Thank you so much for reading~ BananaNyan/Kira
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    They'll be back up in a moment. Server is starting up now. There was something we were asked to check into, so sorry for that guys. Should be good to go soon.
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    @Bash if u want everyone to be okay with this, you should make banning by IP permanently and to rework the log so u can get notification with bigger trades and trades pet time(minutes,hours) Then u can just add 1,2 persons to staff to help with this work. That way u wont loose your cash from VGN buyers and that won't affect innocent people in server. Thats the best option. Ye ofc u will have little more work but you are gonna keep the community as it was before. + Im not complaining about the quests. I just give a suggestion which everyone in the server gonna approve that. Its not a problem for me bcs im ok with quests and farming but im pissed how everyone is complaning and lot of ppl i know thinking of quitting. + Dont get offended but you are also like a gold seller. Gold is more buyable that VGN and Vendetta is much more playable than all other servers. I kinda cant explain it but u are gonna understand me.
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    aww sh*t here we go again 😂cya next week
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    Bash is currently fixing a last minute bug he found with items that were taken off the nosbazar. Since this thread was already answered and the server is infact offline, I'll be closing this thread.
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    I'll see what I can do, maybe add it sometime today.
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    Basically the idea is to add a function where you hover over the item in VGN mystery box and it opens an information box with the item info
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    As the title suggests, I would propose to the staff and @Bash to re-introduce the speakers for all channels. Since they left, I noticed: 1) A decrease in the population, both for trade and for the new trading system for new players 2) Less raids of any kind (considering that normally people could hear if there were raids both from channel 8 and even from Act 4). 3) They had been removed because there had been a patch that would have introduced the new speakers that showed the objects in the chat, but soon after that they also disappeared from circulation. 4) They were also good for creating teams of some particular raids like the Fernons 5) With the global speakers it was possible to contact someone who sold a particular object in ch 1 even being engaged in another activity in another ch. I hope the idea is taken into consideration because I consider the globality of this item a good way to stimulate trade and the life of the server.
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    It could be the case that it doesn't destroy Wing B it just changes the appearance and removes the Transmog Item. This way the only thing you have to keep buying is the Transmog Item. Seems a fair trade given some games destroy the item.
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    In addiction i would add the option to change the symbol itself choosing whatever u like the most. I mean, something like the title system : u get up to 5kk rep? u got unlocked all rep symbols up to red star. Open a tab like the title system one and you can choose which one to use. I really prefer the half moon rep to the star XD
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    @Uninformed@MichelleZhivago The ability to tank with Whipper this cap is looking very nice with the new and improved buffs, the duration/cooldown ratios are giving me anxiety. The ability to apply the biggest void/ch resist reduction to your opponents avaliable in game, no other melee class can reduce ch resist, let alone reduce it to multiple targets at once. A dash that literally throws you in harms way of the enemy team the moment you use it whether it misses or not and does not benefit your team at all isn't really comparable to the ability of pulling opponents to the vicinity of yourself and your team who then just pummel any unlucky soul that has been targeted by your pull despite having buffs to try and evade them. They absolutely should after all they sacrifice a good utility skill and have to enter mech to make that happen. Like it or not Whippers have a speed buff, one of the highest ones not to mention that it comes without having to spend any skill points for it. Whippers have the best Defense buff and can reach the highest Defense of the 4 melee classes, which class is the only one with 3 Arkana stun abilities (2 of them pull, thank god)? That's the WH, other melee classes have 1 each of the 3 "tank" classes, which class is the only one with a ch resist debuff (and its aoe, mamma mia)? That's the WH That being said, yes Whippers dont have access to all the abilities other melee classes have but no other class has all the abilities Whippers have so I don't know why you're pointing it out. This is all fine though, these are your core abilities that were there before the whole "rebalance" mess. This threads concern is about not removing the compromise that was given to Whippers upon the removal of stun on pulls, when the stun was returned. This is an indirect nerf to all the other classes that are supposed to excel at not being pulled easily, while giving Whippers the luxury of being able to succesfuly pull any target that is in the range of their pull without having to give it any second thoughts. Whippers are the only class with the benefit of having extra CH ACC / ACC on 2 of their stun abilities, that coincidentally also pull their enemies.
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    guys chill. He will be home soon. Just taking the lambo a few rounds around the block.
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    Sorry about that everyone, things should be back as normal. There was a poor update provided by our operating system provider which caused a lot of lag. It was fixed quite quickly by them luckily so the lag should stop now. Servers are back online. Have a good day! Sorry everyone, I have to fix a problem with the network. Seems to be an issue with the latest software update for our operating system. Causing a lot of issues. Server will be offline for a short period of time.
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    Remove this shit "Try again in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds" and increase drop rate. Yeah at least.
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    this new update is bullshit
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    Well see ya guys next week
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    If you do the main quest till ts 55 you will be already lvl 83. And they reduced the money because of the Inflation , its a reasonable decision 😃 Or do you better like a Rollback ? 20% is nothing in comparison to lose it all 😃
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    I'm also telling you the reason I think that's a good thing to change. First, allow us to combine Wind, Ice, Fire and Earth Meteor in one "Elemental Meteor" that gives us 5% atk/m-atk, 5% move-speed, 5% cast/atk speed and 5% hp. Reason: Sometimes we might want to use the 5% Cast Speed Meteor, but since almost everyone uses Fire + Earth Meteors you either have to wait for the cd to end or give up the 5% Cast Speed, because if you're playing healer or another class that needs cast you don't want lose the 5% hp/atk when you go back to DPS. Most people wont even feel that change, but I bet it will be very helpfull for those who will. Change Ranged Skill "Wind Will" to give P-crit and M-Crit rate: Reason here is obvious, that's just useless for Mecha. If possible, I would say a full remake for that skill sounds good, since most geared people will have close to 100% crit rate on all ranged classes, as well as 100% m-crit rate on mecha, but a change to give m-crit rate would be nice for people who aren't fuly geared yet. Also, I think all of those skills (for Tank classes, Meele, etc) could be changed, they're pettry much useless now days, A remake on Racial some skills sounds good too, since they're kinda useless too, like Meele class human skills gives 1k heal per crit (Lv120), that was very helpfull when they released racial skills, but right now feels like using it is just waste of time, Survival Screen (Tank class racial) also doesn't give that much heal, most times you wont use it because it will only push mobs away from ur party while not giving any really healpfull heal. When those racial skills was released it was very OP so I don't think they should be weak as they are now. I also don't think it really needs to be overpowered skills like they was, just some helpfull skills is good. Allow us to transfer legendary achievements for alts Making alts isn't hard, but it's just boring to keep crafting again everything you did in your main character. Gold isn't a problem for people who are already geared, so doing legendary achievement on alts isn't but painfull boredom. I know that it can disturb ranks, but the item that transfers legendary achievements could also exclude the character from rank, just like GMs can't rank. (Well, but we understand if it's not possible to exclude characters that doesn't have gms power from rank, so nothing to do in this case) To help the game become more noob friendly: Lower respawn from low level maps world bosses. Really, there's no point to keep killing Justin Alspore all day till u get the T, and it's even hard because once you start killing world bosses, someone else will kill the next world boss you need. The only use of those trophies is to get achievement for HP, so I don't think they need to be so hard to get too. The lower the best, like really, if you can change world bosses per level I think that even 5 mins respawn for 1-30 world bosses would be good for new players, 15 mins for 31-60, 30 for 61-90 and 1h for 90+ Lower CCM cost for awaken sets. I know that Lv95 Awaken sets "hidden achievement" is really good, so it's supossed to be hard to get. But imagine being a new player who just got to lv 100+ and now needs to farm 44k CCM to finish all sets, but at the same time he needs to farm CCM to finish Lv100 Awaken weapons. Togheter with the fact that he needs to start farming gold to buy alot of things, awaken books, aven fame. For a new player it just sounds "Get away from this game, this isn't a place for you, noob" Remove Putification debuff in Lv95 trials. Same reason as above, it's just making easier for new players. It's the easiest way to nerf 95T bosses. Since new players may struggles to find help to make 95T, the easier it is the better. It will help new player to get close to a point that he can solo everything he needs and it will make Lv100 trials much easier. Since now days isn't that easy to find a party for Lv100 trial, people will be able to get gears in 95T and join togheter with anothers new players for the level 100T. (Yes, I know that if you're a new player u can just ask someone help to gear AOJ that's very easy to gear and join trial, but if u tried to go for trials now days you know most partys just have new players without many gears trying to get some Lv100 weapons, and you can't have 10 AOJ party so) Increase GoP Gatekey drop. Since you're going to need 30 keys for every combo (40 if u going for the cape), increasing the drop rate for gatekays would be nice too. We aren't seeing that many partys for GOP too, so making it easier to finish combo for new players (who will struggle even more to find a party that accept him while he's still gearing his character) is nice. Well, that's it for now. I'm thinkg about a lot of things that would help Eden to be more noob firendly since i'm helping a new player to gear. But I'm not sure if it's good to just come and spam suggestions without discussing it with someone first. So if you guys wants (Staff, Players) we can discuss more about changes that would help the game to keep new players playing. I'm sorry for my bad english, hope it's all understandable and I hope any of my suggestions can help Eden to become a even better game than it already is. Thanks for your attention, if you have anything to add or change in one or more suggestion, please leave a reply.
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    Its great to see someone look out for us noobs, most of these suggestions can be "groomed" as they are fantastic steps to take if possible. When i was told i needed to do GOP daily for a month for a chance of drops etc i was ok with this, but then another GS/EE told me its not ok, thats nothing compared to what you will need to be competitive as the game has aged gracefully (then i started to cry lol). There are way too many things required for new players to do especially for a hard core like myself, and if new ones struggle to get any form of help (which WE NEED), then Tuti is correct that it will be a turn off. This is a good post and i hope its looked into and polished from the Devs/GMs perspective. Loving this game and all the classes, excellent work so far Vendetta Team. A big shout out to GS Mozzarella /Nippa / Vyzer & Lilith for finding the time to help me in game and answer all my foolish questions, excellent staff.
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    Hi everyone, when i was a lonely noob i was told to do the valhalla quest line for fast xp, so i did, yes it does give decent xp But now, im stuck with 3 quest i cant complete and cant delete. i need to complete fafnir raid 3x2 times and deliver arena of talent coins to some alchemist, i saw 2 fafnir raid attempts in 2 month, i play everyday. never seen anyone in arena of talent. wouldnt it be nice to be able to either delete the quest, pay a fee to delete the quest, hell i'll even like coupon you can get in the mystery box that would delete a quest. all of this because i am missing 3 quest place for the multiple dailies there is in the game
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    So last time i did some daily raids and i think the rewards would be upgraded cuz now when trophy pieces were deleted would be fine if rewards from Draco and Glac would be better. It would help for new players to earn some money and the better players would do this raid. My suggest is: - draco claw, glacerus manes 2x per raid - angel feather from 6 -> 12-20 - full moons from 3 -> 5-10 - dragon skins from 3 -> 5 - dragon blood from 2 -> 4 - dragon hearts 1(its balanced imo) - perfection stones 1 -> 2 - exp pot 1(balanced too) Thats my suggestion for those raids. Enjoy discuss. EDIT: Family exp isn`t count too
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    Please dont start with the Patches when there is only 3 minutes left for the 20:00 IC. Just now we really need the reputation. I would really be glad if you did it after/way earlier than an IC. Thanks for your time!
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    Great suggestion.
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    Gold Buyer/Seller confirmed. Was meant to be a joke as in your reaction shows you guilty sorta thing. Don't take it personally.
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    In my opinion the best solution is to bind the requirement to all accounts on this IP. if account meets requirements + unbanned = unlock trade for all. If account meets requirements + banned = lock trades until first is true.
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    It could have been worse, you could have lost 4 weeks worth of work (that's how long they were doing this for). Still this system was in place, you have to understand I've slept only 20 hours in 6 fucking days I've done everything I can to save this server and the way some of you are going on I am really close ot throwing in the towel and telling you all to fuck off. I can take criticism but to question my actions against corruption because boo fucking hoo you gotta do an old quest line. Seriously no wonder GF doesn't give a fuck anymore about this game.
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    For the time being, faction change will be closed for both sides.
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    I think +10 all res on base stat of the wings is too OP, it should be changed to the 2% chance otherwise people can stack it with overall resis armour/rainbow trophy/fernon shoes and it will be impossible to reduce their resistance, i feel like reduce resistance was in a good place for swordsman/archer since they don't have a whole lot of reduce resistance abilities, but with these wings it makes it impossible for both of these classes to have enough reduce res, since people can already have 180%+ all resistance
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    Issue has been resolved, sorry for the downtime I was not around for a while so I came back late to sort this. Servers are coming back online! Thank you!
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    We will be pushing maintenance to tomorrow this week. Thanks.
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    Bash fcked us all with that shit, since the trade limit is in the game i didnt played much (about 1h). Who wants to waste ~3 hours by doing nonsense quest and also the restriction is a punch in the face for beginners. Hopefully one day he remove this shit, the server was great before this patch. Not everybody can waste their time for bullshit, we want to achieve something and not wasting 3hours of freetime for none progress.
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    Hey all, As everyone has seen lately we've decided to change the design layout of how we display our patches. I am just curious, what does everyone think of it or should we return to the old format? Thanks
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    We could maybe add a reminder every time you hit say 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90.
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    This is pure trash, I wont be investing my time into quests, there is a reason why I skipped them completely because the quests are trash plus ive did it at least 50 times no joke, I think my time with NosTale is done 2006-2019!
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    Then go and play one of the half complete emulator servers that collect plain text passwords. Maybe even go back to GF who are probably close to closing down. Either way, this change to the game remains and if you can't complete a quest line, gain a small fraction of Reputation and gain a very easy to obtain level then maybe it's best you don't play games any longer. Funny coming from you given you're one of the main people that are called out for gold buying. This everyone deserves you -200 IQ meme. Go to a different server, don't hold that against us for doing something we believe is right for the server. If you can't comprehend the fact that you have to do some very small goals then that's on you. Instead of wasting time crying on the forums about something that I will not change why don't you just go do it and then it's done? Stop new players as an excuse because when new players come in, players like you call them trash, push them away or alienate them if they don't pay you an arm and a leg for any help. So don't start because I've played this game as an undercover new player recently and believe me the "poor experience" is far from a patch like this. I think about the server as a whole and a decision like this was for the best. The growth of the server will be fine and we'll continue helping grow the server. Then wait, because nothing is being done right now. Yea the newcomers to the game can be thought of now that we've locked some parts of the game. Read above, you're repeating yourself now. Closing this thread, you've been heard and I've spoken.
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    As many of you know recently there was a fix made to the Colossal Cauldren dungeon on an exploit that allowed you to get infinate Movement Speed permenantly until you either logged out or changed to a different channel. Last week 2 other exploits where brought to my attention that warrented me to search for the cause behind these exploits that where popping up. After doing a bit of digging I located and fixed the root cause of this problem. Although I will not explain the bug exactly as it's best not to send the entire community like a pack of wolves trying a million other ways to try and recreate the issue what I will say is that the issue was possible with many other places in the game including PvP environments. If there is any issues with the game after this fix with buffs please write a ticket or pass the information to a GS so that we can investigate and fix the problem. Thank you, your GM Team! Bug Fixes Fixed a Major bug in relation to buffs having the reverse effect on death. Fixed all level 80 TK Weapons so now they give the correct stats (As before this patch they where heavily bugged, especially the shield. Have a nice day!