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    Hi, Prime here, its my grinch cosplay ✌️
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    Major Changes Normal Class Territory War has returned (Currently in Beta). Currently guild rewards are disabled for this mode. Players over level 80 are treated as if they are level 80. Includes Stat Calculations. Includes Player vs Player DMG. Fear skills over level 80 are effective on everyone. Weapons, Rings, Necklaces, Capes and Trophies are capped at level 80. Armor is capped at level 78. Buff is now given by default, no spawn HP issues. Granted unabled to swap class state, limited to Awaken Classes only and Mimic. You're only disabled if you log into Awaken TW with an Awaken class or Mimic. Current Schedule: Monday to Friday: 3PM Server Time. Saturday: 6PM Server Time. Sunday: None. Guild towns will only require 3 Logins per week now instead of 10. Note: Was hard to test so I cannot 100% guarentee the effectiveness. Christmas Decorations have been added to Aven. Note: There is no boss event as I ran out of time and thought that it was more important to bring the long overdue content. I will make up for this by hosting 2 Events on Christmas Day of boss spawns, Apologies. Vendetta Treasury is back with its bugs fixed! Cosmetics Added Added Mounts: Wishful Christmas Sleigh. Snowy Christmas Sleigh. Warm Christmas Sleigh. Added Pets: Robust Santa Magic Santa Brave Santa Wise Santa Bug Fixes War Stone Polymerizer Cooldown has been fixed.
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    Happy holidays o.o/ by Kuro_Neko
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    Hey guys, Unfortunately due to the downtime Scarlet Blade is experiencing it has taken all my attention today. I do have changes still pending for the patch that was supposed to be released for today, but unfortunately I cannot complete it today. I will be releasing the Winter Patch and other changes on Sunday. I won't be around tomorrow I have IRL responsibilities so it will have to be Sunday. I understand this is frustrating and I apologise for this. Thanks for understanding.
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    Making this thread to address how things are going on, This also is to average players in the game New players usually die out at quest end which is level 92-95. If no one carries them. They usually cannot do anything because no gold. Gear is way too weak and way too grindy to even do fae. A geared player would do fae in 4 minutes. A new player with tk gear 1 awaken class and 1 + weapon, will take atleast 15 to 20 min to finish 1 run. 10 runs = 150 -200 min. I know Squid made a video about being able to grind fae with no armor, just weapon and trophies. But do not forget it is not just that, A new player has no gold to have that awaken classes CE unlocked to even be able to do proper damage nor survive. They do not have the achievement he has, nor the knowledge or Trophies/Accessories he used. This makes players not want to come play despite they do come they always quit. Every now and then a new guild pops with many players who need to do PvE to be able to achieve what many others did. There is level to grind. Ccm to grind. Gold to grind. Achievements to do. Gems to make. Without spending money they cannot really do anything. If it is PvP, No one wants to face people that are heavily overgeared than them if pvp wise. People cannot spend all day grind it, this kills the server state. I would suggest make better ways for new players to make gold. And not rely on RNG to roll altar. There is always less people that donate, than players who do not. That is the reason why EE is played by many players who cannot really afford many things. So if can solve this. More people will come, and in turn more will donate so they are able to play with the others. Let's talk a bit about PvP. I know there has been many reasons why PvP players quit the game, which go from drama , not properly understanding the game, complaining about classes been broken and a few more. But that is not only the reasons. For so many months, PvP has just been MT vs Garden, 10vs10s and there is those randoms from smaller guilds or sometimes some people in Phi try and you can get around 20 kills. There is no fun in it anymore, it is not intense anymore. There is barely any GvG that is worth it, people will get stomped in few minutes. A guild will only last long on situations where players like us,just decide not to go pvp because it is boring now, and then it is just 2 or 3 of us vs the rest, so it just becomes a cap war. There is no new players that come, if the do come, they will usually get killed so fast due to having no gears. Yes Level difference matters but i am not talking about a Geared Level 110 facing a Geared Level 100. The Level 100 can still get away with it, despite level impacts a lot. But i am talking about those new players that barely have any proper build, resist, defense, damage to even pull something out. Having made many alts, let's take a look of the different things you will need as a new player , taking level 100 gears into consideration. First the leveling, which usually stops at level 91 with quest then they have to buy DoS slightly to 92 then proceed to 94 with viroona quests. Questing would give you around 5k gold. They need to be atleast level 95 to do the new contents, because no one does old content anymore. For so many months i keep see players LF4m LF3m LF3m for <xx trials> for hours, no one is helping them at all. Yes gearing at older content will help, but even getting there is a bit rough. And people do not have all time. At level 95, they need 6k Gold to buy an awaken armor book, (66k if all awaken books which is rather important at end game but keep 6k for now), It is already hard to find the Guild Bosses in the trials for them unlike geared players, so doing them 1 by 1 can take many weeks to months. 1 of these quests also will require you Inks, ccm and among other items which require gold. I would say atleast 10k gold is gone per these quests. Since a new player who does not get carried by others, needs their classes leveled in order to even be able to participate in DoDs, trials (which almost no one does), so they have to atleast buy runs to proceed which is around 250G, Ofc they don't need all classes leveled so let's take 20 out of these. 20 classes to 80 is 5k Gold, and then awakening the 20 classes is 20k Gold. Buying 1 class to 85 is around 400G, so out of 40 awaken classes if they buy 20 for the important CE, it is 8k gold. Level 95 Trials might take 1 min or 2 minutes for us top tier players to do, or even solo, but for new players? 1 Trial can take them more than 20 min if they keep die. Counting disconects boss resets, wipes etc. It takes a relative large amount of time for them to even get the trials done, if no one carries them. Achievements now, 1 Corona Stardust 65 is 150G, 90/100 is 250-350g sometimes more. You need atleast 50 of these to be able to do the basic achieves to even be able to survive constantly without any issues to Level 95 + trials. If some player would want to PvP, they will need atleast 300 + of them to even finish the ones they require for 1 class. If all weapons then it can go around 400 +. so let's take level 65 stardusts x 300 = 45k gold, Now they need Eternal Coins , which cost around 450 of them. Having made so many alts full achieves , i can tell to finish all achieves to 90 apart from runes takes you around 400 EP, That is 180k Gold, Of course a new player don't need to do all, so let's say atleast 100k gold will be invested into it. And if they have to grind for it it takes all their time for other things. People are playing this game for fun, not to kill themselves grinding. The Blueprints and Fame items you need to even craft for achievement usually use up all your gold. The blueprint price can be very very costly depending on the guild tax %. but already at 5 % it takes quite a while to even get them done. Now Gems is very important, without gems there is no point to even PvP, and to even do Level 95 trials ESPECIALLY level 100 ones. you need to be at full HP and High HP. GoP , you can barely even carry any new player. 1 Resist gem costs atleast 2.5k if you buy them for a Level 7 one. If you craft them it will cost you atleast 1.5k gold, taking essence, EP mats etc into consideration. So 12 gems per set will cost someone 18k gold to just get resist gems. Now to PvP players They need more than just resist gems, the new gems added help a lot to be at end game , but let's just say they will use normal resist ones. But they will go for tower gems etc, which their base gem costs 1.5-2k already. There is barely any crafters that sell gems now, so they have to level their own racials, which take time to gather materials, their own time to invest leveling alts, not to mention it was already hard for them to get their own main leveled. Also many players don't have a high end pc to do many clients to keep gather at the same time. The New gears are harder to get, and they will give anyone who uses them a big boost in damage and survival, so hunting them is almost a necessity now. It is easy for old players who have already geared themselves or have gold for it. Myself being the one of the best if not the best speed runner to get characters geared from 0 due to myself having the resources and help for it. But for new players it is not. You will also need Fort stones, 1 set to +14 will cost you [(100*6) + (250*2) + (300*2) + (350*2) + (350*2)] per piece from just the stones (viridian/ultramarine/coral/citrine/amethyst/rose). Not counting the Guard Scroll Primes/Power Scroll Primes used on it and the BIG fail RNG that happens. Then they will need reset scrolls from all sorts, which can range from 1k to 10k + depending on the RNG per piece they want to be at top end, 1ks being the ones for the new players. These new players can barely grind Fae properly , even if they do and spend so many hours of their time, they can only get 7k a day if they do not invest $$ into the game. Yes the server needs $$ to run i already took that into consideration but just like i said above, there is always more players than play this game because it is free to play. I am not saying it is Pay2Win, it is Pay2WinFaster for sure. But 7k a day with all these RNG involved is hard. I made a new character from scratch, i had the resources and many friends did help me, just in order to get myself geared just like my old account, took me a lot of VGN as well as more than 2 million gold. But i have everything geared so let's just take 1 class gear into consideration counting all these achieves etc will take them more than 500k gold to even get there to PvP. (which used to be the reason why EE has been alive for so long). If PvE then maybe less but it is still a grind fest. And if a player really wants to be top end , he would want to have the best things for the specific role he plays. Which requires a LOT more gold , example top tier gems, top tier pets, best weapons, best forts. At the very moment just these i just mentioned will cost you more than 800k gold in game to get, due to how expensive they have become. Of course they are not needed, but in PvP it is another thing (the pet is not a big difference, but it can make a difference between killing or capping and making a win), Players who keep win over and over again mostly have these pets , while the others who don't have the resource for it just lose and quit over the time There is so many more things that is hard for them to acquire, like Honor Stars to get them their desired set, they have to grind for it, or rolling gem altar which is so much on RNG it could take all their gold and not get anything. I know a MMO needs grinding , and EE already has it, but at the current state, it is so hard for a new player to get things, so much of their real time invested into the game, As someone who works and studies as well as those who work or study, time is hard to get , even 1 hour a day is hard to get sometimes. So for new players the cost is very heavy right now. There still is so many of their everyday needs which i will not mention, there is too many of them. EC is 250-300G each at the moment, so if they want to roll altar they will have to buy that too , using up all their gold. Legendary price is low at the moment but it still will use all their gold, making them grind grind grind everyday for it. They cannot really enjoy what they want in a Private Server anymore unless they grind hell. Not to mention the other dungeons give so little gold (Meeryasha and so on), Viroona Ruins is out of question it is way harder than Fae, so i won't even mention that for now. If anyone wants to add more things i missed, i am just writing this on whatever came to my mind and was thinking about over the time. Feel free to post it on the thread. I felt like this needs to be addressed as someone who is on the top and can see everyone's ups and downs and how they do things in various guilds and various situations. I do not think just adding new contents will solve this, because the server has been going on a constant downfall in numbers of players not because they are busy or drama, it is hard for many new players to even be able to play the game properly. Thank you.
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    What!? More Christmas stuff!? Yes, more stuff! Every few days, we will be randomly giving away 1 costume to 1 lucky player. All you have to do to enter is: Log onto Scarlet Blades's Website: https://sb.vendettagn.com/ Select the "Events" tab Click "Submit Event" The "Submit Event" box will look something like this: 1 winner will be announced randomly till the first maintenance of the new year (around the 3rd of January). The winner will be randomly selected from those who have entered and willbe announced on this thread when they've been selected. Once a winner is selected, if you wish to enter again, you MUST hit "Submit Event" again to re-enter the drawing. If you see your name posted on this thread as one of the winners, please place in a ticket with your requested item. Winners that have not placed in a ticket within a weeks time or does not put in a requested item within that week, will lose their chance at the item! Please read some of the important rule information below: Alt abuse will be monitored for this. If you are suspected of using alts in order to get more entries, you will be banned from this event and all future events that are held. You cannot win more than once. Game Sages CAN participate in this. Should one of them win, we'll select an additional player to win with them. Any costume that was given for free from Beta Rewards or Compensation Packs will not be given. We have the right to deny any item requested if it has not been released or if you have asked for too many of an item. Be reasonable, not greedy. A good example of what may be asked is: 2 Safeguards 1 Jewelry Spanner 1 Pet OR Pet Skin Diner Derby Ancient Jewelry Spanner Bike Etc etc
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    The only thing that you can beat is my neurons each time i read you on the forum. 2kkk without selling anything and you have no equipment? I bet you can t even do 2kk in 6 hours
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    "Arch-elementalist Wind/lightning" Build Guide. Hi guys. After severals months to make a good arch-elementalist, I finally make it. I show you how to make a arch-elementalist Wind/lighting ! Let's start ! On this build, we use the Wind and lightning stance because he have a regen spell (wind storm) and good burst spell (Lightning stance). compare with the ice/fire stance's he have a good spell but is very weak in solo and very long to setup on boss fight. I use the "Great Magician Staff" for the bonus damage (lightning bombardment and wind tornado +30%) and M-atk +5% and "Evil Eye Rune Grimoire" for the +20% MAG (only use on a group of ennemy or during the magic burst charge) "Magic Burst" is really good for burst (+5% MAG stack 10 time). Charge up with the wind stance, once reach 10 time, deal heavy damage with lightning stance skill. Ezelin has the lowest basic HP stats (90%) but his "Affinity Magic" (+20% M-CRIT DMG) is really good and avoid allocating more KP or certificate. Human is good too with +5% CAST SPD and regen MP skill but his HP is low (97%) This Class has a very weak defence, don't forget to allocate some resistance gem on your equipments . 2. Gameplay: 2.1. Stance System: These two Stance has unique properties: -Wind stance: Wind resistance +10 and move speed +10% can provide HP regeneration,buff and boost skill (usually we start with this stance). -Lightning stance: Lightning resistance +10 and move speed +10% provide heavy damage and aoe (use this stance only when "Magic Burst" is charged). Of course you can boost stat and skill in using KP in class talent. 2.2. Charge "Magic Burst" faster on boss fight. Charge the magic burst is really boring on single boss fight but i found something for charge faster. When use "Magic burst" stay near the boss, use "attack" skill (or double click on the target) and cast a spell. Now he is stack up to 2 instead of 1. 2.3. Cycle Active: Lightning: Arcane Shield Equip: Wind stance: "Evil Eye Rune Grimoire" or "Great Magician Staff" Lightning Stance: "Great Magician Staff" -Begin -Wind stance -"Magic Burst" -"Auto attack" x1 (double clic or "Attack" skill) don't forget stay near the boss. -"Wind Bombardment" x1 (Cast spd +10%) -"Wind Storm" until "Magic burst" is charged -"Wind hydra" (Lightning stance skill DMG +200%) -Lightning stance -"Lightning Storm" x3 or 4 -"Lightning bombardment" x1 -"Lightning Tornado" x1 -"Lightning Hydra" x1 -Repeat 3.Stuff 4.Certificate and class talent. Allocate on Staff master and Black magic is really important. Gift of magic is great too ! For the rest allocate on Wind and Lightning branch. Typical 2H weapon master and M-ATK +10% for some accuracity and damage boost ! 5.Glyph Messie: Luck Glyph Warrior: Last Resort Glyph Knight: Frozen Knight Glyph Templier: Healing Light Glyph Dragon Knight: Drake Tail Strike Glyph Thief: Cruel Slashe Glyph Martial artist: Meditation Glyph Blade dancer: Noctural dance Glyphe Samurai: Shrine belief Glyph Hunter: Digengage Glyph Engineer: Laser Cannon Glyph Ranger: Meteor Shower glyph Inquisitor: Final Verdict Glyph Cleric: Death Glyph Bard: Roaming Thunder Glyph Shaman: Rage of Storm Glyph Sage: Aura: Invisibility Glyph Magician: Silent storm Glyph Ilusionnist: Meteor storm Glyph Warlock: Infernal Glyph Luminary: Holy Prayer Glyph 6.Potion Recommended: Magician Lv2, Healer Lv2, Complete support potion Lv5, Reality mana knowledge Potion (All HL Pve Donjon except GoP). Optionnal: INT AGI LCK Potion Lv1-5, Malice ward Potion lv1, Mulled vine (HP+10%). 7.Starstone: Recomended: Fire Meteor: M-ATK +5%, Violet starlight Luna Rock: INT et AGI +3%, Sprite Salacious Star Stone: INT +7%. 8.Pet: Battle: Pet with skill "resistance collapse" Glitzy Sprite princess: Great for the heal. Aura: Magic armored scorpion: Recommended with the M-ATK +7% and all stat +5% Thank you for reading the guide ^^ Kwai
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    HI ! I am Milos on the game ! Th Glyph Seller !
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    What!? More Christmas stuff!? Yes, more stuff! Every few days, we will be randomly giving away 1 Legendary costume, or a max of 50 EC to 1 lucky player. All you have to do to enter is: Log onto Eden Eternal's Website: https://ee.vendettagn.com/ Select the "Events" tab Click "Submit Event" The "Submit Event" box will look something like this: 1 winner will be announced randomly till the first maintenance of the new year (around the 3rd of January). The winner will be randomly selected from those who have entered and willbe announced on this thread when they've been selected. Once a winner is selected, if you wish to enter again, you MUST hit "Submit Event" again to re-enter the drawing. If you see your name posted on this thread as one of the winners, please place in a ticket with your requested item. Winners that have not placed in a ticket within a weeks time or does not put in a requested item within that week, will lose their chance at the item! Please read some of the important rule information below: Alt abuse will be monitored for this. If you are suspected of using alts in order to get more entries, you will be banned from this event and all future events that are held. You cannot win more than once. Game Sages CAN participate in this. Should one of them win, we'll select an additional player to win with them. Any costume that was given for free from Beta Rewards or Compensation Packs will not be given. We have the right to deny any item requested if it has not been released (either in mystery boxes or altars) or is an exclusive item (example: Legendary anniversary items)
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    Introduction Hey everyone, as stated in the Patch v42 notes we have re-released our custom Normal Class TW mode that many people have been asking for with many significant quality of changes. I will first explain all the changes made and my reasoning behind the changes, so please bare with me... this will be a long one! Guild Rewards are disabled What does this mean exactly? Well the territory will not be awarded to anyone upon completion of the match. This is only during the beta of Normal Class TW so don't panic, only if people are in favour of this will I keep it this way (Likely it will not be the case). My reason behind this change was simply the fact that I haven't found a reward yet that both players will enjoy and fight for while also won't break the servers economy or make people able to cap TW's super fast. I would appreciate feedback and prize suggestions on this matter. Level 80 Category Why Level 80? This being a big change that all the changes tie together into one big change so it will be address in this matter. To start off why level 80? This was when I feel was the prime for balancing in this game, the reason PlayEden survived as long as it did was because the PvP was just right. Being honest with you there is no way possible for me to balance Normal Classes around the level 85 content and above and unless I change these classes into Mini Awaken Classes there is no possible way to achieve a result of playable and enjoyable balance and what's the point in playing Normal Class TW if it feels like an Awaken Class TW. Another possible way to balance would be custom gear that's forced on the player (Like an Arena Set). However, why reinvent the wheel if the wheel already exists. So, that's why level 80 was my target. Player Stats and Level Advantage (Fear?)? To target level 80 I had to first downgrade the player to level 80, this is because 300k+ M-ATK and 150k+ M-ATK Illusionist is two different beasts compared to 150k+ M-ATK Mage and 300k+ M-ATK Mage. This is the problem with balancing these classes in the first place, some classes just completely outclass others when it comes to scaling. So all stats will be computed in the system as if you are level 80 including the players level difference damage (If a player is level 100 and hits a level 80, they will not do any bonus damage). This goes the same with fear, because I cannot cap skill levels or pull any funky business with skill levels I decided just to make any fear skill over level 79 can affect anyone (limited to normal class only). Gear Caps? This ties into the above 2 sections but is pretty self-explanatory if you read the above to sections. We cannot restore a players stats to this level of play without restricting the gear. I know this is a bummer and I apologies for the trouble but if you look at it from my point of view, this is the only effective way to deliver on Normal Class TW without opening another version of Eden Eternal that is restricted at PlayEden's level of content and building up from there with Awaken Classes and Mimic Disabled. As I mentioned earlier I could have made custom gear and forced you to use it in Normal Class TW's but it would have left us in the same boat of needing different gear. Armor Level 78? As a small sub-topic of the above mentioned I decided this was the best as Level 70 Awaken Armor, 75 Gold Armor and 78 Orange Armor is all viable choices the player can make. I always strive to make multiple options available for players to build so this was a design choice by me. Misc The mention of buff given by default means that in this new 2.0 version as you call it gives you the new Territory War buff by default instead of how it was before where the new buff was in an invisible aura in the base being granted every couple of seconds. The benefit to this is that it allows the player not to keep having their health set low when trying to recover in base and is much better for the server performance in this map. This change will almost be unnoticeable to the player but for transparency I'm letting you know that we're working on bringing the best possible experience. Granted unable to swap class state (Awaken Version), this is to avoid that horrible debuff from before that caused the player to be stunned upon changing to an Awaken Class. This is again much better for server performance and now just doesn't even allow the player to swap to Awaken Classes to begin with. Future If all goes well I will be able to develop maybe higher level dungeons that reward the player with gear designed for Normal Class TW and expand on the gear available. I will buff weaker classes to try and make them more viable. TL;DR Best way in my eyes to balance Normal Classes it put them in an Environment they're designed in mind for. Level 80 was the choice I went with, stats and gear capped accordingly. Lots of server optimizations came with these changes. It's only a beta. Remember guys this is a beta only and requires your feedback if you want it to improve. Feedback requires adequate participation and understanding that I'm doing as best I can to make things possible. Nobody is forcing you to play this but people have been requesting it and complaining since it was gone, so if you want it back and to stay then you all need to work together to make it fun so every day you want to login to play. Suggestions I'm looking for: Gear suggestions, should more gear be added if so what? should a piece of gear be removed because it's imbalanced? Rewards for winning, losing, etc! Should Unlimited Kills come back? Changes required to make it more fun? Misc changes, what's on your mind?
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    Hello. I'd suggest to finally introduce better rewards for PvP such as eden crystals. It's kinda pointless for some players to try TW everyday to cap territories and get less gold than 1 run in FAE. In order to be competitive in Normal class TW you are required to spend gold and time/effort into something that will not help you ANYWHERE else. So in my opinion the rewards has to be worthy or people won't bother. maybe this will give hope to more guilds to try and be more competitive, However if you do decide to make the rewards something more valuable than 300-600g I'd suggest to treat it the same way as GvG, as in only the guild leaders can claim the reward after TW and then they can distribute it among their members, that way it cannot be abused by alts etc. Edit: If this goes well you could even start treating TW the same way as GvG where not only the first guild wins for example in a situation like this not only MoneyTeam gets rewarded but also SB and Gate maybe. Which will give hope for smaller guilds to try and compete for 2nd/3rd place.
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    Server is now back online, sorry for the wait! ----------------------------------- Due to the issue of certain mails losing items, auction house not registering items, and some items not being sent on purchase, I decided to bring the server down as a precautionary measure to avoid any more item loss till Bash gets up and takes a look. I know this is annoying and out of the blue, but I'd rather try and keep the lost items at a minimum, especially since some of the items that could be lost, are quite valuable. I'll be sure to give you guys something special for this downtime when the Christmas event comes tomorrow.
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    Hi I'm DevilCulr in game :v
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    This is my entry for xmas event IGN:Vampire lets win!!! http://
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    Hii here Milya ~ Merry Christmas 😁❤️🎄
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    Granma Tiwaka 😘 Merry Christmas 🤶🎄
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    There is not really a safe way to tackle this problem with a game this old without making everyone start from 1 again. Just going over your points: You can add exp to the quests so they hit 95 safely but they still run into the same problems of not being able to gear without being carried as you cannot force older players to run this dungeons regularly and even if you do by say adding a daily or a quest that requires them you still run into a problem where 90% of geared players wont invite new players and will prefer to run solo or run a super geared party to melt bosses in like 2 seconds. They can skip out on Awaken Armors and just go for a gold set. I mean the only other suggestion is adding a 95 TK set that is the same as 90 where its as if its +10 but cannot be forted. People only invite geared people, people need gear to participate its not all the games fault on this point it's also a player mindset. Can't do anything about this, if your max geared and know how to play the game well you cannot expect to take the same time as average joe with his band of new players. You do not need capped achievements or even all the way to 95 to PvP. There's a difference between being able to PvP and being able to do the best in PvP and there is a lot of little things you can do to boost stats in certain areas to be able to participate such as a resistance certificate or just putting all the quest and book quest gems inside your set to get decent at best resistances. Yeh sure if you wanna be a top dog then you need everything done but to be honest I think with this point your seeing things from a perfectionists point of view. This problem was already countered by me forcing 65 stardust on the altar on a low place for people to get so that people can at least to 1-65 easier. same as above. This has been mentioned above but you can get away with using book quest gems in most places and then improve them later when you can farm effectivly. I can't make new gear easy to get or their is no point in me adding it, if a player can get all the new stuff in 1 day then what's even the point in putting new stuff into the game. As for resets new players really shouldn't be worried about getting a perfect set. Just using the Aeria logic of trying for 3/5 on each piece is fine, this again is a bit too "perfectionist" mindset. As you know full well back when the balance patch was released I played an alt character with 27% on achievements (which already had some not needed achievements like multiple weapons completed) and had 10/12 gems from book quests (some needing to be leveled up once) and even had 3/5 pieces only 4/5 on forts and for the longest time had even 3/5 on those pieces. After all the above mentioned I could come top place in TW even considering the class I was playing was seen as bad or at-least not meta. All your problems stem from the game being kinda hard to catch up on. However, this is a problem thats almost impossible to solve because if you make gear too easy then people who grinded hard will be anoyed especially as the gear is already on par with what they have if not the gear they're using. If you make gold easier (which you suggested to me on discord) then prices just go up because current players and new players can both take advantage of it so the problem isn't solved. The big problem in my eyes is the difference between a player who knows what to do and a player who doesn't. If a player is like us who knows the game well then they know what can be sacrificed to be able to catch up faster than people who do not know. Even making a guide on this likely wont help much. There is also the current mentality of MMORPG's where everything has to be given on a silver platter or they QQ and quit (All it takes is one look at every single mobile MMORPG to see where this mindset came from, built in bots to play the game for you?). The only contribution I can give personally is making the awaken armors slightly easier to complete with things like CCM but not actual quest objectives (as these can't really be changed without causing problems). Possibly making a TK set/weapon for level 95 to bridge the gap for new players who can't fae. New content maps are in the works for questing past 95 but is taking a lot of time to put together along with a new grinding area but all takes time.
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    Or bash can add effect of immortality for 30 s if show captach
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    Due to a game breaking bug, the server has been taken offline till Bash can take a look at it. We're sorry for any inconvenience, but to avoid any complications/further issues because of the bug, the server needed to come offline.
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    Hey all, I've been working on this since it was reported to me almost 20 hours ago. The issue has been identified and a fix has been created but we need to stress test the changes to ensure we do not release something that further breaks the game. If everything has been reported to be fine by the time I arrive tomorrow I will launch the server back online. However, the patch will be released Sunday as we need to be sure this bug is gone. I hope you all understand and thank you very much for your patience.
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    Things I'm aware of: No sickleshot for Inquistor, my mistake slipped my mind (was suppose to make one). KP is currently allowed past 80. Class Expertise is currently allowed past 80. Skills is currently allowed past 80. Things I'm monitoring: Temple Knight set (from Temple Knight Trial). Temple Arena gear. Apologies if I messed up my post in anyway, spelling, grammar or meaning. Very busy, much lack of sleep if you need anything explaining in more detail please ask 🙂.