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    having a nice time with my cpl in the sea of Tranqui Hill, Midori & fLizzah, traditional manual coloring with wood colors IGN: Midori
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    Hi, good luck everyone ☺️ IGN: G59
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    we had last night good pvp battle 10vs10 in amara over 1hour , they gave up and all looters coming too fk side for bosses^^ so stop this drama ! medics dont be too tanky.... pu sw can still kill me easy with right gear !
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    Can we have more prime pets in altar? we went for more than a month without prime pets and this week we had them again so the prices has gone too high. can we have a balance of prime pets? like once a week? even if u repeat same pets at least make them around.
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    Here is my entry, glad im still on time 🤪 Me and a Soul Guardian chillin in the beach. Tried to keep it simple ^^, hope you guys like it o7 IGN: Pokucha
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    Changes Increased the drop rates of all Essences on all bosses in Haven of Oblivion. Note: The increase is only slight but should make them drop a bit more frequently. Increased the amount of Silenced Soul dropped: Bosses now drop 6 instead of 2. Monsters now drop 2 instead of 1. Guards now drop 4 instead of 2. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with Alice's crystals effecting newly spawned players. You now have to be within range of the boss in-order-to be effected by her crystals. Thanks all!
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    Game's too dead already and yet you guys still wanna get each other banned. Yeah kill the game more roflmao. Jokes aside, not that im siding with anyone but i get Akan's point. Maybe it's better to just remove the guards on BG's so that way it's either both factions kill each other or try and survive (most specially registration BG's are always 1v1 atm). And from there, you'll see more clearly who's AFK and not because an AFK will just remain on spawn instead of hiding behind guards. The only disadvantage i see to this is when a real non-alt lowbies who enter a 1v1 match BG will just get bullied and will probably remain at spawn and opposing faction might think they're AFK unless there's a way to say they give up. Just my personal opinion
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    you wana join now btw? since your guild is gone and all.
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    Game is not attractive and never has been. Aeria at best had a cap of CCU around 500 players at it's peak. We've pushed marketing campaigns and also partnered with Youtubers in the past to help boost numbers it hasn't helped due to the game being dubbed "Boobie Game". As for locking progression behind PVP, this has bad wrote all over it. It's not an obsession of being "fair" either, this is plain logic and no game has ever had such features without creating more problems. Also if the game is about PVP then why doesn't everyone commit to said activities? You guys stop going against each other soon as it gets hard in protest to piss off the opposite faction. If you really cared about PVP then it would be shown, it is not up to us to keep making Battlegrounds appealing by adding OP shit you're only gonna alt abuse on anyways. Clearly not.
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    I'm Back! Yes I Am Back, After Taking Care Of Things In Real Life, Also Wiping Out My Windows Several Times. I Have Seen Some People Talk About, How Bad The New Patches Have Been. Hoping To Download It Again, Without Issues. However I Have Also Seen Some Problems With The Direct Download. My Goodness, What Have I Ran Into?
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    How can I say, no. You already have the chance to be on a server with an EXP / CP bonus of +500% Why would you want more? And don't forget that run maps like DSR bring a lot of EXP.
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    Never be rude to GM/GS or threaten GM/GS. They did work hard for players to make game better.
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    it's just day 1 observations so it's understandable that a lot of things will even out / change as time goes on. it took like 20 min to kill a level 80 boss with us being 65 so the playerbase can probably rise to the challenge of anything elysian has to offer. excited to see changes aimed at making support more fruitful to play in ei.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I do not think any changes will be made to the bosses as of the moment as although chaotic it's somewhat part of the point. However, I will keep my eye on things and see if my opinion changes on that matter. I do appreicate the suggestions for support classes and will be actively trying to improve things for support players over the coming weeks starting with the mail boxes. Bards should also be equally effected by this change.
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    I've just received the Blueprint Hammer Lv 115 already. But I'm not sure if it's worth the crafting So I came to ask questions here. Thank you. Maybe I craft it. Because I like to play AoJ
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    @Antinos As someone who actually plays Samurai (Blade Master) pretty much once per day and has used it as main DPS in dungeons for more than 5 months now—I can happily say that this class is far from "very weak" and "useless". It is different, yes, but definitely not those two things. Most (still, not just me..I hope) blade masters use the Awaken Lv100 Katana when in solo-play (if even necessary) for sustain and it works just fine. Don't have it yet? No problem, you'll get it soon enough with the remodified trial entrances we have now. You can literally do katana awaken in like 2 days, funny enough.. Now what I will say is that this class does have some competition when it comes to putting out damage speed wise compared to a class like..Executioner at full stacks. That class is a beast. But really, having a good party in a dungeon isn't a bad thing either. If I'm not main DPS, I do enjoy offering support to those who ARE main DPS by using the effective combos (Chi-Strike / Exposed = -50% DEF to target, and can be refreshed constantly, Tameshigiri-Slash = -20% Slash Res. Can be refreshed as well.) This class also has Knockdown (which can be extended to 4 seconds). Knockdown effect multiplies the DMG received by 1.5 times (Which, for a Blade Master or any other High DPS like Berserker, Assassin, Asura, or Executioner is quite a bit!) The class has amazing debuffs that can be beneficial to not only itself but the party as well. And don't forget that the main end-goal here is to have a relatively strong class but have a strong party as well. I emphasize party. Not everything is suppose to be done solo and there's nothing wrong with asking for help if you find yourself stuck. I do appreciate reading constructive criticism on classes, but in this type of execution it's not necessary. Blade Master has an immunity to Fear, but that's about it (Granted, it's with a Holy Skill, but it also provides -10% DMG Taken for a set time, which is nice!) It takes time and patience to learn all of Blade Master's combos, but once you got them down and can use them effectively, you won't be complaining about it. Again, my blade master can hit (and HAS hit) 9,999,999 against bosses in trials with some millions after the initial combo. Damage is completely fine. Just needs a good build and a working brain, that's all! I know this thread is probably dead, but I thought I should say this. The Blade Master in me told me to. ~Judgement
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    Honestly thank you for the reply sometimes its easy to forget to look at it both ways and it makes more sense why the system is the way it is still frustrating but yea. To Karen i think the boss itself isnt bad same with Phantom who i really dont have a complaint about, just the healing skill from Karen which like i said you can be doing fine the boss is dieing ect and then boom the boss can almost be back to full health because of lag/ just zoning out and then having to almost start over because of it but other then that im happy Mdps are acutally needed instead of being able to just cheese pdps the boss super quick.
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    You people think I want more dmg for medics in PVP which I dont. I dont want them missing with status or medics skill tree. what i want is to be able to run the new DNG solo, like i have at any other level before as a FULL SUPPORT MEDIC. I ran DHMH solo for days+ for mats for my medic. Yes, it took longer then most classes by like 15-25 mins but atleast i could do it. My suggestion is making either the mobs have less def on SOLO runs (ONLY) OR have the PVE LV 60gears status change so they actually make a different s in pve. Because the only diff between PVE GEARS AND PVP GEARS is the PVP status. Make the PVE higher dmg vs PVE mobs. Also, MY MAIN POINT IS WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I KEEP HAVING TO CHANGE MY BUILD JUST TO SOLO RUN DNGS. I WANT GOLD, I WANT ITEMS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND I SHOULDNT HAVE TO MAKE A FUCKING DPS CLASS TO FARM WHEN EVERY CLASS SHOULD BE ABLE TO SOLO RUN DNGS. There are NT items also in the DNG which i want on my FS Medic not on some fucking alt. Also not everyone wants ALTs out the ass, I dont have time or AP for items an alt would need. I just want to be able to run a fucking dng like i have been able to do at anv level before this new DNG was fucking added. You ppl wonder why no one plays anymore, CAUSE THIS GAME TAKES TO MUCH TIME TO EVEN GET THE BAISC SHIT. This wasnt a fucking issues on the 1st sever for VSB ever. We actually have ppl on this one, and im tired of u ppl not giving a shit about medics SOLO play when u fucks are asleep or fucking busy. We have lifes to and shouldn't have to wait around to even run a DNG cause we cant even kill the 2nd boss cause our DMG doesnt do shit when he goes bersker and starts healing 24/7 while im stanidng here meching and still cant kill him. I got the 2nd boss to 10% hp and almost kill him but his REGEN is more then my dmg in or out of mech. Fix the new dng mobs def on solo or give more dmg to PVE gears for medics.
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    Cant be good at both worlds, if you dont specialize it will suck bigtime, if you try to go hybrid you will have a mediocre build for PVP and PVE jack of all trades master of none, which is pretty fair if you think about it. Live through the restrictions and stop suggesting stuffs that might potentially give ripple effects, bad ones. If anything else I would love to suggest bringing back the old ME tree with nerfed detection veil, accuracy veil, restoration that has no silence debuff and a HP passive with little bonus on resist + void instead of this experimental abomination.
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    She has like a 50% chance to spawn after the death of any of the 3 bosses, if she was recently killed within the last 3h she won't respawn. So say someone spawned her and left her, someone else can come along and kill her while the others are respawning, putting them on a different timer than Petra.
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    Thank you for the feedback. I don't think it's close to DS's level but its more than trials which was the point. Obviously if you get 3 hard bosses the dungeon may take a long time but if you get 3 easy bosses you could be done in trial like speeds to its kinda just luck of the draw, keeps things a little more fresh. I think people will have a stratergy to defeat each boss in no time and the only ones I can see really being hard is Karen and 'maybe' Phantom. Rest are pretty straight forward and just requires your brain to be paying attention rather than just afking. Yeh they're quite a lot of work to get though. I like the pets more for their battle skills and their custom resistance pray more than the 10% one 😁 Phantom has the same as Beryl and Karen the same as Phoenix/Alice/Cale. So I think this might be down to their mechanics that slow down the fight a lot. I'll look into this.
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    It's a bit silly to say the game is going in a PvP direction instead of a PvE direction based of the fact that PDPS classes are better at PvE than MDPS classes which has pretty much always been the case. This is not a direction we are trying for nor does it have anything to do with PvP as the simple fact is Auto Attacks matter and PDPS strive more so in a party setup that supports sustained hitting (Which if you referance PvP, this is why asside from a short stint from Gravity Manipulator, PDPS classes have always been the best crystal cappers [PvE element inside of PvP]). This is not a direction we aim for and we've actively tried including MDPS in the PvE content by adding mechanics that are immune to MDPS. It's also not something a patch can solve without massive changes to the entire game.
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    Hello and welcome to this concept of card game made by me: Eden eternal Trading Card Game. Something evil is coming ... Only light could banish its darkness which devour this world ... Eden eternal Trading Card Game is a card game inspired by Popular card games like Magic or Hearthstone with some unique mechanics such as mana for casting spells or special cards like World bosses. (everything will be detailed if below). Please note this is a concept and there is a good chance that it will not work, but I would do my best to make it possible . Do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments, it is always a pleasure to read them as in the time of my guides :D . Note: The post is WIP , things will be added gradually. In the current state, it is not playable due to the lack of certain card and the balancing, but if that interests you, You can create your own rules while waiting and having fun with friends. You can, if you want, print them on your printer or use them on another site or post as long as you mentioned my username. For example "Created by Kwai" or "Made by Kwai". There are different cards like: Eternal Guardian: ATK / VIT / MANA With different skills and a unique passive. -1 Passive. -2 competence. -1 secondary skill. Her skill consumes mana Condition for the invoked: After turn 5 Have the number of gem required for the summoned Boss: ATK / VIT Iconic boss card of the license - special skills World Boss: ATK/VIT Has powerfull stat but several ally can hit them at the same time. Monster: ATK / VIT Normal monster Soon: -mana regenerates by 1 per turn but can be regenerated faster with a mana potion. -Potion: Gives effects only to the eternal guardian. Iron Skin Potion Reduces Damage by 1 Mana Potion Regenerates 2 MANA Strength Potion increases by 1 ATK - Upgrade Scroll: Guard: Increases VIT by 1 Weapon: Increases ATK by 1 Guard Prime: Increases VIT by 2 (usable only by units that have more than 5 VIT) Weapon Prime: Increases ATK by 2 (usable only by units that have more than 5 of ATK) -Mage Class Card Soon Download: https://mega.nz/file/gYp3gIxT#p6ZgJ_oGHIsz7GR6Mgvspy2KEL1KPvlbweTec59iVn0 Download: https://mega.nz/file/cBYRRQhQ#DizD3m9zh2ZXhE8j-i2U6y8u_CNZDter6eiFdSzE58A Thank you for reading and see you soon for a new adventure! Have fun Kwai
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    Patch is so nice, will take some time and give good oportunity to people learn some stuff. Some part of me hate this new DNG since is a ''New DS'' which is a bad deal for the server cause until now more than 70% of the server haven't finished DS, cause they need too much time to learn. But how DNG works and how the problem we had before has been fixed (Like pushing crystal from bosses and moving summons to other places) this show how nice is the new patch. New Weapon system is SUPER GOOD! Driver idea not much but anyway just give us reason to keep working on our stuff instead of finishing in 3 days :3 Would be nice if essence fragments drop from awkward guard. (x1) with good chance but not 100%. Feed Back about Weapon procs, some weapons are kinda useless cause lv95-100-110 still better. (Some are super funny, like shield which is weak than Awaken. (Would be nice if change this one to be like Valor on lv95, will turn it into 300% usable) Other weapons should be reworked :3 but for now its good. 10% Weapon Pets ARE SO NICE IDEA as dungeon reward like this one which takes specific item from specific day. would be nice see this kind of reward on future contents too. I was working on Move SPD stuff since this PvP metha is scape and recover. Thank You Very Much for this new title and weapon bonus (Guitar one impress me ALOT, yeah i need test it cause looks so GOOD, ty for take good eye on some classes, that counts to Darkness Blade too) As description report, When u talk with GoGo on text say 200-500 items but its 50-125. For now that's all! Good Job @Jordan and the staff that helped on this content, you guys made EXCELLENT work! Wish updates like this one comes again :3 ❤️
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    It will resolve on it's own, best thing you can do is: Clear Cache Verify files Whitelist on Antivirus Disk defrag, disk cleanup, scan for malware
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    I'm currently thinking about adding selection criteria for winners for the next Drawing Event and maybe even have 2 different rankings for manual and computer/tablet drawings. You'll know more at the next event. #Halloween or Christmas!
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    This is unbelivable. All events are not only logged but also evidence is provided that the win was genuine. So if you have a legit concern other than some mad conspiracy of events favoring 1 player over another put in a ticket of the event you think you should have won and I'll happly show you the proof that you lost fair and square. Not our fault that 1 group of players is better at hide and seek or unscrambles or trivias than you 😁
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    I think he's being sarcastic. But I also think he's misunderstanding that people are more than likely talking about pets with the OP battle skills like -resistance and the Multi-Hit damage spells to help with PvE content. I'm trying my best but we're not releasing the P-ATK and M-ATK pets as of the moment as by request from a couple of players via the ticket system and via privately in game and on discord to myself. This doesn't mean these pets will never be released but they will not be released for a while atleast. That being said there is also a limited amount of pets so I'm trying to spread out the primes so that it doesn't get too repetative. There is a lot of inflation going on in game as people have finally realised how to farm gold efficiently so now the prices are going up on items as thats how economies work. I will try to make pets a little more frequent but I can't promise it will be to the degree you request.
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    Other than restarting the server all over again, one of the ways that we can still save the game is to please please please make the next level/patch/gear upgrade materials available ONLY tru PVP battlegrounds. This has been suggested multiple times already but I don't understand the obsession of the VGN team with perceived fairness and their hesitation to implement this. No matter what you guys do, things will never be fair and balanced for everyone. You must understand this. I know you want to attract new players, but please not at the expense of old players. The new 55 mech is so easy to get and the things you can do with dog tags and battleground medals are meh at best. I don't know what I can say that has never been suggested here over the years. It's just sad to see the state the game is right now. SB is made for PVP so please make the materials exclusively trough PVP.
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    Screenshot or it didn't happen HAHAHAHA, why so you get slapped in the face with it that it did happen? Here's slap number 1 Here's a slap number 2 Some of the other conversations took place in the game about you and your behavior. I didn't screen shot them, but that's evidence enough for you to understand you have issues. As for the rest of what you said, I'm not sure what you are talking about. You are blind and will be blind until you open your eyes.
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    Poor child so little you ignore and pretend you don't know. I guess you would be okay with me sitting around on a bike not doing anything waiting for RG to kill a boss like your friend. I'm not okay with it, I won't do it. Like I said I join the side I play and play that side and I don't take a seat on that side. I didn't say anything about not switching side for loot as a bad thing, I said doing it and not participating with them other than to loot is a bad thing. Get my words right. You don't even join BGs but you still involve yourself with what happens in side them without you like you are some self appointed SB detective/police/rule enforcer. You still won't accept that RG do what you blame FK for doing, which is pretty hypocritical. Someday you'll stop playing the victim and actually play without making it like your life depends on how others play.
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    What are you saying? But please start with describing me, I am curious as to know what you mean by "...dont tell me Sand what u did alot what change this coz u did nothin...," as I don't know what you are talking about. You describe me as if I already know what you mean let alone understand what you just said. Please write clearly so that I understand the words that you are trying to type. I am also trying to figure out what this has to do with what the original poster is talking about where FK are switching to RG side for loot when I clearly said that this behavior is not limited to FK as there are RG players who do this. If you are trying to say that I switch to RG side for loot, when it comes to AK, I have switched in the past since 3 FK vs 30 RG isn't going to get any pvp done and I might as well work on my RG character. I work on my RG character for several reasons. One is that I use it on occasion to balance pvp, it's not often but I have done this despite what some ignorant people think. I have done it briefly recently, but haven't had time to even work much with FK let alone with RG players that I will work with, but I purposely won't help a few RG players for their bad/poor attitudes. The other is that I will join BGs on the RG side since other RGs won't do it when the BG would be even sided or to increase players in the BG. If there's only 1 or 2 RG registered and there are 6 FK, I'll register RG to make at least 3 RG for a 3 vs 3 BG or even go RG to get a full 6 vs 6 BG if enough RG show up. You can and should expect me when I enter a BG with more than just myself on either side you will believe that I will go all out on the other side even if they are "friends" as I want to make it a fun BG not an easy win for FK. I've worked with other RG to win against FK players even against people like Akan, LunaNyx, and I will even fight MAR if she is on the opposite side. So, I don't care how close we are as friends, pvp is pvp and I will pvp as hard as I can against anybody. The other is that despite what some people might think to help some RG players build up their character so that they can put up a fight against me or other FK. I have given gold, gear, and enhancements to people on both sides so that they aren't getting stomped on over and over. I just won't help people who are rude or arrogant, like a few RG I know. I'm not really in the mood for helping RG out under certain situations but mostly when it involves those rude and arrogant players because I don't want to play with them. To again respond to the idea that there's something wrong with FK players, RG are just as likely to do those same things and even often enough won't lift a finger to put any effort to help FK and just loot without contributing. I'll be glad to work with RG players to attack any character who does such behavior. RG or FK doesn't matter, you join one side you help that side even if the side you joined out numbers the other side. But please what is it that you are trying to say about me? When I said your side that you claim you don't have a side I do mean you are RG. First is here you are on the forum in what seems to defend RG players, as if they are your faction. The other is that you played RG when you played and not FK, so you are still RG. You are RG till at such time as you stop coming into the forum to take the side of the RG faction as if that is your faction and/or you completely ignore the game as is.
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    Made this to see other people's opinions on this, really. Since I've been healing again I've become frustrated with times when someone is just out of my purify wind range and I miss debuffing them because they're for example, maybe a foot out of my radius. I'd like to propose that we add back the place-able purify wind skill if other players are interested in this change being made. It helps healers keep more of a distance and I think that overall it would be good for players in both PvP and PvE. Please share your feelings on this if you have any. I'd love to see other people's pros and cons. Don't get too aggressive with each other or I'll just request a lock. Thanks~ PS - Since Jordan will probably read this, is there any chance that this skill option could, if anything, be toggled?
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    there's a reason if it got changed, and was a good reason, I already said I liked them both ways, but it's fine the way it is now, isn't like it doesn't work or needs to be fixed. Do I need to play cleric to know things? So when people were asking for templar buffs, I don't play templar so I guess saying no to that was a mistake.
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    if you read that topic that you did link, you can see there that DNC have said that have he dont have time to spend on that game project anymore and that hycker have not speak in that topic almost over year so i think they not really working on it anymore and why could VGN help with this ,since helping them could make new potential private servers to rise that could be threat to their own server to stay alive longer
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    The last sentence isn't entirely true. I've had some of those mobs still attack me after entering the next room after some time.
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    Yesterday I installed Scarlet Blade Vendetta in a PC with windows 10, and yes, I noticed it wont start cause two files were missing: ATL100.DLL D3DX9_43.DLL I downloaded them from this website: https://www.dll-files.com/d3dx9_43.dll.html https://www.dll-files.com/atl100.dll.html Architecture 32 (when i tried with 64, the laucher still said the file was missing). Then I placed them in Scarlet Blade folder (C : --> Vendetta gaming network --> Scarlet Blade Vendetta) and I could open the game in windows 10.
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    Hey Izo! You are wrong when you say low levels have more survavibility. My 39 can oneshot pratically every level 35 DPS, but on the other hand people like Evovoe, Ibelina and Celia69 can oneshot my level 39 with 20k HP (so I figure they can oneshot every other player in Viledon). If we go far away, I remember there was the same situation from the beginning of the game: this was from November 2013: May 2014: To reach 50+ kills in less than 15 minutes, you understand everyone fall down in few seconds. And I remember pretty good the opposite situation, when we RG just went down in the battle just to die as flies still before to touch the ground. You find the game not balanced just cause it never was. And it will never be.
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    Some one think punishment will make players quit. I don't agree. If punishment can make the environment of game better then it's good In fact it is unbalance that will really make players quit or stop playing. U can see fks rarely go to BG recently and usually less than 30%fks were online during NB.Players don't like to play unfair pvp. No player want to fight when it is 5v20. So the less will quit or stop playing.Then the other side will have no enemy to kill. they will quit or stop playing too.Vcious circle. Punishment can also be imposing a fine.For example:Decrease 3000G from 1 player's account.
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    this exactly where I was supposed to be years ago. thanks so much.
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    What Mark says is correct, the Eden community is very lazy, nobody wants to put together something and nobody dedicates it and the approach to arm themselves well, the dng is complicated, although as you say they have few hours to play, but in those hours they do not nothing, nobody say you rushes them to build better, but most of them don't have a good approach, many say, "If they don't take me to t100 or gop, how can I get better?" Well, there is the problem, nobody knows where to start now that there are already dngs that require at least having achievements or good resistance
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    12 runs 0 essences and 0 fragments, but 14 silenced soul, which means nothing. (We skipped last boss 4 times cause was karen or phantom) Totally unfair since players like me spend alot of time doing party with not fully geared players cause my friends has quit already, then my runs if once karen appears is 1h 13 min or more, if phantom appears 50min, this is worthless for me. Guitar is so good weapon on this new patch but mostly weapons need to be tested before say anything. At all, 24hours i don't play and looks better than rage into this dng for no drops or for 1h runs.
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    I did partecipate as a 911 member few times, sadly you don't know with wich char and you will never know PvP is dead. Is not about 911 wins everysingle one, I never said that, I'm actually glad that 911 exist cause is one of the only guilds wich is "original" and competitive in some senses. But sadly there's not much competition, that's why I say it's dead. Also most of the times you see a tw with strongest guilds vs (literally who)? Wich doesn't make much sense. Obviously not your fault but you can't be serious when you say pvp is alive when the max you see is a 40 people contending a crystal with another group of 40 ppl. That's not pvp alive, I don't know from where you're coming to say that's a "pvp alive situation"
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    OH MY GOD ! No way ?! I am SO SORRY for all the times i trashtalked saying that frogs and rats are ugly. Im sorry for my victory quote being " Fuck Frogs ! Ugly ass bitches ", but after several months on hating on rats i thought it was fair to start hating on another race. It's not my fault if according to science and aesthetic, frogs and rats are inferior to humans, dwarf and bears. ( Look at Matt and Derak, they're so eew. ) Even though there are some beauties among you, most rats and frogs are ugly ok that's a fact. I'll make an effort though changing my victory quote to : " Frick Frogs ! Bad looking female dogs " ! Yay ! But just because y'all are ugly doesnt mean you can't attend PVP, ugly races are welcome, don't be demotivated just because you look bad and derpy ! If people are offended and don't want to go PVP because I don't like frogs and rats, they're weak minded, fuck dem, bye. I'm just racist, my trashtalk isn't pvp related thank you. With love, Xylie ♥ PS : I have a suggestion since we're on the suggestion part of the forum, would it be possible to have a 2nd "Hide other players" button, which would only hide frogs and rats ? For the sake of everyone's sanity. Ty
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    not sure why you get affected by people not even in your guild "trash talking" and bantering. it literally has nothing to do with you. it shouldn't influence you because again, it's an A, B conversation. you can C your way out. never understood people that beg for MBA queues and PvE most of the time crying about things on forums. good job adding 5 people to your block list. you should keep blocking people and stop crying about TT from guilds. if you play any PvP related game, there's always trash talk and banter whether it be friendly or not. if you're affected, I don't think you should be playing games, let alone be on the internet. I'm pretty sure there's less people in PvP because they keep losing to one guild that always wins, no more content, not gearing, guild being uncoordinated and bad or just to small to stand up against 30+ members from blackholes, illuminati, 911. PvP isn't less populated because some rat player said omg ezpz lemon skweezy jajaja :v
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    The only way you can compare the current pvp with something is to compare it with 1-2 months ago pvp in the same server. In that case is dead cause is not alive like before. If you think having 100 players means pvp is alive, well the server has seen better days. Also Other guilds are a mass of merges.
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    1 more month until irreversible damage (; Hope those who got banned enjoying it, Goodbye Celestial peeps. The long year revenge was 🍷