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    Hello, I heard that premium medallions aren't on VGN shop because Vivi wanted it event-exclusive only. So my suggestion is, why not put the 3 & 7 days medallion on VGN shop and then the 15 & 30 days medallion will be event-exclusive only? I'm also thinking putting those two would give at least a good revenue for the server since people can choose to keep buying them every after duration expiration.
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    Updates Daylight Forest now can be ran twice a day. Node: Boss Rewards where halfed to compensate for this change. Monster Energy Fossil's can now be boxed. Bug Fixes Daylight Forest bosses should no longer die to the monster buffs. Fixed the buff description of Bushi's Undying Soul. Fixed the 110 Trial World Bosses Achievement icon's. Thanks~
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    Good job at patch for real, there its a small suggestions: Be more usefull our effort for these guys who run the Dragon Sanctuary thing and these badges be a chance to trade by Dragon trial coins Like 1 badge for 2 coins or so (Up to you) Another most important for these tryhard farmers PvE Add this a box like the Dark - Flaming stone please! I know there some players who likes to focused on Wis builds, but idk if h can build a new gem than mades G-heal ones instead Wis or divide this ones 50%/50% of regular bonus or so will glad for this. 1H Gem: Aceso's Rescue : Your attacks and casts have a 1% chance to increase WIS +512 pts and All Resistance +5 pts for 10 seconds. 2H Gem: Protector : Your attacks and casts have a 1 % chance to increase WIS +385 pts and Cast SPD +459 pts for 10 seconds. Add in here Mov spd 10% ^^ Others i will check later if i got another feedback Thanks again for the excelent patch.
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    Speed Running in Trials as fast as you can to farm trials/coins at end game especially, is based around having a Blade Master in the party, and aligning your buffs/debuffs/skills in the 15 second most effective Blade Master Combo. Usually Blade Master becomes ineffective if bosses cannot be killed in within 20-30 seconds, as a Double executioner will do more damage over time than a Blade Master if that is the case. Here is how the party compositions for Dps/healers should line up: Obviously will require a good knowledge of your class and not just spam buttons to do this, Otherwise you will end up take 30 seconds + to kill depending on your damage. Here is an example of a party composition: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you do not have DS Trophies/Accessories Parts , sub them for GoP ones. Keep in mind, Cerberus does more damage that Bushi whole combo, there is various reasons for that including the extra elemental resist cerberus adds for you to sub into Triple Hit/Double Hit Gems. However Bushi necklace is effective at times and in classes like Asura due to a lot of basic attack damage. Here is a detailed explantion of it if you are confused. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The party i mentioned above by any means is not for Dragon Sanctuary, it works for Trials Like Level 100/110, sub and remove classes accordingly. I understand GK there is using a dps rapier instead, but believe me, in PvE, the weapon won't affect your heals so much if your party is optimal, and since GK is going to hit with Rimeblade to Proc +20% Dmg, it is worth adding an extra debuff to the enemy. Pre Party buff Requisites: Totem Master/Adjudicator/Life Worshipper/Bard Buffs. if you need a shielder for example, you can let them use Rylon Trophy instead and make the Rifleteer use a triple hit for more damage, change accordingly This type of comp at End Game, should easily blow Trials bosses in 15-20 seconds and ending them fast within minutes. Use it to your effectiveness for farming Trial Coins. In the long run the seconds you save adds up and saves you a massive amount of time, you can use onto other things in the game or something else. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy ~
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    Why don't you worry about actually testing the sets before putting forward your suggestions on whats wrong about them shall we? Because quite frankly you are just reading numbers and saying yes this is good and yes this is bad which may or may not be true but without actually trying how you you know? You said the heavy armor one solves GK's problems of low M-CRIT Rate but does it actually? 25% isn't just a flat 25%, it's 25% of your total so if your total is low then your +25% will also be low. Where as a comparrison the healer one is somewhat like a mana infuse buff that has a similar effect and from what I can tell most healers on the main server use. So unless its duration is too short or the number needs tweaking how can you judge how "bad" it is without even seeing it in use yet. Not even getting into having the base -DMG and other high bonus stats and the general HP boost you get for using a higher level set. If you don't like the LA changes then play CA instead then? Clearly the more P-ATK content and the more gear that comes out the more OP that class gets which when I'm already getting flooded with people complaining on my Discord or Ticket system about how anoying the class is I'm quite happy with the change right now so there's no real reason to continue discussing this matter first. Some changes you will agree with some you wont. This one your stuck with unless something else comes to light and I buff it, it certainly wont be getting the DoT %'s back though thats for sure. Althought I'd have to agree to a degree on maybe the Light armor cast speed could be quite underwhelming looking back at it. If you just look at all the other sets you'd see they just have different aspects to them and are more opinion based than anything else. Status removal on the cloth set, used by classes that are very prevalent in AOE damage would be able to make use of it a fair bit along with the Double Hit effect which stacked with other Multi-Hit elements can be strong. Then on Heavy armor I cannot even see an arguement to how the CDMG set is better than the ASPD one at all. They're completely build dependant, Triple Hit's on basic attacks and skills vs -5 resistance and +5% DMG. I think thats a pretty fair comparrison if you ask me. As for the ASPD light armor I can agree that maybe the chance could be higher and maybe some number tweaks but for gods sake atleast if your guna complain about the numbers atleast notice the defense is much closers to 2k than 1k -_- Overall I'm not going to continue discussions on this topic until the sets have been in use for enough time and have been properly tested. Just because they're not as "op" as the 95 set effects or one set seems better than the other doesn't make it the end of the world. Theres a reason they're not as "op" as the 95 sets as they where one of the biggest issues I've had to deal with for balancing since releasing them. Now the HP difference is killing them off it's giving much more freedom to balance around less opressive armor sets and more about the classes own power. Feel free to keep discussing how the sets need changing but I will not be responding anymore until I feel there has been enough time passed to give a proper judgement on them. It would require me to lower the rewards as the runs and rewards where designed around the dreadlore / skytower / 4 Trials reward quantity and rates. Thank you for the kind words. 😁 We can add something for Dragon Sanc Coins but I don't think it would be for Trial Medals. I'd have to look into things first though. Yeh I can do the Monster Energy Fossils into a box I only added the other ones in the box as the testers found it would be easier to get the Dark/Flaming stones to 3/3 than the Monster Energy Fossil 15/15. Maybe next time I make gems. These ones are kinda boxed off now and I'd prefer not to change them since now they're released and people may have spent time and money on them. Adding more gems isn't really a good idea either as it could lead to too much stats atm. Thank you for the positive comments 😁
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    Eden Eternal VGN Video Promotion What is this event? Players will create a short video to promote an aspect(s) of Eden Eternal VGN. Rules & Requirements Video should range between 1 to 3 minutes. Exceptions will be made. Content must not violate any community network rules. Refer to https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/8915-community-network-rules/ Content must be original and from VGN server only. No plagiarism of any kind. Cannot use old videos even if it's from our server. One video submission per player. Players may use any video editing software available to them. Video must be uploaded and made PUBLIC. (YouTube preferred.) **Please include your in-game name with your video submission. Content and Themes You may want to focus on specific areas of Eden Eternal VGN to promote. Examples: Gates of Pandemonium (GoP) PvP (TW, GvG, GA) Dungeons (Palace of Dreams, Utopian Realm) Dragonside Ridge Dragon Sactuary (DS) Mounts Color Dyes Pets **You are not limited to these topics. Prizes 1st place - Legendary Costume OR Pet of Choice + 1 Event Point + 10,000 VGN Points (Excludes Diamond Altar items, Excludes Fused Pets, Excludes Event Point Rewards) 2nd place - x30 Eden Crystals + 1 Event Point + 5000 VGN Points 3rd place - x15 Eden Crystals + 1 Event Point + 2500 VGN Points The event starts Nov. 14, 2019 and ends Dec. 12, 2019. Please CLICK HERE to submit your video in this thread.
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    u want get 5months(jordan time) in 1 day?xd gettings set fast :v
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    Yes I'm aware of this issue and will address it at the next maintenance. Thank you for the report.
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    funny to see u indulge in sophistry to def for SW if GM have time he can count the data how many times can a ME survive if a SW attack ME then GM will see whether it's fair maybe sw atk me 10times ME can survie 1 times?for sw wrong click for 1 time at least GM should give ME more chance to survive rather than let this unfair continue
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    That stands for all tho ….Some PU can be tanky doesn't mean all PU are Many things depend on how they create toon ….SB is currently like don't think copy paste other gears u OP... In General PU -Burst dmg like mages low mobility cant escape easy SE are fast range attacks like Archers...
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    as some 1 who play pu since i started playing this game i think pu are quite uselss now, why?? because 4-6 skill from sw pu die... even with full uniq cv set rank 2 /tank erring +hero accories/ u say pu dps not bad ?? then which pu can kill buffed tanks, pu cant even kill buffed cb nowday,i mean if cb on guardian shout no pu can kill it.. so u saying pu still ok ?? same as buffed wh pu cant 1 v 1 buffed wh anymore so u saying pu ok on pvp ?? my point is pu die really fast.. and the only thing good about pu was it has good dps, but now pu are nothing more then a PVE toon people keep saying pu dps are not bad which part of it not bad.. im sure few pu have same thing on mind but they just dont say this. in another word pu are sucks... de have same dps as pu in clearing dungen/ PVE so tell me what are pu good for ?buffing people and puuting down cacon for that thats all what pu can do in pvp other then that 0
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    Make us all lvl 17 for original Janus
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    Considering the number of participants, and the original screens propose, I decided to increase the number of winners! Here are the winners of this Event: 1st place : 5 Events Points @Mina 2nd place : 3 Events Points @El Innombrable & @infecttado 3rd place : 1 Events Points @Nanami & @Lexs & @Dissatisfaction Congratulations to you! PS: I had a lot of trouble choosing, you all did a good job.
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    Happy Thursday everyone! We apologize for any inconvience this has caused, but if you received the "Checking for Updated" or "Version Check Error" when attempting to run either clients, this has now been fixed! Please note that you may have to flush your dns cache and restart your PC in order for this fix to take effect. For instructions on how to flush your DNS, please see this website here.
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    Ok, let's go. Imagine this for Daylight Forest: - 0/2 ; - Defenses for bosses buffed. Same HP as of those WB in 110 trials, immune to Demonfire (yes, same HP for all bosses) and some gains in defense / resists in general; - Damage for bosses buffed. Full area attack capable of hitting around 35~45k dmg (if you got capped resistances) and some buff skills to increase it even higher; - Around 85~100% chance to drop the quest items at least once (which would be still a problem for those parties where the 5 members have quests for the item. anyways its still a party issue, not a game system issue) So, this way, you'd need an actual prepared party to do a hard quest, instead of just going in, invi around the boss, charge him with whichever classes you'd want (since it is really easy to do) and hope luck is on your side Edit: and ofc this is no way to say the patch and awakened armors are bad, on the other way around, I love this server and Jordan's work and this is just my personal opinion on how Daylight Forest should work :3
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    I really don't know if its possible but i wish it be. Change Top Class of 1v1 arena Emblem into our head, its possible to change it and able to see without FX effect? cause looks good and i can't play with FX :c
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    So, since the event patch I've gotten that game guard error several times. I was usually able to finally get into the game without needing to do anything but repeat till it finally works. Last patch the loading of the game either wouldn't happen or that game guard screen would show up. How I think I fixed it since it has worked and not seen that issue yet. Windows 10 is my OS, so I can't comment if it will work for any other Windows OS but you could pretty much follow the same steps or similar steps. 1) on the bottom right of the screen by the time clock there's a shield icon with a green check mark, if you can't see it click the ^ icon. Left click the shield. 2) left side you will see Firewall & network Protection, click on that. 3) down below Public Networks in the middle you will see Allow an App through firewall, left click on that. 4) Click on Change settings, it's above the box that has all the allowed apps that are checked. 5) toward the bottom there's Allow another App... icon to left click on. 6) under the white box click on browse icon. 7) Follow the following path line or folders, pathline C:\Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\xigncode folders - local disk(usually the C drive or the drive you installed SB to), - Vendetta Gaming Network - Scarlet Blade Vendetta - xigncode 8 ) click on the xm app and then click on open 9) down on the bottom click on add 10) scroll down the allowed apps and features and make sure next to the name of the xm app is checked and the right under private and public that both are checked. Then click on OK. you are done and can close those windows and then try to run Scarlet Blade Vendetta to see if it works like it should.
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    And what is this all about in first place? I wish my WH fade so I can wait safe till my shield will be ready again, and also wish my SW have Still Metabolism buff - how about that?
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    What’s also funny is SW is a soft counter to SW so good luck with that.
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    Okay, Ngl, even I am guilty this, but everyone is saying "Well, this faction has more of this class than we do." "This faction is making more of this class because we did it first." "This faction just zergs." Just having people say that the other faction has or is doing something, doesn't mean it's exactly true. Even if FK have more Shadow Walkers, anyone on FK side can say that RG have more Whippers, but at the end of the day, every class counters another class in someway and you are going to have to figure out what you and your faction has to do to better counter. If FK have so many Shadow Walkers, then you and your faction have to build into something that completely counters the Shadow Walkers. You cannot just cry and complain about a faction having SO MANY OF THIS CLASS, but make no effort to even try to make it so you can counter them better.
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    players' choice won't tell lies
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    what u lack is brain and pvp experience thats all,
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    And 59 Cap SW struggled if at all successful in killing ME if I may add. Dunno about 49 and 54 as I wasn't PvP Active at the time. 59 cap was so bad for SW that a single SE was able to single-handedly take down 2 SWs.
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    nighthawk bikes and elite commander stormchaser. And how about to make exp boosters tradable? Some ppl got stacks of boosters and dont need them, and there is plenty ppl lvling and struggling to get any.
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    think many players will not spend monay anymore without paypall or paysafecards rip game soon
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    This isn't really something worth pinging me as there's nothing I can do. PGC has assured us that they're working with Paymentwall to set up what Super Rewards had. And its not that PGC doesn't support Super Rewards anymore, it's that they completely shut down.
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    last or hopefully last skill patch should Hopefully be out this week
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    Status: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Mystery Box items have been updated with a newly rotated set. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log into the game. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    FreeKnight Jumpsuit please
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    Altar or Box: Cloud Alpaca Backpack (Legendary) ✔️12/13/19 Nightshade Scythe (Legendary) ✔️11/29/19 Ty!
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    You should be able to simply right-click them and gain alpaca coins. They will disappear after being used. You can check how many alpaca coins you have by opening your backpack and clicking on "Special Currency". You can also check how many alpaca coins you have by going to the NPC shop. You can find the NPC at: Tranquil Hill (170, 115) or Highlands (515, 500). Alpaca Copper Tokens = 1 alpaca coin Alpaca Silver Tokens = 10 alpaca coins Alpaca Golden Tokens = 100 alpaca coins Alpaca Coins allow you to purchase Lost City items (white/no bonus effect costumes), dyes, and mimic scrolls.
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    Best to solve all worries Open Skill points to everything max all skills 200 skillpoints for all Enjoy fighting
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    Comparing a PU to a Mage is silly. A PU is pretty much a stereotype of Sniper type classes/skill sets across many MMO’s. They have long CD’s on strong, single target skills, have low mobility, and have ways of being able to burst down their target through buffs that have balanced drawbacks ( being Paralyzed, and having to stay in a small-ish circle ). They also have a limited form of stealth. This is the class. Straying from the core of what it is cripples it. Edit: And not going to lie. If ME’s party buffs required the super shitty self buffs, I’m out. I know that’s selfish, as I don’t play at cap. But holy crap. Edit 2: I have no idea on why PU has a large defensive cocoon. It’s not in line with what the class does or is about. Edit 3: Since I don't want to be one of those types of people who just complains but offers no suggestions, here's one people can pick apart. People complain that PU doesn't have an ACC/CH-ACC buff, and ME's have one they can keep up permanently; remove ME's ACC/CH-ACC buff, remove VOID/EVA on Cocoon, slap it on the Defensive Cocoon, and rename it. Now PU's have ACC/CH-ACC buff with the drawbacks of it being a Cocoon, can no longer be off tanks, and removes perma-ACC from ME. That leaves a skill open to ME's to fill in. So for that, you could take off the EVA's on Shadow Projection, put them in Accuracy's old spot, rename it. ME's don't have a flat DEF buff, to compensate revamping Shadow Foil, throw a scaleable flat DEF buff in there to work in tandem with VOID and Resists. Keep in mind that DEF is much more valuable where I'm at. So please don't let us CG Medics turn EVERYONE into Whippers. No more than a 100 DEF at 6 pts for 29 cap, please. It can scale to higher levels after that to offer something to ya'll.
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    Should be the thing also Tank should remain atleast semi tank not too high DPS then a DPS class :v
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    yeah bring back nemesis pvp map i need suicide by catherine and stea ^^
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    didnt know... im just asking :v nice :v thx letting us know
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    This is like a ridiculous amount of work to pull off lol. Altho something nice is in the works for pvp and pve
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    Heyyy my suggestion, make ME buff more cleaner 🤣 put eva, ch eva, crit eva to shadow foil and all ch resist and void to c enchantment foil please 🤣 Im a bit OCD
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    I think epona is the worst as mech compare to any other dps mech. Use sprint n suddenly u click cheek cutter, u r done, cheek cutter's animation takes all ur stun duration aka 2s. N i wonder why epona have less skills, even freyja have more offensive skills.
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    Hello, my feedback won't be as smart as most people posting here but this is regarding about PU and their FS. Basically I've been thinking why not allow PU to move while on FS? As downside to that, their movement speed is reduced and they cannot bike while the buff is on just like carrying the flag in AK. It's been bothering me that most classes has their own offensive / defensive buffs and can freely move but why does PU needs to be pinned on the ground, knowing that they aren't even that tanky, unless inside the cocoon but that's another factor that's restricting their freedom because of how limited the range of the cocoons is. Unlike DE or CB that can use their defensive buffs first and use their offensive buff when convenient for them depending on the situation. Then on a mass PVP, PU's literally try to use FS on a safe spot than getting close for full potential damage, but then using FS is also like a suicidal note for PU's due to how they can also be hooked and spotted easily by attackers as well as they don't get the chance to realign themselves once they use FS and enemies are not in range, thus they'll just disable FS then move and wait for the next CD to use it again. Another thing to compare is PU and SE. For me, SE is even more of a "ranged destroyer" than a PU. They have crit, crit-atk, detection, acc and movespeed buffs, they have ranged stun, slow & debuffs and they can move really fast. Plus that OP trap that they can put anywhere (It's literally like them planting an overpowered PU that's invisible). Lastly, I'm only basing most of this to what happened on PU at this patch, but the general idea is there.
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    Whoever are those testers avoid playing 1v1 or dueling each other... Come in Mass PVP take the values urself see what's working for the class...where there rises real issue.... SW no doubt should be real assassin class should have instant kill access n don't die easy....But in BG Janus SA TP ,,,generally they wont prefer joining they wud die to sw 1v1...( Noobs apart) While I was really hoping Vivi would come with something for people joining more of BG and have some decent n even PVP....but its now reduced to 1v1 or 1v0 or SA ended in a draw 0v0... Only Real BG is NB or AK....Where early NB FK dominating currently with less then 20 numbers to play that NB,,,While later NB 50-50 unless FK show up in numbers.... Well this isn't the place to post this topic but I agree to fix Skills first to near satisfaction of players all class cant be OP ….its just classes should be bit balanced according to What the class can do as there name suggests..
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    Yes. It is honestly a rhetorical question. In literally EVERY MMORPG over the past 19-years that's been the case. Whether we're talking sandbox games with open-world PvP, or themeparks with structured formats. It goes without saying but generally, a DPS class with a Support class is going to be an insta-win against a lone DPS. Guild Wars 1 and 2, WoW, Black Desert, TERA, practically any MOBA, etc. Are there exceptions, of course. Gear, skill, lag, over extending, whatever. But generally. Reading what I bolded made me instantly think of the "Pikachu face". As for ME's entering BG's, again I have to say of course. Supports are one of the most requested classes across all content in any MMO. They're a dying profession, and have always been the least played class(es) because nearly everyone wants to do damage, a few want to stand around looking tough, and that 1% wants to keep everyone alive running around like a chicken with their heads cut off from the other 99%. Combine that with the general hate and blame thrown at them, leveling process, gearing process, etc. and it's no wonder people don't want to play the support classes. A lot of modern games are omitting dedicated healers/supports because of this. But again, yes, a dedicated support character SHOULD be able to help increase their parties/groups/side's chance at victory. If all it takes is ONE ME showing up to a BG, I'd question the losing side more than the winning side. Team work makes the dream work, after all. I'd like to remind everyone that this is a Korean game, one that was published by Aeria games. They ( Korean games ) are 99% of the time heavily unbalanced especially when there's a ton of systems in place to increase peoples in game 'power'. You will never balance this game. Doesn't mean I don't think you should try but, I'm not interested in playing if you guys are going to play whack-a-mole every patch because 3 people on this forum said X was too OP because Y had a Z. That's like every damn forum for any game ever created. Always got someone saying rock beat scissors and dislikes it enough to tell everyone. I'd hope that you guys are actively testing what's considered OP and weak on your test server using lots of different scenarios with a couple of handful of players. I already absolutely hate the new skills buffs/nerfs at my cap on PU, ME, and WH and am still pissed that they were combined and made into new ones. Ya'll want to make new skills, make them. Leave the old ones alone. Tweak them if you want in the name of "balance". But my wallets shut if this is something that's going to happen every patch.
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    Break down at the end. Let me get this straight, the ME will give 20% ch-acc to a party, but only 5% ch-eva to a part. How is a SE with ME Ch-acc buff not more OP than a SW with a Ch-eva buff? It's like saying we are giving the SE up to 100% ch-acc with ME but only subtract 5% for the SWs with a ME. Values are way too in favor of the SE if you ask me, from their detect, move speed, and ch-acc/acc buffs. But didn't the SE also get some debuffs? Just to be clear, the SW can already get 293% ch-acc on their own with rare jewels, adding another 20% on top of that will give them 313% ch-acc. With the SW getting 19.1k Ch-eva on their own with another 500 ch-eva, will give them 19.6K ch-eva. To put this in terms of Ch-acc that is -196% ch-acc. If a player has 313% ch-acc to start they will end up with 117% ch-acc which is over kill and they can switch out a gear piece or two and still have enough ch-acc to stun. If a player has 290%(SE with ME buff) they end up with 94% Ch-acc with only minor 7% chance of missing a stun or disable. Now If that SW doesn't have a ME to buff them while the SE does, the results will look like 290%-193%= 97% ch-acc. So, currently the SE without ME support of 270% ch-acc(Not including a title but does include randoms, gears, and jewels) against a buffed SW with 19.1k ch-eva, the SE will have a resulting 79% ch-acc in the end. To be fair let's show the SW with ME ch-eva buff and SE without ME ch-acc buff, 270%-196%= 74% That is only a difference of 5%. That hardly phases the Ch-acc of the SE. So, when I state that the ME buffs combined with the SE buffs is too much, I really mean it. The ME buffs need to be lowered or the SE buffs need to be lowered. If the means of allowing the ME to greatly increase the Ch-acc of every player while giving a drop in the hat of help to the SWs ch-eva there is a problem in my opinion. But once the SWs ch-eva buff is gone after 10 seconds we end up with 11.1k ch-eva which is nothing against anything above 211% ch-acc, that is easily obtained by any player really without much effort. Which I will state that the SE needs about 3% ch-acc reduction of Ch-acc and the ME could use 5 to 10% reduction of ch-acc while keeping the same Ch-eva increase. The other option would be to keep everything as is and increase the ME ch-eva buff to 1.5k so it at least can take off 15% of the opposing teams ME ch-acc buff instead of 5%. Break down - Ch-acc SE with ME buffed vs Ch-eva SW with ME buffed 290% ch-acc - 196% Ch-eva = 94% ch-acc final for SE (6% chance of missing) Ch-acc SE with ME buff vs Ch-eva SW solo 290% ch-acc - 191 ch-eva =99% ch-acc for the SE (1% chance of missing it might as well be 100%) Ch-acc SE solo vs ch-eva SW solo 270% ch-acc - 191% = 79% ch-acc for the SE Ch-acc SE solo vs ch-eva SW with ME buff 270% ch-acc - 196% = 74% ch-acc for the SE SW ch-acc with ME buff vs SW solo 313% - 191%= 122% (Over kill) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommend - this is with arkana's using rare rank 2 jewels of ch-acc/ch-eva and not including titles SE max ch-acc of 265%, ME support ch-acc of +15%, ME support of Ch-eva - 1k, SW max ch-acc - 276%, Will look like this results SE vs SW SE ch-acc solo vs SW ch-eva solo 265% - 191% = 74% ch-acc SE results SE w/ME ch-acc buff vs SW solo 280% - 191% = 89% ch-acc SE results SE w/ME ch-acc buff vs SW w/ME ch-eva buff 280% - 201% = 80% ch-acc SE results SE solo vs SW w/ME ch-eva buff 265% - 201% = 64% ch-acc SE results SW vs SW SW ch-acc solo vs SW ch-eva solo 276% - 191% = 85% SW ch-acc w/ME buff vs SW ch-eva w/ME buff 291% - 201% = 90% SW ch-acc SW ch-acc w/ME buff vs SW ch-eva solo 291% - 191% = 100% SW ch-acc solo vs SW ch-eva w/ME buff 276% - 201 = 75% ch-acc SW solo
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    I was looking into all classes skills and I noticed something: from lvl 59 to 65, most buffs and debuffs get new fancy stats such as crit-void, crit-eva, cleanse, heal. punisher didnt get any of those, add that with the damage passive being nerfed and as a result punishers got a low dps in pvp and a even lower tankness. what I propose for a general fix not only for punishers but also for other classes is: undo punisher's damage passive change add a -DEF effect to penetration add a buff to defense cocoon that affects only one person, and gives some defensive stat such as ch-resist/def/crit-void/crit-eva and please undo overkill's animation change. I belive shadow walker's damage needs to be nerfed, they got lots of damage boosts since lvl 59 cap. people cant see them coming because they are invisible, cant tank them because their debuffs are too strong and their buffs got extra damage. now related to what @SparkOne said about mech stun, its common when someone lags to move a bit after being stunned. for punishers its really annoying because after u use swiggers and firing squad, our own buff wont let us move foward to keep the target stunned. having a better range on mech stun would help. if you are playing against a punisher even lag benefits you :s
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    Entering daylight forest and finding the same boss you dont need 3 days in a row is such fun, so +1 on more entries or fix days for bosses. I really like all the new stuff, but i cant understand how you thought its a good idea that some people finish their awa sets and some dont, solely because rng doesnt go their way. People already sell df bosses for 15-25k, because its such a nuisance to get your boss and even if you buy those you dont have your drop safely or it staying on the map. The way it is now is beyond frustrating and i dont get the reasoning behind it - there seem to be better ways to have players invest time doing awa quests and to make them grind df. Nice update overall, but thumbs down for df boss/entrance mechanics.
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    lol yeh i still dont hav uni jewels :))) ill see if lowering the craft cost is somethin we can do.