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    Hello, it's me, Sirocco. I've made a topic a really long time ago about people AFK'ing in maps to generate gold, which was listened to. Thanks VGN, specially Jordan! This time, i'm writing this topic to discuss something that has roots on the very heart of our veteran community: Salary. We have a member cap in TW's and GvGs (if I remember correctly, it's 50). I'll add some math on gold-generating here: A level 100 character, with 3 territories, gets around 600g. That same character can be created and leveled up in a couple of days, if not a single day (with charms). At the current moment, we can have 350 characters in a guild. Considering that a "big guild" has 50 real players, that's room for 300 gold-generating alts. That means, if all those alts are at least Lv100, that the server is getting 180k gold everyday from people logging alts and doing nothing. From a single guild. The number gets higher if you count all the territories involved and multiple guilds. Now, you may tell me: "This is OK because PVP has costs like pots and pods, and those people won that right because they put effort on it!". All PVP costs can be covered for a week if you do Palace of Dreams in a single day. That's 1 hour of farming. Not only that, allowing people to exploit the system in order to generate gold has been an issue to the server growth for a really long time. Most of the lazy new players dream of joining a guild that grabs them free salary just so they can exploit like the veterans. It's not healthy for the server. MY SUGGESTION: Lower the guild member cap to 100. ___________________________________________________________________________ Now, after that. We all know how painful it is to level guilds and NPCs from guild towns up. It was made easier on gold thanks to VGN, but it's still really slow to level up buildings like Magic Pool or even Mine/Farm. If the member cap were to be changed, we would have even less motivation to level a guild up past 6. This is where my suggestion kicks in: GUILD BUILDS Yes, you read that correctly. I'm suggesting that each guild, past level 3 (the level for Guild Town) gain access to a couple of "Knowledge Points", quite much like the classes, in order to encourage people to level their guilds up. That helps the server with more NPCs and variety, not being gated by dead guilds or high taxes. How would that work? Since this is not a feature in original Eden Eternal, that would probably need a gimmick to insert in the game. My initial idea, to make things easier, was to put new special NPC slots in the guild town (as you level the guild up), and make a store with permanent NPCs that we can plant in those slots, that would grant the guild, the passives they want. Quite much like our VGN Statues, but permanent. If it's possible to program a guild KP system, then that wouldn't be needed. No, not more status I'm not suggesting more P-ATK or that kind of stuff. This idea was more guild-oriented in the sense of economy and market, so the guild KPs could be something related to crafting itself. I have some suggestions, but that idea could be refined with the help of the staff, or the community. Some examples - Passive: Longer NPCs (That would heavily help rare NPCs since they last for 3 days) - Passive: Higher building EXP (Would help leveling stuff like Magic Pool) - Passive: Higher fame gains from NPC activity (Would help leveling the guild itself) - Passive: Higher NPC durability (For less need of repairing NPCs) The NPCs could have multiple levels (with higher benefits), so the higher levels would be unlocked as you level up your guild. More NPCs with guild utility could be created (again, we would need the help of the staff or community with more suggestions). Why would we add that? The guild system is perfect I agree that the guild system is currently on a good state, but as I mentioned, we don't have any real motivation to level our guilds past 6, unless we want to exploit the salary system. These suggestions are a complement of my first suggestion, but would heavily improve our lifes on building guilds up. Trust me, being a guild leader, nothing makes it more boring than creating "rules" to force people into farming fame into oblivion just to get more room for guild recruits. That way, we would have clear benefits, more high level guilds with quality NPCs, less room for tax exploiting (since there would be more guilds offering the same service) and less room for "hey can you repair Guild X please" on peer. That's all. Thanks if you read it until here. Goodbye! ~
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    A Big thanks to our team for being patient, taking the time to test everything and optimizing the trial, Vyzer, Mark, Ro, Hiroro, Jeeze ->In game names -> Shinryu, 500ms, Hetz, Hiroro, Riio It was fun doing trial and error, we cleared the entire dungeon in 59.58 min, with 1st boss having constant dcs. Means it is clearable in even less than this. Thank you @Jordan for such a fun trial/raid. We will post a guide in 1 month. Good luck to everyone finding their ways to beat this dungeon and record.
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    While having just a little or none impact for PVP, it allow us to use buffs to run trial, palace or DSR without having to stop and rebuff every 10 minutes. While Sacred Grace (adjucator) have 30 minutes duration, Poem of Wind (Bard), has only 10, Song of Life and Wind of Impatience (Life Worshipper) have 20 and 10 respectively and Munky Waters (Totem Master) 15. I think it would be better if every buff have 20 minutes duration or even 30 minutes (30 preferably).
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    SW is the best for The Acheron killing the final boss in less than 3 mins. I couldn't do it as fast with my PU. There is also an old youtube video showing an SE "burning" the said dunjun much faster than I did. btw WH can, if not the only class that can, solo Abyssal Temple in team mode. This class seriously needs a nerf.
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    Link has been updated. Enjoy the loli voices ^^
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    I like the guild system suggestion would be a real cool why to improve and make guild more valued. The guild limit I like as well but with how the game currently is even if its at a limit of a 100 it wont change the people already abusing it and as well as how would you go about removing people in a guild with 100+ alts already? Honestly at this point its the community that's killing the game if anything with the way everyone keeps doing pvp lol instead of getting better and fighting with strats and it just turns into a numbers run sadly.
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    Was an oversight, ina future patch we will add this @Zsoltgewinn to the bug list pls
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    wot i never said restoration. i said rez as in the medic resurrection skill (lazarus blessing) I'm just stating no other class has an unusable skill like lazarus blessing which is pretty shitty to do to a class. 1 skill point matters alot lol. After seeing what Filo posted as well I do see why 100% was selected. I do think though a fix would be utilizing what looks like a spawn point in the head snatcher room instead if we disabled lazarus blessing in nuclear bunker.
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    This discussion is stupid as hell. We are not minecraft with an infinite bow. Just keep it as it is. Thx
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    there Is no difference between +7->+12 as naraks old myth
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    Hello guys, now if you open the nosbazar you need 1.000.000 reputation, my idea is to change this and instead of 1,000,000 put to 500,000 of reputation. This is the message: --> Capture <--
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    I've started playing on this server just after maintenance, i was introduced by my friend and played together. After changing proffesion to mage i didnt get any exp to job level since then (my friend didnt get any as well). We ignored it until Sp1, then i made few new characters to test what might couse it. From what i've leared is that you can go past job 20 with adventurer, after killing one mob in Nosvile at level 1 exp bar tells me that i have my job bar filled to 700~1000%. If you get to character level 15 before leveling job to 20 going further for job 20 will bug job changing dialogue, it says "you cant change proffesion on this level" even after meeting character (past level 15) and job level requirements. I've made few more characters to get job 20 at exact 15lv character but didnt succeed, exp buff gives simply too much expirience. Then i tried to only follow main quest line and it didnt work either. Am i doing something wrong? I mean i know how job changing works i've played a lot original Nostale.
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    Status: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Mystery Box items have been updated with a newly rotated set. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log into the game. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    Event Changes: - Summer Event 2019 is now Live! We're sorry about the wait for this event. As promised we have issued a compensation package. Please visit: https://nt.vendettagn.com/event.vgn to obtain your package. (NOTE: I will not PM you or advertise in-game about this package, so if anyone PM's you it is a FAKE website do not fall for the scams). Compensation Package can only be claimed by those who have logged into the game over the last 30 days (15th July -> 15th August). The Package will be removed in 7 days so get it whilst you can! General Changes: - Added a check when performing a Transmog to see if item already has a Transmog applied and deny request. This should have been present from the start but forgot to add it sorry! - Added an option where you can change your Wing Transmog Appearance to the Original Wing of the Specialist. NOTE: This does still require the Transmog Crystal just not a wing. - Added the following custom stats to the game: - Added new "Lagoon" pet to the game. - Added "Amulet of Greed" Trophy to the game. - Added Specialist Point Potion to Bash NPC in NosVille. - Upgraded Leo the Coward stats: - Updated the message Mimic displays when gaining an item. - Adjusted the stats of the following items: - "Sale Items" no longer sell for their full price when sold to an NPC. NosMall Changes: - Added Monkey Hat. - Added Extra Large Warehouse (Permanent). Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug that caused players inventories to wipe. - Fixed a bug that caused several channels to crash.
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    Though there are speculations about the enchantment rate, it was not and never will be openly posted.
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    that mount its exclusive for anniversary boxes !
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    @fxmix You can even chose battlecry sounds. Go to Data -> Snd -> SE_PC Sexy_Voice_Att_Long_01 Sexy_Voice_Att_Middle_01 Sexy_Voice_Att_Short_01 Renamed file 1 to 2 or 3 for other alternatives. Found the perfect fit for your taste. Voice files could be different for different classes though need experimentation. (There are Normal_Voice... and Cute_Voice... sound files as well)
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    good day, Alot of People love the Idea of starting from lvl 1 with many other Players. So this Suggestion is a Idea to create a Race similar to POE Races. This Server would come online like once a month for everyone and people can go there to join a Race for some days/hours. For Example, the Server starts on every 8th of each Month. You then have Goals to finish. First Month Race: First 20 Players to finish Mainquest up to 6.2 Second Month Race First 20 Players to reach +13 on an SP. ^ examples __________________________________________________ Once the set amount of Players reach the Goal, they would be rewarded with maybe a Title on the Mainserver. This would be pretty fun for alot of Players and you could also see people grouping up to gain more speed on certain races. This could be combined with the Hardcore Idea - No trading - would make people really grind for stuff, and the main server would for sure not die out. Ofcourse Players that play more would have better chances to win it, but i mean thats always how it's like. Udyr
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    Well we got trophies and custom events , also they balance things before they implemented. Theres 5 different custom npcs in nosville , a gold burner called mimic(pay 500k to get an item, purely based on RNG) , an npc that gives sp 3~4 quest items(sometimes people lose their quest item) , two npcs that are named after the man behind all this(one gives equipment and the other gives scrolls of protection ect (the equipment npc gives you a box containing weapons r6+6~8(this is given at 20,40,60,80,90 I believe?)) and a npc that exchanges 12 different minor trophies(obtainable by each raid, until zenas and erenias) for a major one We had also disabled the minigames(because theres people abusing it with third programs) and we got a trade limit that has requirements before allowing you to trade/open shops/drop/pick items(it doesnt influence the drops from mobs)(complete the whole act 1, be lv 83 and have 1m reputation) which is easy, also it keeps bots from trading and also some gold buyers Also heres the rules https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/8915-community-network-rules/ just so you dont get into trouble Yes, you can check here for the patches https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/forum/54-patch-notes/ You can also get a welcome pack https://nt.vendettagn.com/event.vgn I think thats all you need to know
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    Princess Glitzy Alysa (We got it some time ago but some players in peer chat was looking for it)✔️08/17/19 Steel Melded Marvel Wings(Legendary) Crystal Altar Dark Night Alpaca (Legendary) Crystal Altar Mecha Fighter Pet (Crystal Altar) ✔️08/20/19 Shiba Inu Pet(Crystal Altar) ✔️08/15/19 Fashionable Xmas Costume (Legendary) Crystal Altar Mysterious Hoodie (Legendary) Crystal Altar Brazilian Olimpic Garb/Threads (Legendary) Mystery Box
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    Not even close to 50%, its 30% just like the mdps one. The basic attack damage is 50% yes but the skill dmg is 30%. There's no way you can test physical dmg because a weapon has RNG dmg on it and a skill has RNG dmg on it. Where as mdps only skills have RNG dmg which is why because of the way the Luminary skills where made it comes out as 100% the same as they where made wrong.
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    You should be fine with +6s around lvls 20-39, once you hit lvl 40 mobs get a bit tougher you can maybe get through quests with +7s if you take 1 mob at a time. Now lvl 50 is where you really need to enhance depending on the class, you're gonna need +9 or +10s just to get through the quests. The quests give a decent amount of gold and the dungeon in the 50s tier can drop some pretty nice loot, it's up to you to decide if it's worth enhancing the gear there and camp it a bit. Anyway don't be afraid to ask for help in game or PMing me or any of the GS's if you have more questions. Good luck
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    The point for 20 players is the case where it is now. But what i refered to is when server started. You all know i might not be the best but i have a lot of knowledge especiallly for this game. Even if i spent little time i can get a lot in it. But in 2015 the state of the server was not like this, There used to have 4 guilds of over 50 pvp people + their alts. There has been BlackMagic who won for many years and many people originally from there got rich because of that. It has been the same in other guilds that won for a long time. Memory has the same rules as Celestial did whereby if you put work you are allowed to put alts. This was also the case for MoneyTeam as only the members who put effort in the guild got to have many alts. I'm not pointing to anyone here but i'm saying it has been done in the past even if it is no longer done now. I am not going to lie here but its a system where if you have alts you get more advantage. A simple example is, Look at people do level 95 trials till now they still cannot get all gear pieces. But with alts, if you fill bag, give party lead to someone and go offline. You take all drops. The alt also comes to someone who has glyph or potion or gem racials. So you see the difference here? A player can take months to get all gear but a player who knows this can get this in 1 day. As for altar rates like i said, there is less merchants nowadays, many already left the game. Even me i play other games now and barely log on ee + being busy and recent health issues. So you do not see much people selling. I have stones etc i can sell which is in demand but this require me to log in. I usually log in for the nostalgia of playing EE and to have a bit of chat, but I cannot be online all time to keep sell to people. This is just me. But there is many people hoarding stuff. I am sure you know how the game works and new gear comes in updates, means there is less supply of materials for new players right now as they are all hoarded up by merchants waiting for new patch so they can sell. I do agree altars need to be less repetitive as there is many players that care about costume more than anything else in the game. But right now the server is 4 years old. There is very little ways to change in how it has become. I appreciate ideas like Reikan posted to make things better.
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    I have a geared character, I had invites to join Memory for literally my entire guild. The reason why I declined is because I want a healthy server with competition and flourishing, natural guilds competing. If someone doesn't have time, there is racial crafting to invest. You can leave alts logged, collecting materials for selling Glyphs, Gems or anything like that. Most of my guildies that lack time to invest in dungeons, farm literally double my gold because they invest in Racial Crafting. In fact, it's far more efficient than just doing dungeons. Your excuse makes 0 sense.
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    Our old arkanas of the old server are all enjoying in the heaven of game's characters now.
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    Since it is almost the same as in official servers (where the max gold is, I suggest to increase the Withdraw and Deposit to It is not so important but an increase of the quality of life
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    This was the intention. It's something for the person to upgrade while doing their own stuff. Gives a bonus to people who sell runs for themselves or rewards people for doing their daily dungeon runs and stuff. If its not like this then people can just afk it and kinda defeats the purpose I had for it. This was the then intention. That it's not something you complete in 1 session, it's something you can constantly be improving for a couple weeks. What do you mean gear swapping doesn't work? Could you maybe get someone to provide a video or something of what you mean? It's a future plan as they all need a small rework in there stats.
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    i would take calamity wings because of the movement speed and the atk bonus since you wanna make zenas and fernon too.
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    Nice to see players accepting the challenge.
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    ah, the base gamma are to help you in the process of getting actual rare gear (doesn't say base). the base gear have really low stats that will probably be the reason why you are dying so quickly. you also need to enhance your gear because that will be your major necessity to killing things faster and tanking better. not sure what lvl you are but I suggest doing the easier dungeons for some gold and see if you get any rare gear you can use, or look on the auction house. for lvl 29 and below as a punisher, its best to look for scout accessory for more crit dmg and seer accessory for more chacc and chakra dmg. Rare mechs also make everything significantly easier if you cant get your hands on one. always shout if you need help and someone might even help you buy some stuff lol.
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    Update : New Awakened Glyph Added ! Dragon Knight Awaken Glyphs Samurai Awaken Glyphs Ranger Awaken Glyphs Luminary Awaken Glyphs Sage Awaken Glyphs
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    If I understand that, so the NosTale Vendetta servers are closed?
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    It was prob one of the early bunkers cus wow I don’t remember being rezzed at 30% in 39cap. That does make sense to increase but regular pvp is like that. U gotta run and utilize your immortal mode after being rezzed lol. Maybe a medium between 30-100 is better for bunker?
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    It's okay Bash. People will always complain when things don't go their way. All we have do is block the people that are trolls and attempting to get under our skin. VGN GMs are great and so are the GS's so you guys don't have to worry about that. 😀
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    CCU is the highest it's been over the weekend for the last 6 months so I wouldn't go as far as saying such statements. Those who disagree with such a limit are those who wish to benefit abusing our server. This server has been nothing but a place for people to line their pockets due to it's hype. If it means losing those kind of players then so be it. Plenty of plain text password emu servers to register up to.
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    Ok, I'll be brief. How many times has it happened to press the G key involuntarily? How many times during raids do you see people who blaspheme for having pressed that key and for being left without SP at an important time? As we know if we use this key our transformation will cease and we will have to wait from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 600. Now it is clear that I do not want to influence this button in any way because it is clear that it is a vital thing to be able to remove your SP whenever you want. I only wish that once the G key is pressed, a small window will appear (such as when you activate the ice flower oil) that asks for confirmation of the command. Like this: (Sorry for the poor quality but I used Paint to make the idea)😇 In this way, if I accidentally press G, I will have a chance to cancel the command and avoid the worst during certain activities) What do you think?
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    honestly, no? Don't be dumb in the first place and try to get advantage over other People, in no way. You can't hack and then say "but pls no perma, because it was just eagle eye!" i rather not respond to everything i could here Udyr
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    Talking again, in official server 65k cap has been removed and categorized as a Bugfix. I dont really think that people recoded the whole game just to "fix a bug" cause they barely take care of the game. Edit: On asian updates coming to all europe.
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    How would you know how long it takes? I'm 99% sure you have 0 clue what you're talking about as per usual If someone has done it to remove the cap using a .dll then i'm pretty sure it probably wouldn't take long at all
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    Okay Newbie. I know you wanna get back to the game so I will make this short as possible. 1.Difficulty Settings Nobody will tell you this right off the bat but Scarlet Blade actually has a difficulty settings and its the second thing you set when you play this game for the first time. How difficult or hard this game is depends on the class you play. so here is the breakdown. Easy: Whipper - Whipper is an excellent class and has utility for every situation. good in fights, good in dungeons, has good dance for the club, got the hourglass shaped body- oh man. If you are being overwhelmed. raise your shields and go into mech! You're a reckless whipper! Don't apologize for it CyberBlade - Another excellent class that has utility for many situations, great in fights, great in dungeons - best thing about Cyberblade: they can heal themself! Still metabolism, this is a newbie's best friend! Shadow Walker - Not exactly as easy as the two above, but still easy enough! Why? She has high damage and she can sneak around mobs in dungeons and just kill the main boss, reduced farming time!, and if you meet an enemy player that you cannot beat head on, you can disappear mid fight! ghost walk! and run away, you scaredy cat! Moderate Difficulty Punisher - This is your glass cannon character, she can dish it but she cant take it! That being said the punisher is a tactical character and requires skills to play properly. In PvP you cannot just run into the enemy and spam attacks like a whipper. Play her like you would play rainbow Six! She requires some amount of work to be great. but once you master the punisher you will be able to kill anyone and anything with relative ease. Sentinel - Kind of like glass cannon, has low hp, she requires some work to be great, that means enhance your gears, in PvP, run all over the place to survive use your slow attacks to keep distance from enemy. sentinel has good damage, the only passive you should take is damage increase passive. NEVER take hp passive, you cannot fix your hp with it. its not worth it. Hard Defender - She has a big sword, she has big boobs, her HP is huge and under the right circumstances, she can do big damage! She's so hot, she constantly fans herself! Defender is hard because most of her buff and and debuff are mediocre PvP wise. Her major buffs have a serious debuff, if shes not careful, she can actually kill herself, with her own frenzy ability! unlike other classes her mech skills have no secondary effect that is useful in PvP, except one. 1 second stun! hurrah!. on top of having average damage outside of suicide skill frenzy. most of her good attacks are single target! amazing! Big sword that only hits one monster even tho you are surrounded by 14 of them. That means she will take forever to clear a dungeon by herself kill all them mobs one by one! - that is why defender is hard! that doesn't mean you should give up. if you love your defender, then play it to lvl 59, at max lvl, a defender is godlike in duels and you become scary with your suicide skill, it will hurt enemies more than it hurts you. Max frenzy, max healing chakra, combo healing chakra with iron skin to come back from brink of death! Very Hard Medic - The healer class, medic is by far the hardest class to play, due to low damage output, you will take a longer time to complete quests and clear dungeons. In PVP, enemy players will target you first because most of the time, the only way to win battles is to take out the medic. I have never really played medic myself, only briefly but trust me when I tell you. it will not be easy. However, medics are one of the most important classes having a medic on your team makes life a lot easier, if you like to be the healer then go for it! I advise that you make an alternate character that has good damage output. if you intend to farm dungeons, its doable on medic yes, just will take a while. Now that you have basic idea of whats in store for you... Choose your Destiny! Skill points Before you go and ruin your character build by dumping points all willy nilly into basic skills. do some research on your class to see that makes sense when it comes to spending skill points!. this is by no means a character guide!
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    I'll tinker around with it on test server with Jordan sometime. See if it's doable.
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    Isn't way easier to ask a GS whats the best way to sell gold?
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    Status: ONLINE The server is currently coming back online and you may now log in again. Mystery boxes have been updated for this week and can be located in-game for purchase. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log into the game. Mystery Boxes will be changing and rotating with this maintenance Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    We could also change the limit of arrows to a much higher value than only 100 , which however will still be in the holding line and such, its a shame
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    Never seen them drop, either.