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    Here's a drawing of my character at Tranquil Hill! ^-^ Sorry it's not colored IGN: Psyche
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    I would like the driver system to be added in cap 65 so everybody don't stick to just awaken their weapon, some of the awaken weapons are bad for certain classes but like sasori suggests, implement a harder driver system so people have to do more stuff than just feeding the weapon with another weapon to increase the % and make it as hard to get as awaken weapons.
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    People wanted classic server but don't use , classic ways to beat it, that's why idc about how much $ ppl will spend or how much time it will takes, survive in the server who can, who can't i'm really sorry.
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    Deleting the temp folder from your EE folder would probably fix that...and create other similar issues.
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    Just gonna leave this here
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    If you forted two whole sets to +10 with 200$ it wasnt bad lucky, in fact it was almost the best case possible if you do the maths of 200$ been around 200-210k and saying that you used 10 corals or ultramarines per piece wich would be the ''odds'' it would be around 175 just with corals and ultramarines, if you also count viridians you were really far from been with bad lucky there and im pretty sure most of the server wouldnt be able to +10 two sets with only 200$ .
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    I have nothing against the driver system comeback, however, Atk of awaken weapons should be adjusted to be the same than 120% weapons. I don't really get why someone who just sit in Aven buying weapons in peer but does not put the effort of farming cristal cross medal, trial medals, increasing their fame and trying to kill the WBs that'll get camped for sure when awaken are released, should have a weapon with more atk than someone who actually spent their time doing all of the above, just because awakens have procs. ( PS1:Some procs are honestly not even that good ) ( PS2: I'm saying this as someone who just sat their ass in Aven buying 60 staffs to get it to 120%. ) Standard gold weapons with more atk than awaken just goes against the principle of awaken weapons If the atk of awaken weapons is not adjusted, then it's a flat no for me because it will encourage people to skip awaken content
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    Basic supply and demand. The richer part of the community are throwing money around to get things first. I'd personally just give it a week or so and it will simmer down. I know its a week of being behind others but its better than paying above normal for it imo.
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    This is even worse. Players who wants to play with non-awakened weapons already will have what they need for the rest of the cap? But if he implements driver system for lv65 weapons and bring them down to 100% (max 110 or 115% with upgrade), so maybe this can work... idk, maybe too much work for not much
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    @Bashplease don't make 120% weapons come, really please. We can barely survive the mages dmg right now. There's no need to increase it.
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    Miggy, you are a bug yet we keep you ! ❤