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    I highly recommend you getting the ibrahim trophy, with that thing you should be fine in every pve area
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    Personally I think that enh dmg/lower society/dmg to evil/any kind of element property is not necessery for a6.1-2. It's like you deal a lot of damage without them. Obviously it's nice to have them but it's not 'must have'.
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    For a 6.2 farming monk or blade are very good, but as i see from shells u don't have enhanched dmg/evil/lower society options.. also water prop wouldve help a lot. For 6.1 renegade its the best, need to get 100 points into atk and some into element.. ur only sl is damage and overral, ur missing most of sls.. also energy could help, having a lot of points into energy grant u atk bonuses.