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  1. LikeAGinger

    [Ban Wave/Gold Selling/Buying] Some ideas?

    So u want to say that the economy of the server should be regulated by the server itsself? LULZ No eq is worth anymore individual, just the maximum what the server allows. Great idea actually. or no, u can only trade Items, wich are more worth as the server allows to sell, if u trade that item with more other items that are together more worth as the other one item. i see a good idea. Make gold useless on vendetta. #GoldSellerWillDie
  2. LikeAGinger

    Make next season +48 only in RCB

    Better like: c > 28 c 28-47 c 48+
  3. LikeAGinger

    Channel no xp

    Dude ure talking so much bullshit. Sorry for the directness. If people want to get money, they have to lvling up and do some higher stuff like Erenia ect. The game concept isn't designed to get as low lvl character much money. That's ur answer. And u once got called u were a beater? Didn't u dream it? Like after u saw SAO?
  4. LikeAGinger

    Only 1 char in ch 1

    But its possible to get a popup warnings that u have to move or u will get kicked before u actually get kicked. It's not as hard as u think.
  5. LikeAGinger

    Useless Item

    +1 But only if Bash has time to do it x)
  6. LikeAGinger

    Only 1 char in ch 1

    Do u even know the meaning of afk? It's away from keyboard. Chatting =! afk
  7. LikeAGinger

    Only 1 char in ch 1

    Just make a 30 mins afk kick and close the shop zone at ch1. Easy fix.
  8. LikeAGinger

    Movement Speed - Short Guide

    Wrong, it gives not +1 movement speed. It gives 0 movement speed.
  9. LikeAGinger

    Make Fernon Great Again

    You can get max. 92% reduce resistance with Mage. (35 shell, 20 trophy, 25 wand, 12 gun). Also: we didnt talked about debuffs yet But u can't get 180% all res easily. Avengers s6 are 112% all res; 10% allres with book; 2% res from character; 5% all res from costume hat; 30% all res from armour; 15% all res from perfection points = 174%. Still under 192% or under your "easily to get 180+% averall res". Dont forget to keep the facts. Also it's necessary to get the same things from two sides (res drain / more res) to balance smth. Edit: Speaking form the archers side against mages.
  10. LikeAGinger

    Make Fernon Great Again

    Or look at the armour stats. Smth should be done for Archer.. They are just weak af.
  11. LikeAGinger

    Make Fernon Great Again

    If u can get a trophy with res down, why not one too with more ele res? That would be balancing. Like u can get a trophy with dmg or with def. +1 to a trophy with more ele res.
  12. LikeAGinger

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Weapon skins. They are too rare right now and too expensive. Steampunks and the other ones with 5% dmg and 150 enh. dmg.
  13. LikeAGinger

    Make shops not possible

    Shops just in the minigame Channel would be great. And maybe a afk-kick-timer would be good too. If someone is longer afk as 1h they get kicked. @Bash what do you think about that?
  14. LikeAGinger

    Mute information!

    Well, thats unfortunate coded. Would be great, if u could communicate with the GS team or at least u get a timer shown in the chat if u are trying to write something.