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  1. Thank you for the good/sad news, man. I'm in Shanera since I wrote this post and guess? Not even one yet. It is totally ridicolouos. They cannot place a drop rate so exaggerately low just because people use bots..they will use them anyway, regardless of the drop rate. In this manner, they simply discourage honest players to grind their materials by themselves, particularly when they're so expensive to purchase.
  2. Yeah, I have just noticed..If you buy them by bash they cost 85k, NB is around 45-50k per piece. I did not imagine it was such a rare material as some people listed 999 claws at the NB..
  3. Hello everyone, Hope you all had a good Christmas break. The other day while thinking some plans to make some cash, I have well hypothesized that a good way would've been making slade raid seals as they sell pretty good on the NB. I checked online the materials in order to create the TS and noticed that slade claws were among them. Because of the high price of this material at the NB, I decided to try to grind it myself. On the wiki, I have seen that you can drop these items from Catsy and Spearmen who can be found in Shanera. However, after some time killing them, I had to give up. Not even one. Any suggestion or advice where to drop this item? Thank you all in advance, Middonight