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  1. Why its unbalanced in your eyes ? Cause you play with AA and Aegir in a Pvp map ?? Then you die and call it unbalanced to have a reason for your bad Gameplay?? And btw you are c50 and oneshot @redmoon many times even without stun...there are enough ppl who can tank root+sp remove But i bet your eq looks like "take Aegir to go pvp" too ?
  2. Oh... now is yertirand bug abuse.. I mean yes it must be a bug to buy a partner around 100kk "5 seconds of hell" ? ifyou cant stand 5 seconds yerti is not the reason why you died New day new madness there is enough to counter this stun Jennifer buff, erdimien defbuff or good eq ? This Post is just pure madness cause you and this other guy are Snacks in act4 even without yerti you would die there Lets delete yertirand this 'bug' and we use nelia + harlequin + Admiral on you instead of yerti+harlequin+Admiral and then? Its bug too? Ok man every war with 100% Blackout is bugUser cause they force me to wear hippo ? Every nelia User is buguser cause they force me to wear anti effects instead of all ress or def ? Deal with it and buy eq for more Situations or get strong friends with yertirand... Oh no dont do that they are evil bug abuser?
  3. you call it "abuse" ? ? what about nelia? root on S is the same "malus" and drains on top 10 overall ress + phase change nelia is x10 cancer and i dont want to talk bout harlequin now you cry cause a 5 seconds yertirand stun wich got 45 SECONDS COOLDOWN cause you died ? are you ok? ? I DIED CAUSE FIBI FREEZED ME FCK PLEASE NERF IT FCKKKKKKKKK