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  1. RachelGardner you cant suggest groovy beach costume its super premium seasonal costume maybe in summer? rabbit costumes for easter pls they was in few week ago but shouldnt matter so
  2. @AzelaS you have seen ppl are stronger than you using this method? yes they do cause you are one of them who doing 10v1 without getting even a litttle bit shame on yourself while doing that. You not even know reasons behind two ppl fight you just do 3+vs1 just because darkness is under their mame. As i said look behind the reasons of why savehit before judge about that. Like bash said only bigger fams/groups would benefit of it and thats the truth. Sure ppl like webster celebrate such suggestions cause ppl like webster are ppl who doing only 1v1 in Arena (its btw 2012 lifestyle doing only pvps in arena) wich are 90% based on luck but this is not what the most ppl want. The most People want FUN and fun is for the most ppl fight with other fams or groups vs other but here on Vendetta you cant do that and having fun with it cause its simple here the fam with the most member win otherwise the smaller group have to savehit cause nobody want - k/d at the end. If you only play arena for doing 1v1 you can go family arena in my opinion. arena here is already killed and this arena is the reason why many ppl not start here at this server. Adding such suggestion is just overkill nothing more
  3. Balancing is not far away from this topic like someone already said archer is the worst pvp class here you can do a shit against a war if you dont use ranger/sin but in this sps you are complete snack if you got more than just 1 who hunt you even with 45% cd each access man just look behind and ask why ppl savehit Just imagine you getting hunted by a fam and 10 guys wait for you outside who would go outside and getting fcked by 10? Who? Maybe people who act like look at me i stay outside i dont savehit yes cool but then they leave Arena with 0-100 k/d is that arena fun? Webster you say if you are outnumbered just stay in save well that mean people have to stay in save allday cause this Arena fams are 24/7 there? Like i said already vendetta Arena is the worst and unbalanced arena in my eyes there are too many added rules even the arena of dying official servers are still more visited and are funnier than here even when vendetta is the best server. With buffs someone have at minimum the chance to fight 1v10 without buffs they can do 10v1 and feel like kings Hmmm what is more fair I should not really care this suggestion since i not play arena here for known reasons but making an already unfair area more and more unfair and broken is just #@#&@%÷+
  4. this suggestion is just from and liked from ppl who are in 100 guys Fams or guys who suck through big fams many ppl just get hunted for just hiting back and most of the time its not 1v1 its Famvs1 do you guys think when they add cooldown for savehit they will say OHH you cant savehit anymore we stop hunt you now lets make love ? Arena in vendetta is boring af maybe the worst arena of all since no buffs, no partner, no potions, no nothing add such suggestions like this above and you will kill it complete for those who dont suck through fams for acting like look at me i fck you with my whole fam imma fcking savage ?
  5. Archangel/demon wings DRACULA COSTUME
  6. Dracula set please…………………..
  7. Yes please add puppet costumes but please add same effects at both Dracula costume Archangel/demon wings Pegasus ?
  8. Cheaterknight wtf all eqs and sps are better than yours ( yes i compared yours with whole nostale eq)how you can hit more than 2 dmg with +11 seer? ?
  9. ice princess eliza Dracula set
  10. @hollowknight using a +11 SP is clearly bugusing ?
  11. Why its unbalanced in your eyes ? Cause you play with AA and Aegir in a Pvp map ?? Then you die and call it unbalanced to have a reason for your bad Gameplay?? And btw you are c50 and oneshot @redmoon many times even without stun...there are enough ppl who can tank root+sp remove But i bet your eq looks like "take Aegir to go pvp" too ?
  12. Oh... now is yertirand bug abuse.. I mean yes it must be a bug to buy a partner around 100kk "5 seconds of hell" ? ifyou cant stand 5 seconds yerti is not the reason why you died New day new madness there is enough to counter this stun Jennifer buff, erdimien defbuff or good eq ? This Post is just pure madness cause you and this other guy are Snacks in act4 even without yerti you would die there Lets delete yertirand this 'bug' and we use nelia + harlequin + Admiral on you instead of yerti+harlequin+Admiral and then? Its bug too? Ok man every war with 100% Blackout is bugUser cause they force me to wear hippo ? Every nelia User is buguser cause they force me to wear anti effects instead of all ress or def ? Deal with it and buy eq for more Situations or get strong friends with yertirand... Oh no dont do that they are evil bug abuser?
  13. you call it "abuse" ? ? what about nelia? root on S is the same "malus" and drains on top 10 overall ress + phase change nelia is x10 cancer and i dont want to talk bout harlequin now you cry cause a 5 seconds yertirand stun wich got 45 SECONDS COOLDOWN cause you died ? are you ok? ? I DIED CAUSE FIBI FREEZED ME FCK PLEASE NERF IT FCKKKKKKKKK