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  1. Isn't way easier to ask a GS whats the best way to sell gold?
  2. Hahahah, no ban for trying to buy ilegal stuff? I heard that some people got banned for trying ilegal stuff
  3. You don't need s-dmg necessarily. You can get 50+ crit, 15+ dmg to evil and overall SL quite cheap. Since dmg to evil works on all bosses and 6.2 should be the same as s - % to dmg and it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper. The only downside is that, some erenia/zenas hoster suck balls and don't value evil dmg x)
  4. For only zenas calamity or archdemon/angel. For fernon you can use lvl 99+0 seker and still do a great job
  5. https://gyazo.com/7166e7a27c0a5138784609b91aefe6f7
  6. Nah, people only kill alts and think they're good ? If the reputation is given by killing +48c ppl or something like that would be LIT to have nice rewards.
  7. Cepik you talk like you don't have any other way to do gold. Step up your game noob ?. But yeah, IC needs to be more relevant for new player fuck high lvl players, they have tons of ways to be rich af
  8. Yes please, that's kinda anoying