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  1. https://gyazo.com/7166e7a27c0a5138784609b91aefe6f7
  2. rafakanex

    New prices

    Yes, as rudi or snarl fibi prices will drop till 40kk+- thats 120kk less from actual nb prices
  3. rafakanex

    New prices

    Lol, you fucking complaining about 6.1??? Bash is giving all noobs almost free fibi 🙂
  4. Nah, people only kill alts and think they're good ? If the reputation is given by killing +48c ppl or something like that would be LIT to have nice rewards.
  5. Is Princess Eliza season or something? If not +1 for Princess Eliza
  6. Cepik you talk like you don't have any other way to do gold. Step up your game noob ?. But yeah, IC needs to be more relevant for new player fuck high lvl players, they have tons of ways to be rich af
  7. Yes. Quests should give RELEVANT help to noobs, since dailies c28+? Hello??? The only way noobs have a chance is PTS 30-40 or hard pidgeons grinding. Not fun.
  8. Oficial server? where r6 eq market is relevant? No ty
  9. Well, farming and raiding aren't challenging besides fernon so... I think this would fix some of the game toxicity but why not improve the game first so people like you enjoy it aswell? :pp
  10. Yes please, that's kinda anoying