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  1. Altar or boxes: Hand-dyed School Girl/Boy Legendary - Altar 04/02/19 Azure/Crimson Foxfire Kitsune Legendary - Box 03/14/19 Seraphs Wings Cute Bear Hairdo and Cap Hairdo Angel Rapiers Alucard or Idun
  2. ghost

    Recent Altars

    It's almost like the diamond altar is the only place to get the ghost horns lol I don't know what the deal is, but you guys get so hostile when people start complaining about the altars. It's unnecessary tbh. There was no toxicity in the original post and really, the annoyance of the community is justified. The diamond altar comes around like what, 3 times a year? If that? People were looking forward to this, spending their really money to have ECs to roll for diamonds etc., so of course they're going to be upset when "diamond altar exclusives" aren't on the altar. Sure, have random altars without the usual set of diamond altar stuff but make the eden star diamond rates not so crappy so that people can actually land on them and roll them. Well, yea. With an attitude like that, what do you expect from the player base? People like the ghost horns and they want them. The opportunity to get them only comes around every so often. So getting this vicious when people are complaining about it is uhhhhhh ( :
  3. Hand-Dyed Schoolgirl/boy chic ensemble Legendary Mysterious Stylish Jacket Legendary Sakura Hairpin/Ronin Hairpiece Legendary Astral Ribbon Ponytail/Bodacious Wig Legendary Sleepy Sheep/Goat Wig Legendary
  4. Hand-Dyed Schoolgirl/boy chic ensemble (legendary) Charmed exorcist gown/robe (legendary)
  5. Vengeful Seraph's Wings (Legendary) (the little ones, not the diamond altar ones lol) or Divine Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Resolution Garbs (Legendary) or the Legendary officer uniforms Hand-dyed school uniform (legendary) Misty Rose head and body dyes, please
  6. Crescent Sprite Wings (Legendary) Beguiling Cheongsam (Legendary) & Piped Suit (Legendary)
  7. Crystal Wand (Legendary) (Pink) Sultry Bunny Costume (Legendary)
  8. Mysterious Sleepy Sheep Wig/Lazy Goat Wig (Legendary) Mysterious Beguiling Cheongsam/Mysterious Piped Suit (Legendary) Misty Rose Dyes(or dye altar) (pls i've been asking for these for weeks)
  9. guerrilla threads (legendary) sparklers (legendary) sultry bunny costume/bartender garb (legendary) winged goddess wig (legendary)