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  1. why u monkey me? i just buy 200sealed yesterday and get 50 perfum nice omg
  2. sealed 140k/u no work anymore
  3. hi hope bash can add perfum to vgn shop for 100k actually 185k/u much player wont buy low r5/6/r7/r8 equipment they spent more gold on perfum.... i don't know why you add all upgrade equipment on vgn shop but miss perfum.
  4. make act4 like rainbow battlewith reward
  5. mystery box when onyx, cheongbi,hongbi, weapon skin. stupid player buy specialist empty
  6. maybe you are more stupid than him ? what's is more easier ? you think doing nothing in a board make game more harder? so yah i afk in nosville , so i'm a pgm player. ?
  7. 7%pvp +100atak is better than 200ranged righ?
  8. is same as official server?
  9. all suggestion are ignored, thank the staff, i return in fortnite.
  10. i not smoking bro, low level is useless and hard gold making. but if they have antibot working who care if low player exp fasst and drop good
  11. yeah less player , i think they need increase exp level rate and drop for low player level. Maybe open a lod 6.1/6.2 for exp family
  12. but is not my fault if nostale is a korean game, one of best p2w mechanic , you change much thing but it's normal i need spent +1000$ on vgn and play 4hour per day or more and this rng just make me feel bad ?
  13. yeah but for player who has short time he can't end content. but in vgn game is more geek to win than p2w
  14. p2w is based on rng, dam you never play a really no p2w ?