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  1. IGN : Dolphinz Item : Robust Energetic Gogo
  2. Head White Cotton Candy Rabbit Esurient Panda Hat ✔️08/27/20 Kitty Cat Hat ✔️08/13/20 Secret Treasure Moonlight Kitty Ears (Legendary) ✔️08/22/20 Mischievous Silver seal Pup (Legendary) ✔️09/03/20 Mysterious Dainty Beach Hat (Legendary) Face Strawberries n' Cream Popsicle (Legendary) ✔️08/20/20 Mysterious Bubble Lollipop (Legendary) ✔️08/27/20 Toy Cigarette (Legendary) ✔️08/15/20 Mysterious Metal Frame Sunglasses (Legendary) ✔️08/18/20 Mysterious Whistle (Legendary) ✔️08/13/20 Mysterious Crystal Earring (Legendary) ✔️08/15/20 Back Flame Templar Cape (Legendary) ✔️08/20/20 Ink Jet Wings (Legendary) ✔️08/15/20 Consecrated Seraph Wings (Legendary) Body Mysterious Garb (Legendary) ✔️09/08/20 Mysterious Genteel Kimono (Legendary) Candy Lady Gown ✔️08/13/20 Waepon Devil's Trident (Legendary)✔️09/10/20 Pink Bunny Scissors (Legendary) ✔️09/10/20 Thy's Plushie Collection (Legendary) ✔️08/18/20 Bone Club (Legendary) ✔️08/13/20 Crazy Capybara Chainsaw
  3. Body Mysterious White Rabbit's Petticoat (Legendary) Mysterious Cute Nightie (Legendary) Altar 02/12/19 Mysterious Tiger Stripe Day-off combo (Legendary) Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Legendary) Box 01/31/19 Mysterious Beach Bikini (Legendary) Mysterious Men advanture cape(Legendary) Head Mysterious Bubble Lolipop (Legendary) Blizzard Snow Goggles (Legendary)Altar 02/21/19 Back Sunstreaked Film Fins (Legendary) Weapons Judgment Blade (Legendary) Masamuna (Silver) Box 01/31/19 Mounts Arrakin Wolf (Legendary) Snowy Shiba Inu (Legendary) Altar 02/07/19 Flushed Kitty (Legendary) Altar 02/12/19 Shadowwy Phoenix Pet Robust Shirley Box 02/07/19 Nerokas ✔️Box 02/14/19 Koharu Rock Red Lotus Fire Star Stone star Altar 02/09/19 Purity Fire Star Stone Altar 01/31/19 Flame Goddess Star Ston ✔️Altar 02/17/19 Pink Dream Star Stone ✔️Altar 02/19/19 Thanks !
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