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  1. maybe if you attack def lvl 0 i goes from 26k to 34k, but not against higher deff levels. just to make this clear, since deff level gets substracted from attack level. Your 2. Sentence kinda confused me about this at first ._.
  2. attack with +10 weapon and defend with +10 armor means upgrade bonus is 0 you know? how often you attack defence level 0?
  3. Where you got that from? If you look on weapons with like 1000 max dmg up to 195 or sth enhanced dmg is alot
  4. for dmg in act 6.1/erenia 100 atk 80 element is better unless you got shadow gem r7/8 + c45 eq, just throwing that in here
  5. yeah.. there are actually people who play holy for dmg also often enough saders are just alts to buff too
  6. if you change that: holy would deserve the same
  7. Reading this i guess: there is a Ranking, there is a 3v3 concept If so just look at players rankings, list them 1-6 and make teams like this 1,3,6 vs 2,4,5 and we fixed the issue of heavyly unfair teams
  8. sreny

    trade limit

    well thats not what i wanted, but it gets rid of some bs
  9. sreny

    trade limit

    yeah, thats my point.. you can just trade with warehouse to martial artist, so no real use for trade limit after that point ^^
  10. well then do some raids, pts, anything to get the reputation^^
  11. sreny

    trade limit

    i like the change for older players now, but do you recognize that ppl that are 93+30 or higher can just create a martial artist to go around this limit..? At least for me its worth more and actually faster to reach 93+30 than completing act 1. So why not just have no trade limit when reaching 93+30
  12. sreny


    also pls wait for all raid marathons to be over
  13. yeah. now i can sort in spells for a 2. sp
  14. sreny

    Speaker Filter

    So i would enjoy a function to filter speakers. I just never got speakers on on my main char because it just spams my chat with mostly stuff i dont care about. For example you could set it to only show you speakers with certain words like "erenia, zenas, vgn, ..." whatever you like. also an option to activate or deactivate would be nice to have if you want to see all speakers again. For sure there are more important things than this rn, but maybe you could work on this at some point you feel like it