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  1. Useful for level up: there is this valhalla quest you can get from npc Ragnar on Rock Cliff (this map with all the teleport levers after peak of mount krem). That quest is easier than a6 quest and gives you lots of exp
  2. for dmg in act 6.1/erenia 100 atk 80 element is better unless you got shadow gem r7/8 + c45 eq, just throwing that in here
  3. well then do some raids, pts, anything to get the reputation^^
  4. Enough to make fun of you 😉 Also i don't care about GoT but his name is jon snow
  5. Well then do your thing what you did before and see what you get. You wont get old ic back, thats what i know.
  6. More than 30x? Quickmaffs? You get 20 angels feathers after round 4. If you get them on 30 chars and lets say you can sell them for 30k (prices often get up to 35k) that alone is worth 18kk
  7. Whatever. Ic is not worse than before. Get your chars to deal dmg and you get more than before as long as there is no ip check
  8. Wasn't ic like the only thing you really did besides looking for a gf and speaker some other bs? ?
  9. Just throwing that info in here.. i can easily get the rewards on 3 chars by not doing much and if i wanted to i could do it with more chars. In my opinion this system is even more abusable than the other one. Also for Erenia/Zenas you forgot to mention you need a team for it and raise % which usually takes at least 30mins