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  2. Nipaa, I appreciate your reply and I did not know you devoted so much time to helping new players. That is very generous of you. The issue I am trying to express here is that I had to pay people in order to advance in the game, not work together with people my level in order to advance. And it was not cheap. I paid 8k per DoS run (if I had known I was being taken advantage of I wouldn't have paid it). I don't think anybody would do it for free, at least not in my guild. I just think it's a problem that a game requires something like DoS runs and carries from higher level players in order for people to catch up in level, not to mention gear. I do really enjoy the game and I might return, but I hope I can work with people and not just get carried.
  3. I know this is an old topic but I wanted to share my experience as a new (now former) player. I simply had to quit because of the time and money I knew I would have to invest, and mostly while doing it alone. It got very lonely. Some of the problems for new players have nothing to do with the way the game is managed but rather the game itself. Every class can be played on a single character so there are few lower level characters to group or interact with. The community is not very accommodating to new players because of this alone. By the time I reached 92 I had no idea what to do. I ended up spending all my money to buy DoS runs in order to level to 93 to start Viroona, and the quests there ended halfway through 93. So I had to grind Fae to get enough gold to convince someone to run DoS again. And it went on and on just until I had enough to get to 95 and then grind Fae every day to get enough gold to unlock all the awakened classes. And then enough gold to get key ones to 85 so I had the expertise stats just so I could start doing 95 trials (which I never even attempted because I doubted I could get the two required trophies from DoS). I did spend $10 for the altar and made a small profit from it, so that helped. Honestly, I don't mind this kind of time/money investment but I was doing it all alone. I tried to reach out to people but they were busy doing their higher game content to deal with a totally new player. I had to pay people to interact with me and eventually I had enough. I don't know what can be done differently other than for there to constantly be fresh blood brought into the game. Or maybe a mentoring program that gives some kind of incentive or reward for experienced players to help newer ones. I will say leveling to 92 was a breeze and switching between classes was very fun. The game has a good concept. I did have fun, but that fun ended at 92.