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  1. Hi admins, I'd really appreciate it if you could delete my account under the GDPR, right to be forgotten. As you no longer offer Nostale as a game to play. Thanks in advance, it's been great. I wish you lot the best in the future.
  2. Thanks so much for such an amazing answer. I thought I already got back to you and thanked you haha but I guess not. I hit level 84 yesterday and it feels like the EXP rate has really slowed down all of a sudden. Up to 84 I was getting pretty much 50%-100% of a level through the TS reward EXP. Now I'm getting like 2-3% per TS. Does it slow down after lvl84? Just wondering so I know what's going on between 84-88 for Act 6. Last questions. Can I do act 6 even if I haven't done act 4 and 5 etc? Also how do I get to act 6?
  3. Yeah I've kind of done a bit of a modified version of that but it's very unintuitive.
  4. I honestly didn't think it was that hard to understand but alright maybe I could have explained it a little better. I'll try again. You go into any specialist and move your skills around and set them up how you want. Then you leave your specialist. Go into another specialist. You rearrange the skills how you want for that specialist. Go back to the first one (or literally any one). The skills moved. Because each skill's location on the skill hotkey bar corresponds with its location. If you move Skill 1 from "R' to "2" it will move the 1st skill of every specialist from key "R" to key "2". You can't have the first skill of Assassin (Critical Hit) on key "R" and the first skill of Ranger (Hawk Eye) on key "2". This is just one example. I want to arrange the skills how I like for each individual specialist. It's not possible. As soon as you move a skill from one button to another, it moves the corresponding skill on another specialist also. They are all linked. It's just bad coding I guess. The skills are all linked and the hotkey bars for each specialist aren't unique.
  5. Nostale Vendetta doesn't seem to support Shadowplay or Fraps. Probably because the client is encrypted. What do people use to record the game? I'd like to record it in 60fps if possible. Shadowplay would definitely be the best if there's a way to get it working with that.
  6. I don't remember skills being linked and moving when swapping different specialists. For example if I set my skills up on one specialist the order is mirrored on my skill bar for all of the other specialists, based on the order I put them in. Is there any way to prevent this from happening so I can have purely unique skill layouts without moving one skill on one specialist, and having it move another skill on the bar all the others?
  7. As I said. Mage definitely is ultra tanky but I'm not much of a fan of such playstyle. Mage was my first class and that might have been a mistake. I got really burned out around 70 playing on OG servers. I'll end up with a mage on vendetta but it'll for sure be my last character.
  8. Yep. Mage is imo the hardest and maybe most boring class in the game to play. Squishy as and with no ability to crit it feels really boring. Even though hits are basically guaranteed so long as you don't get interrupted I'm not much of a fan of their specialists and I feel like 3 of them are utterly useless (Fire Mage, Volcano and Tide Lord). I'd rather play the offerings for either Swordie or Archer but that's just me. If you ever get bored my advice is try Swordie. Berserker is amazing. Warrior is basically invincible and Renegade isn't bad either.
  9. Hey guys. I've gone under a lot of names before but my 2 mains I'll mention here. First name: **Indeceseant** in NosUK. Played the beta in 2006 all the way to release of NosGlobal. Then played that with the same name until it shutdown. Went back to UK. Played for another year. Then quit. Came back 2 years later to UK as: **Cursewords**. Played to 88 with Mage. Then played to 50 with an Archer before I got bored and quit again. Now I'm starting fresh again. From scratch. No drop trading items or anything. I'm going to play with my girlfriend. 2 Archers straight to the top as quickly as we can. Guess I can't quit this game for good yet, especially because after showing it to my girlfriend she wanted to jump on it immediately. I doubt anyone from the first years of NostaleUK or NostaleGlobal is around in VGN. Most of the people I knew had kids or just quit to play newer games or just never logged in again. Actually got the idea to play when I saw people uploading a pretty steady stream of Youtube videos for the game. Then remembered I had my own vids. Showed my gf and she was like "How fast you think we can roll through it?" I was the owner of all of the English "Meet the 'x' Specialist" guides on Youtube until I deleted my Google account and removed all the videos with them. I could have saved them I guess but I figured now I'll actually make them again and do them even better. Inspired a lot of copycats though that did videos in their own language. I'll be making English guide videos again on Youtube and trying to bring more English content to this game when I get a higher level with my girlfriend. We're going through the content now and having a blast. The thing is, we started on NostaleUK via steam (on the US server). But then I met someone that said that this server exists. In the official version I was really happy to see the 100% EXP buff which is freaking amazing. I always said that was the only thing this game was missing, it was a bit *too* much of a grind. Both of us got to level 35 in a day, it's great. Also love the minor quality of life improvements. Movable UI, faster passive health and mana regen and whilst sitting/resting. Also slightly more logical translations/dialogue (still pretty bad though). So cool to see this game still going. Looks like it might be the best time ever to play. Still lots of players, hopefully farming spots aren't overcrowded. Can't wait to get Wildkeeper and go for LoD Runs again _____________________________________________ Some questions though: * What's the EXP rate exactly on VGN? * How many players are online at any one time? * What's the latest version of the game you guys have? How far behind the original servers are you guys? * What about cash shop items? How do you get those in VGN Nostale? * Could someone explain to me this (99+50) level system now? We never had this years ago. * Also would like to know about this Martial Artist thing. How does that tie into the game? * How are bots in VGN Nostale? I saw you guys are doing a lot to try and remove them but I know how hard it can be... Thanks folks!