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  1. Aries Sheep pet please. The Light element one. Haven't seen it for months.
  2. Just what it says. I appreciate the drop rate, but after farming for hours with my girlfriend we have thousands of these items listed in order from sells very rarely (like ~100 of them, 1 time a week for 50gp ea) to utterly useless: Golden Feather Seafood (Used for food that no one makes because it's not worth it) Herb Fruits Bobbin Sugar Beet Water Mysterious Ink Mysterious Stone We toss away all of them seeing as they really aren't worth the time to list on the Bazaar for less than 50gp each and given that the max amount of listed items per character is 100 they would quickly fill the limit and prevent other items from being listed. Mostly I'm really happy with the game and the balance but I propose that we do something with these items (and some others). Water I know was used in the production of making SP point recovery food (Pie), but with the high drop-rate of "Specialist Point Potion" no one makes them any more. Some not listed here, such as: Vegetables, Cereal Grains and Meat are all used for making pretty decent food. So I think that we should do the same. Make Sugar Beet a material that's part of maybe some low health/mana food that increases movement speed by +1 for 10 seconds or something. Even make these items into a producible food/item that shows some sort of cosmetic effect on your character when eaten. As far as food is concerned, they could be added as food to the campfire list of production. Also it would be nice if Hamburgers and Steaks could have a "Continuous Production" option like other food items. In fact, if ALL campfire food has a continuous production option I think it would easily increase the value of at least a few of the food ingredients. Especially considering that making them one at a time and having to press 'confirm' is really annoying. Finally, if for some reason this is a bad idea. I propose to at least reduce the amount in which these items drop, by say half. Which would at least increase their value somewhat instead of making them an item that after you are done farming for a few hours. You just toss them all on the floor. P.S. In case someone thinks it's worth mentioning not to pick them up. Well, as far as farming "speed" is concerned. Choosing not to pick them up is not an option, as they can cover up much more valuable items and having to click would drastically slow down the speed of farming items instead of using the pick-up command.
  3. Thanks so much for such an amazing answer. I thought I already got back to you and thanked you haha but I guess not. I hit level 84 yesterday and it feels like the EXP rate has really slowed down all of a sudden. Up to 84 I was getting pretty much 50%-100% of a level through the TS reward EXP. Now I'm getting like 2-3% per TS. Does it slow down after lvl84? Just wondering so I know what's going on between 84-88 for Act 6. Last questions. Can I do act 6 even if I haven't done act 4 and 5 etc? Also how do I get to act 6?
  4. I don't remember that in UK Nostale or Global. You could be right though.
  5. Yeah I did that, but that's still a pretty bad bug that needs to be fixed.
  6. I was at TS 31 lol when I was going for SP3. Spent a few hours and got up to TS 61 but it's actually bugged with a black screen. Reported it to the staff. But yeah you can get 3 Straw off a single Wiggler there lmao, and yet I wasted 6 hours farming at that mine with an ultra nerfed drop rate. It took me less than 5 runs to get the last 32 Straw I needed. I feel bad for all of the people endlessly world hopping for Straw and they have no idea TS 61 takes about 10 minutes to get 40 from.
  7. Yeah I got it now bud but it's too late. I already pissed away that money
  8. Thanks, let us know. I was too unmotivated to play today because this drop rate is so bad... I'll try to get on tomorrow though. As for the thing you said, yeah mate I read but I didn't understand.
  9. For the drop rate and bots. I'll agree that bots suck, but the rest of the mobs if you kill them in that area drop loads of items so it doesn't feel nerfed to me. Not like B1 mine which was basically devoid of drops entirely obviously because it had been botted constantly. I still feel like it's really insanely unfair. The drop-rate is so low compared to the rest. @Gyrlander seems to have been a lot more lucky than us. We got 5 in 5 hours... if we'd been getting about 8-10 an hour that would have been kind of okay. But to us it feels like it's bugged. EDIT: I just bought that Straw from Jane but of course I need to get all 40 of them manually and it doesn't count. So I just pissed away half a mil... F**k my life. I'm ropeable.
  10. Yeah I've kind of done a bit of a modified version of that but it's very unintuitive.
  11. So we all know that getting SP3 is pretty slow. Compared to other SPs it's a pretty long grind, but others usually need more raw money to pay off an NPC and resistance for mobs. 50x of Bloody Stone - About 2 hours 10 minutes Torn Page - 35 minutes 40x Bean Pod - About 45 minutes 40x Flint - About 1 hour 25 minutes 40x Straw - About 5 lifetimes My girlfriend and I have been killing Wigglers (whilst world hopping) now for about 5 hours. Guess how long it took before we saw a single straw? About 1 hour and 10 minutes. Just for one Straw. One... After 40 minutes I was already looking on Google to see if it was bugged or something. After endless breaks we thought we would get luckier and maybe different channels would help. Nope. The most we got in one hour was just two. So we're sitting on basically 1 straw per hour at the moment. What's the deal with this? How has this been totally overlooked? The worst thing is that you can do the entire SP3 quest up to Wigglers and getting Straws and then suddenly you'll find TEN other people farming just Wigglers. I mean there's even level 99 people farming them. I'd be half inclined to call them bots because they don'tr respond to whisper/note/party invites or public talking. Just run back and forth constantly killing only Wigglers. Can we please have the drop-rate buffed? It seems everything else is at least fair, even if it hasn't been buffed. There's utterly no reason why this should be so slow. It's not fair to each and every person who's forced to just mindlessly world hop and grind something that really has no right to be so slow compared to the rest of the items you're required to get. P.S. I read in another thread that it was possible to buy these Straws? Where from? I don't care if it's like half a mill or something for 40 of them. I'll pay. I just want the SP3 for myself and my girlfriend because this is comparable to torture in contrast to the rest of the game. I swear it was never this bad at all in OG Nostale and I got SP3 back at the game's peak. If you aren't going to buff the drop rate @Bash please add them to the VG shop or something even at 50k each. It'll be another gold sink which should be fine, the item is only for a single quest anyway.
  12. It's never going to be possible to eradicate all bots in this game. Especially seeing as things like auto-targeting and auto-attacking are such a fundamental part of the game. Preventing large scale botting is good by encrypting the client. However, this doesn't work with macros. I think the only thing that really discourages botting is a very high presence of moderation which is true for games like Runescape.
  13. This needs to happen. One of the biggest things I miss coming from modern MMOs is the ability to bind things to the extra buttons on my mouse and the "C" action keys on the far left of my keyboard.