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  1. hi i created account and when i want to log it to nostale it saying i entered something bad but i dont on email i dont have any verify on site i cant also log in and if i want to register it saying account with this email already exist
  2. Mage 93(+27), Archmage+14 Greetings I have such a problem.with a friend we tried damage to the danders. I had Archmage + 14 and he Tide Lord +13. He gave 23k damage and I 12k At the same time we had the same eq r7 + 8. And he told me there was a problem in the shell, with SL, etc .. And since he did not have time to explain it to me so I want to ask people here whether they would not be willing to advise me and write what to do to increase the damage. I watched YouTube and various forums, etc .. But I need to know if 100 elements are needed on PvE archmage and if it somehow increases the damage when I am currently in element 85. Then whether the fairy 80% is able to increase the damage compared to 50%. If the jewelry can also increase damage and what should I get. I just bought a skin for a weapon that helped little bit. And the last thing I can do here to earn a larger amount of money I spent about 9 hours a day on the game last week and I didn't earn much to see that people have more characters for IC and raids, which is more money but still doesn't make sense where people with c30 they have SP + 15 and EQ r7 + 10. I'll be glad if you can advise me and write what to do
  3. Hi i want to ask how to set points on Archmage for high dmg in pve
  4. Greetings I want to ask because I play the mage for the first time .. And so far I want to play it on PvE and I want to ask what should be in the shell for stats for PvE