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  1. Hello guys i have following suggestion 😃 : The current patch note says that adventurers are unable to trade at all =). I would suggest to change this. There are many players out there who have highlevel Adventurers i have 2 in my family. I would just change it to the same requirements as the other classes like lvl 83, 1 Million reputation and completing act 1 scene 6 =). What do you think ?
  2. Kamito

    New prices

    You know you only must quest till 1-6 ? Its Ts 55 not more xDDD
  3. But that would be very immature to "punish" all the people just because of some toxic player 😃 I think he said he must look in something a little bit 😃
  4. Kamito

    New prices

    If you do the main quest till ts 55 you will be already lvl 83. And they reduced the money because of the Inflation , its a reasonable decision 😃 Or do you better like a Rollback ? 20% is nothing in comparison to lose it all 😃
  5. Steampunk Skins ❤️ Reindeer Costume ❤️