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  1. As nay said already, it's up to you, but sure the "best" option for act 4 is scout due to his invisibility, one shot potentional and its range +he got a 7k max crit buff which doesn't allow you to recieve crits with more than 7k dmg. For the arena it's a little bit different, I think sp 2(Sin) is the better option mainly because of its playstyle.
  2. Hello my dear Nostale Vendetta community, I know that this question has been asked & has been answered several times, but there's still no actual "right" answer, however I know you don't want to be tagged but it's important since I think you should tell us instead of letting us waste our money to make some 0815 tests. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who wants to have THE answer to the question: To which mobs does dmg to evil deal more damage and to which mobs does dmg to lower society deal more dmg. 2 Simple question which were unable to be answered for several months. @Bash you could tell us the answer with a simple 10 minutes test. Thanks in advance.
  3. If they realy do something like that they will ofc change some stats, that would be bullshit to leave it like that.
  4. Yep it is, kinda sad that crusader is now even more useless, but still I like those changes.
  5. ACTUALLY that's a HUGE nerf to archer.
  6. that looks like absolute garbage, I can't imagine it beeing cooler than the angel vs demon act6 theme.
  7. So what? So if they can actually do something, why didn't they do something about it earlier?
  8. I know don't worry, I will just keep pointing it out. Whatever the consequences might be for that, that's pretty much like my personal riot.
  9. if it would be that illegal why does the server still exist?xD
  10. or maybe bash should remove that fucking quest. But yeah as it has been said already Maple forest or 5.2.
  11. Aegir or Maru, Foxy/Fiona is basically ONLY for mages.
  12. I mean it doesn't actually matter if "we" find a way arround it, there is still a huge amount of players who left vendetta because of that, I mean if bash wants to trade playerbase for server ecnonomy sure go for it, we can't change his decision anyway.