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  1. Maybe it's hard to believe but i just tell the truth, why should i bother sayin crap instead of enjoying the game, wich i do actually. Im just saying that it bother me and idlike to find a solution, plus when i play eden and i crash he's the only game's open. About the others games, sadly for you it's true. i just never crash or connexion lost, if my internet crash,well tha's happend to my while house, but only eden have thoses issues. thanks for the believe.
  2. Im from beglium and i have a lot of alpagas, connexion lost aswell, and i had them even before the migration, i reinstalled the game 4 times, even 3verification and still thoses issues. It could be perfect if this can be fixed, With all my others game i do not have that kind of issues so...x'(
  3. It could be great, nice suggestion dude, im 100% agree
  4. Hello im looking for special costs that i want to get for myself so baaaaaaaaaad, i wish that i can get them on boxes and altar : PLS ✔️ Altar 04/18/19 ✔️Altar 04/25/19 ✔️Gem Altar 04/25/19
  5. About the feedback for the patch, i have a lot of Bugs Splats that came out of nowhere and iv'e aldready lost so much entry on trials that were fucked up by thoses Bugs. Id'like this to be fixed so hard. If u can try to do something about it. Sry if my english sux it's not my main language ?