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  1. Kareyl

    The End

    With Vendetta, Nostale got it end, It's time to look above the horizon and look for another solace. At least for me it is truly the end.
  2. Kareyl

    The End

    Saddest part for me is the fact I was waiting for Bash to finish his patch to upload my suggestion I was working for past month, not even gonna talk about money I spent on VGN in these 2 weeks.
  3. I guess this is it for all of us, unless a change of tide happens which I highly doubt at this point. Farewell Friends.
  4. I was preparing quite big suggestion thread for tuning up few SP cards that are simply not used much or at all. I know there are limits to how one can change anything if it is about animation so I tried to completely exclude this factor but my question is, how far is it possible to change code for a skill. I think dmg value, debuff chances or even completely new debuffs/buffs and cooldowns/mana costs are fairly possible right? Is it possible to make previously non combo skill into a combo skill like Seer's converter? Is it possible for cast time being modified without causing major bugs? Is it possible for range of skills with "Special area" to be adjusted? Is it possible for range to be modified without causing issues with animation nor major bugs? Is it possible to change skills that didn't do damage previously (For example swordie sp1 voke and fear) to do damage? I am trying to make all of my suggestions justified and reasonable, I would be grateful for an answer. In case of sp rebalance being completely out of reach, well sad life I guess.