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  1. Going forward with mage, less cards that require change, definitly no card that needs such changes as swordie's SP7. Main focus will be SP1 with minor changes for SP3 and SP5 where SP2, SP4, SP6, SP7 and SP8 are pretty strong currently Important question first, can anyone link me Morale stat calculator to properly adjust morales as a stat it would be really helpful, and I can't quite find in online, without it, it's rather impossible to correctly and fairly change it! Ty for all support Let's start with SP1 then Fire Burst - Around enemy in 1 cell -> Around enemy in 2 cell - NEW (debuff 15% chance) Minor Scorch 7 seconds duration level 1 every two seconds burn mana player level*3 Fiery Breath - Select one -> Around enemy in 2 cell - NEW (additional debuff 70%) Minor Scorch 7 seconds duration level 1 every two seconds burn mana player level*3 IF enemy is under Minor Scorch replace it with Scorch 15 seconds duration level 3 every two seconds burn mana player level*3 Fire resistance is decreased by 20 Firestorm - Around enemy in 2 cell -> Around enemy in 3 cell - NEW (debuff 60%) Minor Scorch 7 seconds duration level 1 every two seconds burn mana player level*3 Firewall - NEW (debuff 80%) If enemy is under Scorch cause Major Scorch level 4 deubff 20 seconds duration ALL resistance decreased by 30, being attacked have 25% chance of being inflicted with paralysis Inferno - NEW (additional debuff 80%) If enemy is under Scorch cause Major Scorch level 4 deubff 20 seconds duration ALL resistance decreased by 30, being attacked have 25% chance of being inflicted with paralysis Mana Transfusion - NEW 10% of recieved damage is reflected https://imgur.com/a/X0AxM2V SP1 seems like a big change but its actually just adding a new debuff, I feel it might add a lot to his act 4 viability and maybe some pvp spice as for PvE we lack place where fire element is needed, but adding up AoE range might fix some of problems with overall preformance. 10% damage reflection might be tricky but the idea is, it's working like any other damage reflection, maybe with cap the same as sp5 reflect. SP2 Healing - Restores HP player level*20 -> player level*35 + 2% of max hp - Consumption 50mp -> 70mp + 1% of max mp Group Healing - Restores HP player level*55 -> player level*60 +8% of max hp - Consumption 250mp -> 600mp + 5% of max mp Cure all - NEW grants buff increasing all attack and defence by 10% for 35 sec https://imgur.com/a/CoZuQO8 For all Holy lovers who wish they could be more useful and wouldn't be forced to play damage dealers in age of crits being stupidly strong choice for pve that everyone goes for SP3 Ice Shard Ice Lance Freezing Blast - Around enemy in 1 cell -> Around enemy in 2 cell I really hate how these three skills are literally reskined basic attacks, increasing it's aoe range will help with mob clearing for 5.2 lovers https://imgur.com/a/VtOhpJT SP5 Power of the Volcano - NEW Increase all resistances by 10 - NEW Cooldowns decreased by 5% Magma Plating - Defence against 5000 critical damage. -> Defence against 3400 cirtical damage - Duration 12.0 seconds -> 24 seconds - Movement speed is increased by 2 - moved to separate buff for 12.0 seconds (Burning Haste Level 4 positive effect) https://imgur.com/a/imdVc8J It is pretty good SP, where I think Buffs where a bit of an issue, I can't guarantee those changes are correct ones But personally I feel it would increase it's base stats, maybe increasing it usability by strengthening power of the volcano will make players more likely to pick Volcano. Personally I feel like there is no issue in any other mage SP whatsoever, I would make a lot more changes for SP3 if it was solely for my ideas, due to my bias that it is the worst SP of mage, but this is just personal bias. Giving Holy mage a buff on curve might resolve a problem with people just bringing alt for hb and might cause some hollies to be used as an actual player Similarly to my SP7 for swordie suggestions, it might be an overbuff for sp1 that I honestly doubt. Well once again, I will try to find out more about zerker now, and edit a bit more from my previous post.
  2. Love from all of you, I will consider SP1 changes and try to edit them, I completely forgot about how morales are unfair and unfun in pvp, so thank you very much for reminding, For SP3 with 300 sec duration, It is completely right, but I still see hollies in erenia even as alts, I sometimes see people just taking alt saders anyway, triple charge is still a convienient thing so I doubt saders would be forgotten in that aspect In fact I think I overbuffed reaper, later on I thought that making Mark of death still scale his ultimate damage, while making it 5 level debuff that literally can't be resisted would make really unfun interaction in pvp so I will try my best to find a solution that would fix that issue. I will play a bit of zerker to see some of problems with his kit, and if Bash will deny anything I say, well what can I do expect for "Good try" Bash's word is absolute here anyway. Thanks for feedback Mage SPs should be ready by few hours, and after that I will try to address all feedback given for first part of my ideas.
  3. So Bash have spoken In the first part of my road to fix SP cards that were not as successful as they could I will take into consideration swordie's cards Sp 1, 2 and 3 recieve quality of life buffs to make them less clunky and a bit more enjoyable, as they are pretty strong SPs with some underused or weird mechanical problems such as aoe targeting or lag inbetween attacks. SP 4, 6 and 8 are really good and doesn't require much changes Sp 5 needs few tweaks to make it good in pvp, I am open for suggestions cause personally I had problem figuring out what could help him. Sp 7 needs a lot of improvement, there will be a lot of stuff about it and I do not fully expect to all of it being correct. Everything said here is open for change and improvement, I wish to make some working ground for improvement of suffering SPs noone uses, or rarely uses, or when they are just not fun. ( Looking at you 30 sec iron skin) SP 1 Iron Skin For now reverting any changes I proposed for Iron skin, personally I felt it is really annoying to reuse it all the time, but in fact I forgot about pvp aspect, Intimidate - Debuff from 100% Run Away! -> 100% Weapon Drop (Enemies can't attack for 3 seconds level 2 bad effect) - Cool time 120.0 seconds -> 30.0 seconds - Around Enemy in 4 cell -> Around Enemy in 6 cell (to match the fact that we will use it after voke) - NEW Melee attack increased by 370, Fire element increased by 290 - Debuff no longer depends on level difference https://imgur.com/a/mJND3qh SP 2 Overall - Remove lag in between attacks after using Cross Cutting, Energy Blade, Sword Storm, Light Speed Attack Sword Storm - Around Enemy in 3 cell -> Around Enemy in 5 cell Sharp Edge - Duration 120.0 seconds -> 180.0 seconds - NEW Hit chance 90 Light speed Attack - Attack range 5 cells -> 9 cells https://imgur.com/a/x9B3EjN SP 3 Triple Bolt - Target "Special area" -> Around enemy in 3 cell Holy Cross - Target "Special area" -> Around enemy in 3 cell Prayers - Duration 180.0 sec -> 300.0 sec https://imgur.com/a/aKvxsmd SP4 SP 5 Overall - All knockdown chances increased by 10% Engorgement - Instead of water/light res - all resistances increased by Player level/7 (14 for all at 99) - Hit rate of all attacks increased by player level Hunting Horn - Push your opponent back 1 fields -> remove I honestly feel like Gladiator would be playable in pvp, still hard to imagine him in pve looking at his current kit, the only change I can imagine is halving mp cost of all non buff skills would put him into reasonable spot. https://imgur.com/a/CLW1Bbe SP 7 By far the worst sp of a swordie, one would even say the worst class sp of all classes. Similarly to Gladiator, Death Reaper didn't get a place in pve, and he lacks quite a lot in pvp, I will try to make his farming capabilities a bit better while trying to also improve his consistency and pvp viability. Death's Scythe: - Remove the lag in between auto attacks to make his basics smoother - NEW Crit rate + 15% Slasher: - Debuff chance 15% -> 30% Bloodsucker: - Melee attack 200 -> 370 - Shadow Element 180 -> 230 - Has 100% chance to create Bloodsucker (up to 3 times) - Cool time 20.0 -> 35.0 Death Approaches- Range 5 -> 7 Soul Bash: - Remove push back Infinite Armour: - Cool time 150.0 -> 180.0 - Duration 60.0 -> 180.0 - Resist forced movement 60% -> 75% - All defences increased player level*3 -> Player level*4 - NEW Chance of recieving critical hit decreased by 15% Spirit Catcher: - Spirit absorption chance 50% -> 100% - Rigdity -> change into Shock - Cooldown 20.0 seconds -> 35.0 seconds Spirit Absorption: - Duration 15.0 seconds -> 10.0 seconds - Every 2 seconds mp is reduced by player level*3 -> Every 2 seconds mp is stolen from enemy player level*3 (DG potion of evil style) - Spirit Splitter no longer removes buff Reaper's Scythe: - Target "Special area" -> Around enemy in 3 cells - Mark of Death 60% -> 80% Shadow of Death: - Mp consumption 500 -> 270 - Range around target 13 -> Around target 8 Mark of Death: - Enemies run away removed - Duration 5.0 seconds -> 20.0 seconds - Debuff level 3 -> 5 - NEW cannot dodge attacks - Spirit splitter no longer removes debuff, but deals less damage. https://imgur.com/a/wKgpQX9 If you got through all of this, leave feedback, tell me if I overdid Death Reaper, and let me know if something like this would help their current status (also looking for someone who can send me archer skills cause I don't own one currently)
  4. I was preparing quite big suggestion thread for tuning up few SP cards that are simply not used much or at all. I know there are limits to how one can change anything if it is about animation so I tried to completely exclude this factor but my question is, how far is it possible to change code for a skill. I think dmg value, debuff chances or even completely new debuffs/buffs and cooldowns/mana costs are fairly possible right? Is it possible to make previously non combo skill into a combo skill like Seer's converter? Is it possible for cast time being modified without causing major bugs? Is it possible for range of skills with "Special area" to be adjusted? Is it possible for range to be modified without causing issues with animation nor major bugs? Is it possible to change skills that didn't do damage previously (For example swordie sp1 voke and fear) to do damage? I am trying to make all of my suggestions justified and reasonable, I would be grateful for an answer. In case of sp rebalance being completely out of reach, well sad life I guess.