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  1. Great he's in a safe zone right now, thank you! I tought he's always dead hahaha
  2. During the quest to get Laurena's gemstone, I have to talk with Shocked Soldier. But he's always dead, how can I talk with him?
  3. PTS u get 15k of reputation IC u get 45k of reputation (every 2 hours) Raids depend on which you do, for example u can do Glacerus and Draco and get 22/23k of rep each raid. u can do 5+5 raid per day, sou get 230k of rep easily in like 30/40 minutes.
  4. I've never bought a mystery box yet and I wanna understand how does it works. On NosMall there's written that you can win the special reward at 100% in 100 boxes, and there's the counter 0/100. If the special rewards are more than one, like 3 different mounts like now, opening 100 mystery boxes you can find 1 of these 3 mount or all of them?
  5. So you can find all the rewards in the box that you receive? Also the rewards that can be found only by the pvp winner?
  6. Hello i would like to suggest that the count of the amount of damage made on instant combat would be different based on level. I'm level 84 (I know it's fast to grow up level) and I always kill monsters. But mostly on the first and second part, when the monsters are easier to kill, I don't receive anything even I attack. That's because high level kill everything faster than me. I don't want to split instant combat, because it's necessary high level to win, but I would like that the amount of damage necessary to receive the rewards is different depending on the level.
  7. Hello, I'm back in NosTale from many years and I'm starting to understand how the life is in NosTale Vendetta. Well what about Instant Combat? People do it? And what level you strat doing? Beacouse I'm level 40 and still now nobody join ?