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  1. 1. pvpdmg36 defdown33 ehdmg92 sl def14 crichange 5% 2.pvpdmg33 allresdown15 waterresdown12 ehdmg 137 sldef16 dmg17 crichange 7%
  2. I mean "how to invite " don't mean "can invite" e.e I don't know how to invite fernon bot , cz I couldn't find the bot .
  3. change more icon rep , I mean like rank rep icon on official nostale is interesting but standard rep icon of vendetta server with rainbow or pvp tournament rank or 150kk go to be hero rep same 23-43 rank on official nostale and 200kk is be looks same 4-22 rank rep on official nostale server , I think it's be had diff icon and looks builtifull than now. I just boring with all here got same Icon rep xd.
  4. I think it's ok, if server would be rework rep system for upgrate , cz ex. helltale server have the system and I think it's looks good than red star @_@
  5. << This picture I love this looks diginity .
  6. ty I think same you all, just evil but some hoster raids tell me ehdmg
  7. That system same us server ,Rank 1 to 43 will chang rep label from Elite . I think it's beautifull. x.x