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  1. vvxtam

    Web Mall

    That would be great!, a lot better than pressing 70 x buy
  2. vvxtam

    Web Mall

    Is it possible to put buy x amount instead of having to buy 1 mystery box at a time ? Thanks
  3. Will jet black ink wings be back in weds/thurs alter? it was only a day
  4. are we going to have diamond alter any time soon ?
  5. Lightning Halo (Legendary)~alter ink jet wings (Legendary)~alter Metamorphosis dance hairdo ice queen hairdo
  6. any ideas on when the next diamond alter will be held on?
  7. hi here are the ss https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img921/9978/7Se58n.png white/black (ink jet black color)/ pink would be great in mystery box thanks
  8. toy cigarette please ✔️ Altar 05/04/19
  9. Is it possible to get some variation of colors on judgement wings, magic energy wings and mythic/demon wings? like black , pink , white greatly appreciated if they were released in mystery boxes too
  10. Just wondering will Ghost horn's and Mecha dragon punch wil ever be reappearing on diamond alter/box?
  11. ah , didn't know just started playing
  12. Mysterious Suave Incubus Wig (Legendary) Alter/bag Hel's Infernal Wings (legendary) - ✔️ Altar 04/20/19