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  1. Hi, I'm fairy new and haven't seen a pet guide in the guides section, and didn't look at the archives yet. I was wondering where you can obtain the slot 3 pet skills aside from the 2 Nelle books in the altar which give vicinity 3. Also which stats should you prioritize when you have a 4* pet? My current pet has M/ATK A, ACC B+, M/CRIT B and ATKSPD C. Is this decent or should I reroll for more ATKSPD, and does it go above A or is A the pinnacle for pet stat growth? Another question is have is if 2 identical prays stack. I noticed that there are prays with the same effect, but with a different name. eg "Experience 1" and "Experience 2", which are in slot 1 and 2 respectively and stack. But what if you got 2 identical skills on slot 1 and 2? For example if you fuse 2 pets and get a pet with Speedstar (5%ms) on both slots, will you gain 5% or 10%ms while it prays?