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  1. Hey i would like some bikes in Mystery boxes i need some enchanceable for my twinks and friends
  2. Thank you verry much the VPN was the Solution. Yesterday i played more as 30 minutes without a relog
  3. Oh sorry, Mother has Disconnected you from the Server is the Error i have only the Choice to Confirm and the Game close. After that i must reconnect
  4. OK now i try all of your Instructions but nothing even works. I updated all the things i played at LOW Graphics and nothing worked every time i get kicked from the Server. I dont know why. The GS talked me already about some Server problems but then must be other Guys get kicked too why it is only me ?
  5. Hello Everybody, i think MOther has a big Problem with me because i only play since thursday last Week and Mother kicked me already more then 100 times. can i do ANYTHING to prevent it? My Mates diddnt have the Problem only once. I cant even play PVP or go in to Dungeons because when Mother kicks me i get a Debuff or must completly extra Round of the Dungeon PLEASE HELP