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  1. I don't know if there will be anything done or said about this thread,but I think its just weird that he need to have a lvl 99+30 character to make a lvl 81 one with gear and everything needs to be obtained as we normally do with normal characters,so,really,its just bugs me
  2. So,here is my idea.In my opinion,the level limit should be lowered a bit,as I feel lvl 99+30 a bit too much,in consideration its harder on Vendetta than lvl 80 on Original server.So if this is possible,please make it to lvl 90+30 or at least lvl 95+30,as its an easier feat to achieve and would make a lot of people come back if they saw that they can start the new class right away,instead of leveling something they are bored of. Sincerely,Laszlo