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  1. This is turning into a variation of the child's song "There's a Hole in the Bucket". I can't afford to pay the prices aimed at veteran player alts so I'm forced to farm. ---> I can't farm because the dungeon is too hard and my gear is not good enough. ---> Yet I can't (or won't) improve a NT Zeta to +10 or +12 just to farm items in a dungeon that had the drop rate nerfed. So I'm stuck having to buy the items to allow me to progress and improve in the AH. (return to line 1)
  2. So my main was in Happy Guild for most of my time playing this game and they actually have a channel in discord about this very subject. And while many aspects of this game were quite fun, there were some that made wanting to keep playing impossible. I'm not dropping a rage quit post or anything like that, its more like bidding a fond farewell. But I can sum up the reasons behind quitting in one simple phrase, progress and improve. Some of you veteran players have been playing so long that you probably can't even relate. But that simple phrase is what keeps the popular games, well . . . popular. Progress and improve - I'm not playing to get power-leveled to 59 by some very kind guildies. Nor am I quitting because I didn't get enough handouts. I enjoyed playing while I could progress and improve, but once I hit 39 the game essentially made that impossible. I ran SF a few hundred times and collected a dozen delta kneepads, gloves and a few weapons. All of which might net me a few hundred gold on the AH. I got stuck running SF because Ignius is not farmable as a 39. So I moved up to 49 and found that AT and SS were even more impossible. I didn't want to move up to 59 so pathetically geared and poor, so I made a number of alts trying to find if there was a different class more suitable to my style of play and possibly able to farm one of the harder dungeons. 4 alts later I learned, nope, nope, bigger nope and hahaha hell no. So I simply went back to an older MMORPG I started playing awhile back. They don't have a lounge (:D), but I can progress and improve. So if any of you devs want this game to survive then maybe go back and rethink the solo dungeons with one simple phrase in mind - progress and improve. Love you guys. Peace out.
  3. Your missing the point. I'm trying to make people consider who they are trying to sell to - not just gammas, but deltas and zetas. Do you really think a starting player can afford 2k for delta shoes? I know its about supply and demand, and shoe drops are rare so the demand is higher, blah, blah, blah.? But every player wants to progress and stay competitive. And unless they have money to spend on AP points then they have to farm. But at 39 and beyond there is really no place to farm for things you need to progress and stay competitive. Of course you can always go back to farming BC for that nerfed Crit-Atk uni that would score you enough gold to buy the things that are too hard to farm, but after the x1000 BC run you start to question if playing the game is worth it.
  4. I will definitely go farm the uni scanners. But that brings up another point - farming. I am more than happy to put in the time to farm a dungeon to attain the gear that I cannot afford. However, once you get to deltas, your dungeon running will be stopped by a fiery kick to the teeth (Ignis Vortex). So you think, 'well okay, maybe the next dungeon will be farmable'. Ha ha ha, welcome to Abysla Temple, bend way over and kiss your ass good-bye. Well, the next one can't be that hard, Narak Spaceship says 'Good luck making it to the first boss.' Did the developers intend these dungeons to only be farmable by players who no longer need the gear? It's like the game just gives you a solid F.U. for players who made it this far and haven't purchased AP points to P2W. I'm sure I'm not the only mid-level player who feels this way. I can understand making the dungeons harder. It's necessary for the players to better learn their given classes and to become more skilled, but it's very difficult to want to keep playing when your very best just isn't good enough.
  5. So I know that this is a veteran server. How can it NOT be with Aeria disowning their exhibitionist problem child; we are lucky that VGN fostered the game to keep playing. But the problem with any veteran game is that inflation has almost destroyed any chance for new players to survive long enough to keep playing. For example - consider the prices for gamma items. Sure, 25g doesn't seem too bad for a veteran player that just sold that uni accessory for 10k. But for the new player just starting out, they might not have 25g to spend, much less 25g six times and 100g+ for shoes. So the new player has to suffer through playing and leveling with the base gear, getting abused in BGs and barely surviving the quest requirements. Now take it up a notch to Deltas and the new player might spend most of their gold to buy a delta weapon and then the rest of their gold buying a uni laser scanner, and forget about leveling up that weapon. This issue is only compounded by avarice - its not uncommon for a selfish, greedy player to buy out all the unique laser scanners around 100g and then resell them for 125g. I see it all the time and not only with uni scanners. This is exactly what is ruining this game. Drain every possible bronze from a new player before they realize that its not possible to gear up and buy items that might make them competitive enough to keep playing. There is one simple rule that most players are not considering - their prospective buyers. Everyone that posts an item on the AH prices it hoping that a veteran player with a bronze short of 1 million gold is going to buy their item for an alt. But isn't that counter-intuitive? Wouldn't a veteran player be able to farm the item in question. And most veteran players know better than to pay AH prices, but they will shout their WTB for days to get the item at a price they are willing to pay. So to all you veteran players frustrated with the apathy overtaking this game - take on an apprentice. All you new players - try and shout stating what you need and what you can afford. And all you greedy idiots - I hope you choke on all of your marked up resells.
  6. I wasn't going to name names. but I wish someone would make a toon to counter them. But this brings me to a general observation. The RGs seems to control the endgame most of the time. Not saying that there are not some very strong FK's, but it seems that the Amara bosses are commonly farmed by RGs. So that leaves a large number of FKs frustrated - so they make lower level toons and dominate the 29 and 39 BGs. It's almost understandable, I can't tell you how many times I've signed up for Janus and there are 6 RGs and 0 FKs, until I get the message "There are not enough participants so Janus was cancelled." And when FKs do sign up for BGs its nearly always a massacre. So maybe I should make an FK alt and take them to BGs just to have a fair fight.
  7. When does PVP become cyber-bullying? Before you label me as a whiner, that's not the intent of this post. I know that PVP is a substantial part of this game and nearly all successful MMORPGs have a PVP component. So I'm just posing the question, when does PVP surpass the developers intent and enter the realm of cyber-bullying? So allow me to describe the situation - there is a player, which I will dub MicroP3nis (because of his obvious inadequacy issues), that haunts Viledon. Now I can only assume this player has a full set of +12 Deltas, and I wouldn't be surprised if the gear was fully spanned and filled with R2 uni jewels. Also assume all the accessories are the best possible for level 39 and the AP pet is probably level 40 and filled with chips. It would be like one of the veteran endgame players stuffed into deltas. So back to the original question - is getting killed by this player PVP or cyber-bullying? Now I know that the majority of the players in the opposing faction are simply questing through to higher levels. Most are probably wearing at least a few pieces of the Base Delta set gifted at level 30 and using jewels picked up in Bitterstone Core as they leveled up. Suffice it to say, Mr. Micro can one-shot the majority of players he runs across in Viledon and (for the very unfortunate) players that match against him in battlegrounds. He can even ride into the middle of the enemy base, kill the player mocking him (me) and ride out again before the mob of guards can damage him below 50%. Sure, the argument can be made, "If you don't like it then you can level up your gear, just like he did." I'm sure the vast majority of players do not have the desire or the means to gear up a character like that. But that is not the focus of this post - when does pvp become cyber-bullying? I would suggest the answer is in the kill to death ratio. But how high does the ratio need to go? 10:1? 100:1? or even 1000:1? I see in-game Wanted announcements all the time how the strongest endgame players get killed by the opposing faction. And I'm sure that even after I've played for a year, I wouldn't be able to match these players. But I'm pretty sure their kill to death ration isn't as high as Mr. Micro. So I'm not expecting any changes to the game. There have been players like Mr. Micro in every MMORPG that I have ever played. Players like that help me realize that my RL is not so bad. I can only imagine some of the horrors that have made people become cyber-bullies, and I pity them. But I'm also glad that I don't need to validate my life according to a digital one. So have fun killing the crap out of me in PVP.