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  1. Thanks guys, just another thing: if my brother and I wanted to do a raid together, none of us would be able to use an alt because we are already 2 people on the same connection, even if we're on different pcs, am I right?
  2. Hi all, I have some questions about what "alt abusing" means. I read the rules, and the only things that are mentioned are fame and commend abusing, but i also read on this forum that you're not allowed to have more than 2 accounts logged with the same connection in the same raid. Here is my situation: I need to farm about 500k rep to unlock trades, and I was thinking of doing it with pts. I play almost exclusively with my brother, and we live in the same house, so we're always logged with se same IP. I never wanted to use more than one account because i tought I'd need other programs like sandboxie, but I recently found out I can do it without them, so I'm thinking to start an alt to open pts. Is it fine to do so? We'd have 3 accounts logged in with the same connection, is the limit of 2 players just for raids? In short, I'd need a list of stuff I can/can't do with accounts logged with the same IP either for in-game restriction or because it is specified by the rules. A link of a topic where it is explained is also fine, I couldn't find anything like that in the patch notes or in the forum. Also, not related, but if I can do it, does the alt need to be level 50 to do pts or I can open them with my main and let him in anyway?