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  1. In this very moment gold sellers are still selling golds lmao.
  2. No new player would accept this, that's a fact. Why would they start in a server where they have to do lv 83 and 1kk reputation to do the things you can do in official servers from level 1?
  3. The fun part is that you can even get a pg stucked this way and have to delete it, lmao. Let's guess i've a lv 70 pg without quests done 'cause i did rts to level up. That pg is dead. No matter what. I can't drop the items that i need to complete some of the main quests.
  4. Is this a new way to close a server? Who wants to play like this, I mean, gold sellers can just make accounts lvl 83 with quests and carry them in PTS to make 1kk rep. While a new player (or a low level one) can't. To gain gold i must do pts 50-55 in Mt. Krem, to get the full reward I must have 3 pg lv 83 with 1kk rep. How many hours do i have to waste to do the same thing i could do before with just a main and an alt lv 60-70? How do i get enough pts and seeds to sustain a good amount of pts x day without being able to buy those things? There's no way you'll get any more new players like this. A gold trading limit would be better when you're below level 83. Not to mention that if i level up too much i can't do main quest anymore since i can't get vampie/minerals/pickaxes from mobs anymore and i can't even buy 'em.
  5. Maybe they understood what they did was bs and going to ruin the experience for every new player, rofl. Gold limit for low level accounts was too smart I think.