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  1. Hello , Hope you get to see this Bash, i wanted to suggest something that i hope is easy to implement. The new title's are great and make people do things they wouldn't do, it can be exciting and i believe can help make people enjoy the pve content already available in nos. Not just the Pvp. My First suggestion is a Main Story Title , seeing as we are hero's in the nos universe Possible a title suck as "Hero" or " Hero of Nos" something epic. I am 100% sure guilds and players would party up to quest and indirectly have fun trying old main story that I AM 100% SURE 90% of people never did. Most people have not even gotten past maple Forrest in there quest line. Lets get a title ! together to make people save nosville together. It would also be nice if getting a the title rewards you something, anything unique possible, So the unique tite + a reward for the time questing. Reason i suggest a reward also is simply because nos quests wont give much gold or anything so a final unique prize would be epic! This can work for so many things make titles a collectable! e.g. own a mount bang, do sp4 quest and 3 bang all these things in the game , have a +10 weapon bang so many ideas. i think these small titles added in large numbers will make players go wild. Another Title that could be fun is with the Time space system we should have a title that u can only get from being ranked 1 given each month. "Time Space Master" So many PTS spammers grinding for gold! Working hard playing long hours, lets make a reward for their efforts! Again possible a unique reward for doing this challenge. I could go on more regarding different areas that could have unique titles but this is a good start. These challenges that give epic titles should include a unique prize to make the world of nos envy, get players motivated to do the same. Play the game together or Solo. I guess they could have their own colours which these things i believe are done with rainbow battle. But not everyone can pvp with the big boys, so lets give everyone a challenge ! Last nitpick possible split under 38c from over 38c in rainbow battle. This gives everyone a fair chance at winning. There may be Typos sorry i wrote this in the spur of the moment when speaking to a gm XD ( if this idea goes throw Ill finally be able to enjoy the nos story knowing i get rewarded for it. Thank you much.