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  1. So i have been browsing through SB stuff and found out few interesting things, that could be changes as a Quality of Life improvements - Second Skill bar. (Let's face it, one is never enough, especially since there is no real middle-ground in skill build and you either go full ape PvE or full ape PvP. This could be made as an item into Vendetta Store for a specific character). Now this idea depends on if that's even possible. - Permanent Inventory Expansions. (Self-explanatory, i don't feel like you have to capitalize on this item, sure it's and income, but Bruh Sound Effect #2). Make it more expensive for all i care, but make them permanent. This fees like paying for let's call it VIP pack to be even able to fully utitlize my character. Last sentense as above. EDIT n.1 - Mystery Boxes. It would be great if you added hyperlinks of costumes available in Mystery Boxes. Imgur for example. It would be great knowing what exactly am i trying to get. This could be it for the time being, sure, there are hundreds of more things that could be slapped into QoL changes, but all depends on if it's even possible and/or if VGN would bear the potencial loss of small income in player's favor. Cheerios, Bloom
  2. Thanks, it's nice to see someone is trying to revive good 'ol games that sadly didn't see the light of the world for too long.
  3. Hello everyone, name's Kim. In gaem you may (propably not) recognize me as Bloommerchen. I started playing few days ago, out of nostalgia. And i have a question regarding the care of the game. I haven't been really keeping track of the Scarlet Blade after it was being shut down at March, 31th, 2016. For me, it was another enjoyable game ruined by critics and SJW scum, so i considered the game dead, up until few weeks ago when i was told i can still play it on VG. So i have a question before i deep dive into boobs. . - Is the game somehow managed and updated ever since it's official shutdown? (Meaning as if the game anyhow progresses, or if y'all just took existing data and rotating content/items etc. etc. in an endless loop). Peace, Bloomer
  4. Chraracter: Bloommerchen (WP)