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  1. This limit is about slowing down the goldsellers, It wasn't supposed to turn the newbies game into a hell. These ''farming'' steps makes it even harder and boring and noone is supposed to waste like 10 hours to trade in a game based on trading. There are many obstacles like these and it is not what Bash wanted I guess, at least I hope so. The point was slowing down the goldsellers and people should understand that fact.
  2. I'm not lazy, It is just fucking annoying as I can't buy or get seed of power from anywhere and i need it for a time space. What the hell am i supposed to kill with 96 level without decent items cause I couldn't trade my perfumes neither
  3. I don't know if it worths it, they can still sell gold and abuse it if there is a way of abusing. It'd just slow down the process. and ye, I know it makes sense in a different perspective, but for the ones that are innocent, Bash could make a system like connecting alts to our mains so we could trade with them. I'm no coding or game-making expert but if there is a way of doing it, it could satisfy me at least.
  4. I won't state my opinion on it as i get provocative, but you, the player that might think I'm wrong, make me change my mind and feel worse than i am already. I just want it to be a debate or something, so I'd be happy if people could state their opinions in a good way and make me understand the fact I couldn't get yet.