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  1. DE4D

    New prices

    Yea it can as example: You can make a shop with this items. But for beginners its dumb, because they need make always their own eq and cant buy it..^^
  2. DE4D

    New prices

    Yea and what is about to quest? If ure 99 u wont drop anything lmao
  3. DE4D

    New prices

    rip vendetta monkaS
  4. DE4D

    New prices

    Yea true, but I think he won't change it So people will quit this server
  5. DE4D

    New prices

    Who is talking about dropping items at this moment?? With blessing it was meaning to lvl. But hey -200IQ I guess you minority
  6. DE4D

    New prices

    Or what is about to buy a blessing? MEME