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  1. I'm kinda of a old player of nos, but never got past this point. Like what is there to do after act 1 that is not main quest?
  2. I hope we can get Instant Combat at the least.
  3. That is... quite unlucky.
  4. So, are we missing LoD?
  5. Server is currently offline. My best bet is the fact that the patch got rushed cause the players kept pushing Bash.
  6. I agree with you, however, out of anger, I believe that his reaction is more than human.
  7. Your behavior, and by your I mean all of the Nos Players, were so bad, it's only reasonable he would punish you guys.
  8. If you checked homepage, you would see that it's offline.
  9. It's offline for the moment.
  10. What does a rollback consists on? Will I lose the progress I've made in these days? I even shopped and got lucky at the mystery boxes, so I wouldn't like having everything taken back.