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  1. Same by my side PosiTv I've done so many times those quests..... On polish server, on uk server, on german server and here... for few times!
  2. The main problem is that Bash only want to make money on us. He closed my topic because it was uncomfortable to hear about that he messed up Is that good attitude for a GM to avoid opinions by closing topic? Really? Bash already said what he think about us playing this game on his server and here is what he said: "At one point it was going to be 93, TS55 and 5m Rep so think yourselves lucky " "Go to a different server, don't hold that against us for doing something we believe is right for the server. If you can't comprehend the fact that you have to do some very small goals then that's on you. Instead of wasting time crying on the forums about something that I will not change why don't you just go do it and then it's done? Stop new players as an excuse because when new players come in, players like you call them trash, push them away or alienate them if they don't pay you an arm and a leg for any help. So don't start because I've played this game as an undercover new player recently and believe me the "poor experience" is far from a patch like this." Then go and play one of the half complete emulator servers that collect plain text passwords. Maybe even go back to GF who are probably close to closing down. Either way, this change to the game remains and if you can't complete a quest line, gain a small fraction of Reputation and gain a very easy to obtain level then maybe it's best you don't play games any longer. And other stuff like this and he is called GM Good luck playing game with GM with that kind of attitude. I'm gonna spread what he said to make sure everyone who decides to play this game will know the attitude of games here.
  3. InoriSan

    New prices

    Pardon? Did u just said that we are lucky? Lol, you are lucky that we didn't quit this game yet because of your mistakes but surely if your attitude won't change and you will keep thinking this way I will definitely quit and recommend everyone to do the same and go back to Official Gameforge server. Atleast they NEVER takes somebodys money and make requirements like this Second thing is that you are doing illegal things against the law When somebody buy for example VGN points and sell stuff for gold then u take it it's like you're stealing money which somebody paid to get VGN coins but I'm gonna consult this with a lawyer to make sure if I'm right or wrong so I bet u should concider ur attitude.
  4. InoriSan

    New prices

    if GM's will decrease prices of shining blue souls then we will earn less money from exp on a6.1 therefore I think that they should also decrease price of full hp pots from 35k to 30k. Also I dont agree with idea of non trade policy before 83 lvl. It's just stupid because lvl never should be a requirement of trade and if it is really needed then they should atleast decrease that lvl to 55. Next suggestion is opposition to idea of decrease ingame gold economy by 20%. It is just aggainst rules if gms will destroy our hard work just because they didnt program server good enough to protect it before exploits. Why we have to pay for their mistakes? As IT specialist I can say that it's not professional to make people lose because of somebodys mistakes. That's all from me, thanks for reading and tell me what u think about this ideas. Cheers!