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  1. Hey guys, is there a way to play Nostale Vendetta in german? I've read about patching the client, but didn't see any way how to. Does someone know a way? Much appreciated.
  2. Hey, I played Nostale for ~4 years back in 2008/2009. Was Blue Nos, ~ Level 83. Came back sometimes, but always quit again. Now with Vendetta I wanna have a fresh start, but WHAT exactly is different on the Vendetta server? I've read that the XP was adjusted, what else? How is the economy like? Can I actually buy SPs for a fair price, or is it like back in the days, where I have to spend 50kk for a WK? Also, if you guys have any tips or tricks for leveling on this server - much appreciated. I basically remember anything about this game, until Act 5. Never really played that.SP 5-8 are also new to me. Thanks guys, hyped to be back. ?