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  1. ioanin

    New prices

    I understand why u did it But... this is going to negatively impact the game too. Trading will be restricted to a small portion of players - people that dont meet the requirements will stop farming items to sell them at basar (e-feathers for example) - people will do less raids because boxes are harder to sell - the economy will be driven by a smaller group of high end players - new players will find it extremely discouraging and most of them will just give up on the way (its boring to do so many quests especially when you are 10-20 levels higher and the entire dynamic of the server is fast paced) Ultimately the overall trading will be impacted too, the average player will not be able to contribute to the economy, prices will be dictated by the big guys only. Average players will be pushed aside while the big guys will have an entire closed economy which will make the game less social/farming less fun/raiding also less fun/ it will almost feel like a single player until the requirements are reached and by this point most casual players/newcomers will have already given up. As I said above though, I understand why you did it, but in the long term it is essential to think of a different strategy Keep up the good work Bash
  2. ioanin

    New prices

    So if you are 83 but only completed act 1 can you trade or not?
  3. Hey guys, just wondering if the server is online? I cant log in and I just want to know if this is an error on my side or if the servers are still offline Thanks for reading this