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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied this topic, I managed to do it within a day. It wasn't very hard in fact 😅 PS : You can close this topic
  2. Yes I used the 7 days medal, the items are 2 onyx wings
  3. Thanks for your reply, So there is no way to get them back ? I won't be able to play often during the next weeks. I made a donation in March during the onyx week and I was hoping to sell them until I could play this summer. I hope I didn't throw 25€ in the trash
  4. Hello, I put some items in bazar a few days ago, but with the new update i can't get them back because i'm at 600k reputation. Do I need to rush the 1kkk before the time limit ends ? I had the same issue while the big downtime this month but my items came back in the packets, will it do the same here ? Thanks