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  1. yea Rippes those ideas are good.. i appreciate. But you still need to get the pts stones from somewhere aswell as the mats to do them.. same for raiding.. i cant even do jajamaru sp because i cant get the mats for the quests bc im too high level.. and i cant join raids 90+ cause i dont have r.7+10 equipment and high sp´s.. its just frustrating to me. the only player who suffer from this update are the new ones..
  2. Im a new player switching from offline server to vendetta. I was just wondering about the trade limit because there is no possible way to get 1kk reputation without being able to buy any mats. From questing to act 1.6 you get ~150k, doing sp 1-4~ 200k. So there are still missing 650k~ reputation after investing a certain amount of time. The only player that are able to skip the trade limit are high lvl players that are already playing for a long time, who are able to make pts 100x times to get their low accounts to 1kk reputation. It just doesn´t make sense to me at all. can someone explain to me how im able to get 1kk reputation without spending 1000 hours? Answers appreciated PS: Im not trying to hate Bash´s decision. im just asking myself if it makes any sense