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  1. Thanks and yeah I got myself a Mount and an Pet easily so I got some money from selling the coronas as well, just that not many costumes are being sold, sad :c
  2. it had a few cool acessories and well its not like you can chose what you can buy on altar also i dont see many costumes on auction
  3. So I've been away for quite a while due health problems....almost died but okay now So I noticed there is a lot of stuff missing from loyalty shop including costumes :c so ya can get them anymore from there? thats sad xc
  4. So I'm new to the Vendetta 'area' not to EE tough but stoped playing it a few years ago because of some issues, (glad all those are solved tough), so I came across the server...and well it looked cool...and people looked here I am! XD Anyway thanks for having me over here! :3 A question tough...I had all those alpaca costumes (yes...I grinded enough for it back then x3 ) anyone would know where to get those coins...I want them again! =P Also if nayone wanna play with me I get on (not too much tough) but would love to have some friends there :) IGN: Ein