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  1. After messing around in the settings I found "Zoom Out Distance" slider. In case anyone wants to change it like that of in the video.
  2. I see, a lot of this information I did not know, thank you! is there a way to use the lingerie as a cosmetic piece for a cosmetic Tab in the Character? There is a cosmetic NPC who says she can overlay another type of armor Skin-wise over what you wear. So my next questions are can I cosmetically choose any armor(of any class or only my class?) also ofcourse would I be able to use the Lingerie skin to go on top of my Armor in the cosmetics tab?thanks again very helpful. @Daddy Thank you for the links very much!
  3. Thank you sir! edit: These dont have Mother outfit, does that mean there is more? great selection btw
  4. Hey guy, I finally reached 30! So i started to come across some friendly people with great cosmetics equipped. Particular person was wearing Mothers outfit, so pretty much topless. Then I remembered seeing many reviews and screenshots of the game where in particular there is a completely topless cosmetic chest piece(no fabric, bare skin) is that a mod? Is mothers outfit the most revealing one in the game? Thanks for extremely needed info, its like life and death its so important. thanks again!
  5. I have a question about OP's very first top video. what Mod do you need in order to zoom out that far out? ty
  6. Nice ty, I will consider supporting in the future.
  7. I've noticed we got a single item reset at the beggining, do you get another reset as a gift further down the line from one of the Hift boxes or something? Because single skill reset is like(2000 points) 20$ in the store?
  8. Yeah its no a bad thing per-say. For people like me who started playing during MU Online/ Linage/II release this is a great find, because nothing else will satisfy. I'm trying to say that the game has a soul spark here and there and has value in nostalgia
  9. Mobile script is messed up for the website so when I click general discussion it hangs and when I exit out i ended up in Nostale I suppose. I mean there isno rushing or no rushing, its fixed in quest EXP with no alternative so atm the game goes one pace for me. By automated I mean auto-quest tracking pretty much is what I mean, no need to WASD for casual questing (except clicking once on npc to turn in or getting the area and pressing Tab 1,2,3) this model shows how oldschool this game mechanic is. Most games that used this mechanic rose around 2010-11 and died by 2013 I'm honestly playing this to scratch the itch, but the old school feeling with bearable graphics is very sweet. But its like all Icing which is delicious, ill tell you by lvl 30 how I really feel.
  10. After 15 levels I came to conclusion that this game plays, looks and feels like update RF Online 2.0 for the most part. Especially because of mecha suits. Logically there is no other game to compare it to either, these are only 2 games with Mecha suits and cyber punk/gatorade blood type of vibe. My biggest complaint is Automated gameplay, All MMOs with mobile-game type of automated mechanics where the game plays for you - die without exception, even Black Desert. This is an oddball in a sense that I like the humor, combat is OK and beautiful bodies to look at. But honestly I do not know how far, I did enjoy RF in like mid-2000s so that and ofcourse fan service is keeping me playing. I am curious as to End game and PvP and from the looks of it without boosting its atleast 3-4 momths of playing everyday to get to end game. Still feeling this game out, its surprising and refreshing how good story/quest humor can releave the repetetive gameplay. But we'll see, I'm still open-mindedd
  11. Like idk,,honestly. Its the every first quest called 'Topside' its clearly says - 'Travel to Enocia' After talking to the hologram, I used TELEPORT to get to Enocia and now IM STUCK. There was NO, indication of any other quests in the room, it doesn't help that map is GARBAGE and never shows "?" and "!" like a normal MMO does on the map, so can someone explain me what I should do next? Thanks