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  1. I was going to edit and add that... yes I know about the pet drinks, but they are not unlimited. Also, is it better to spend pet skills on HP (red) or MP (blue) if you want to max their " fullness" ?
  2. So your pet can fetch items for you but that uses energy. Is the fastest way to replenish "fullness" just to recall him? Is any pet capable of fighting?
  3. Thanks, the + icon was so small I didn't see it
  4. It appears there was something wrong with the extractor program. I used another and it is installing now.
  5. How can I download SB? At this webpage - https://sb.vendettagn.com/download.vgn - There is only 1 download button and it only downloads SBV_Install_v1.rar @ 4.8MB which does not unpack. Edit - its working now Edit - how do you distribute skill points?