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  1. Hi, i'm currently downloading nos vendetta, but since my internet conection is really bad and it will take some time, i've decided to ask you guys the thinks that I really wanna know about this, in order to decide if it's worth for me to play here ^^ Im currently at 92+20 on nostale,org, I'm really lazy about thinking on leveling another character and SP's, and simple questions: 1. How much time (aprox) it will take to level to...92+30? lets say 2.How much time will take to get an SP upgraded to+15, or better asked, it is as hard as in official server? 3.We all know .org is a bad server due to it's brutally expensive economy, it is that expensive on vendetta? How much gold can a lvl, lets say 90 without champion level, farm in a regular day? Making IC, some act 4 raids, etc. 4. last but not least, i have read that most of the payment system is for fashion only, so I'm assuming that eq and SP scrolls are buyable in game? I've been playing in official server for a LOT of freakin time, and now I just want some chill and easy server to get all I ever wanted, but wasn't rich enough to get on official, so if you could answer this to me, I will apreciate it so much! ^^