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  1. Happy new year perv bois, there i uploaded one more video for SB Racing mode: Also you can read description in this video for about game. Have fun 🥳
  2. Unreal Engine 4 has spec only basic methods. Optimization is what the developer will do. Like: If your server have 100 players, but this players they has different locations. you just need to basically method "distance check". it means; 70 players so far away from a client, then just 30 players is listening to replication graphs depends to lowest distances. Also i never use to Frame Tick Nodes. so when player did something. just sending once them to all listening clients. So its not poorly designed mmo or rpg games. 🙄
  3. Yeah, you're right. sorry for misunderstanding. i tried remake in UE4 with ripped models. So i didnt updated from client librarys. However if i can revive in UE4, this provides more advantages, cause you got an full source code and server code. i can make modes like Bike racer, TouchDown , DeathMatch, Arena or more. Also im reviving another mmo project named Land of Chaos Online 2 Revolution from alaplaya/danal game. you can see in steam what i did for old game. (I didnt put link, you can easily search in google)
  4. This video recorded with gtx 1050 medium graphic card. So you can see Frame per second with Ultra graphics.(Ofc not optimised, just did for test) if you have very potatoe pc; then down to lowest graphics, it can be playable min 30 fps.
  5. I can get your reviews. Also i am game developer in unreal 4. i did this because im bored to doing other my mmo game. If everyone want more wish for revive this game. i can try it i guess.