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  1. You just destroyed my dream aighh sad soo lets open next 100 laurena box and over 70 castra ibra alt s
  2. Hard since there is limit to 1+1 ( I mean 1main+1alt)
  3. Sure PosiTv, but this increased dropping isn't soo nice in my opinion and I seen lot of ppl on game with problem for this like I think it's not more % couse still losing lot of kk for getting trophy, also ik it was easy then, soo would be nice if returne in pretty changed version like I wrote up ^^ need more to open or something πŸ˜› Its just suggestion remember .
  4. Hello Guys! On start, I would say, This post is mostly focused for People which still needing some trophys to make major trophy or just want drop any, but would be nice if every1 say what he thinking ^^ mayb we can return it in future πŸ˜› As you know or not, there was something like "Trophy Pieces System". It's got deleted, what in my opinion was pretty sad . I know lot of people will say now maybe, "it's ok" etc. But I'm pretty sure most of them would be ppl which have all trophys they need soo they're not caring about this soo much πŸ˜›, but. what I mean? I would like to suggest to return this system, couse in my opinion it would rly help to beginners to get some trophy after making raids what would be nice, but also ppl which just need few trophys more(for major trophy or something). Of course, then it was pretty easy couse u buy 100 cuby box and u get trophy,(I never rly do that xD) soo I would suggest also make it with 150 pieces needed or 200; or just to dont do that with just cuby boxes, if u open a lot of one type boxes ( I mean only cuby, or ginseng or slade etc) then u haven't same chance for all trophy just u have more % for this trophy ( idk maybe like it was 100 pieces then if u will open over 50 boxes or 60 of one type then u have 3/4x more chance to get it. It would be secure to dont rush pieces on cheapest boxes and also if you rly got unlucky in dropping and u open a lot of this boxes to get trophy and you still haven't got it then u can get it easier. Also it can be Otcher numbers not only suggering 50 or 60 just for all maybe just -If box more expensive, then u have to open less to get more chance for it, but if cheaper like cuby u need to open pretty more( but not too much to dont rush on it) or just vice versa with prices. as I said I dont suggest numbers just how it can work ^^). (I don't think it's bannable to give legal link to voting :P) Also I would give link to voting for that yes or no on straw poll ( I think every1 know this site and how it workπŸ˜› ) right here--> (idk is it working after pressing that, if not just copy it and put in google ) Hope if there is lot of ppl want it, Bash would do something with that and sorry for lot of reading
  5. Yea U have to give all 13 trophys 1 by 1 by putting them in left corner in eq and just give them all then u can make it.