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  1. I did everything thats in that Topic, i´m Wired not connected with WiFi using latest Firmware on my Router, latest Drivers and so on. I did every Step and that several Times, even a VPN and flushing the DNS, but nothing helped still got DC after DC. I also checked Several Servers in France with and got a Ping from 20 to 35ms. Im rly clueless why every other Online Game runs Perfectly except SB, good maybe its sensitive for a stable connection but come on is it rly that bad ?
  2. I´ve got several Disconnections from Scarlet blade every 20 to 30min and im very pissed cause of that. Everything works fine (Internet Connection, Router, other Programms and Games) what is wrong and why did i get disconnected so much ? oO Today (July 29th 2019) i got over 10times disconnected ! But why ? Someone got the same issue and pls can help me ?