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  1. That's what I'm doing but as you said it is not an ideal solution 🙁. In my case I don't have to put it in exceptions because I manually disable Windows defender, and yes, the first time I installed the game again (2 days ago) I downloaded it from the website and after installation I verify it from the patcher.exe but the problem is still present, I can not close the game or I will have to install it again.
  2. I don't understand German at all ;0; also in my case I didnt have any game crash; Classic is only working after installation as I said and I really refuse to re install windows 😞
  3. After clicking on Play Classic in patcher.exe it doesn't work, the game doesn't run neither clicking on patcher nor the run_game_classic file, it only works after installing the game, I reinstall the game twice and it only runs just after installation; Also veryfing on patcher.exe doesn't help
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