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  1. I also get frozen while gathering racial materials, i have 2 clients turned on overnight yet only 1 would freeze. I will change my settings to low graphics from now on. Hopefully I won't waste 5 runs in Palace. Thanks!
  2. We all know people get alpaca'd, its been a fairly regular issue for anyone to get that even back in the main server, but has anyone had freezing screen that can't recover? My issue started right from the start, my screen would freeze and wouldn't recover, sometimes my screen would turn black and my monitor would "act" like the pc was turned off but then the monitor would turn back on again after 10-20secs. I would have to force close EE client and start it again. Last night while trying to run Palace to farm gold, i froze inside the dgn 3 times, 2 of those trying to turn my screen to face the mobs and the 3rd while halfway through the run, then of course i get alpaca'd twice after that. Is this happening to anyone else? None of my friends seem to get it. My PC was recently rebuilt and able to handle heavy graphics game like monster hunter.
  3. First of all hello to everyone and most especially to old EE players from Aeria. I started playing EE way back in closed beta. I was only playing for the fun of it until i was recruited to join Deity in Sapphire server. We were a huge TW and GW guild, taking attendance, and running trials 24/7. It's been nearly 3-4 years now since I quit (75 cap) and one of my guildmates has since hunted down Deity members to form our Discord. I've been brought to the dark side as they would say. I have since then re-discovered my love for EE, my guild members, and all the pretty costumes. I hope Vendetta EE never disappoint their players the way Aeria had. Cheers!