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  1. Hey all, just installed this game and dabbled in it for a short period. I am level 10 at the moment and a lot of stuff is unknown to me. I chose Free Knights for this one because I prefer red to gold :3 Anyways, if there are any guilds or groups willing to take newbies and are patient with them I would be happy to hop in and cooperate. In such big world it does get lonely to just do stuff alone. Willing to do my best and progress.
  2. Hello all, just realized this one game, Scarlet Blade, had a private server thanks to MMObyte and now I am here. It is a small community so, of course, cannot see almost any players in game. It ain't super special of a game, but after playing so many bigger titles I decided I needed a break from all that and just play whatever. If there are any guilds or groups to join in game that would also be great because it gets kinda lonely just walking around and questing. Provided these groups accept newbies and are tolerant towards them. Anyways, that's all- hope y'all have a wonderful day!