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  1. Hey there! Not entirely new, but I'm pretty new to the forums. I've played Eden Eternal on VGN for a little over a year now, albeit on and off due to moving and internet problems. I do draw and write as my main hobbies, but I play games here and there casually. The MMO genre keeps dragging me back! I originally found VGN when I decided the official EE servers weren't for me. I really loved the game as a kid. I'd always play with my siblings and have a lot of fun. Sadly, I'm not 100% on-board with P2W and the dying population. It kind of broke my heart when I saw the retail game was dying, so I found VGN and I couldn't be happier! I had a lot of great memories back when I first played, and though I've played solo, I'm ready to make some more with the community. I'm pretty anxious in social situations, however, and I was always too afraid to engage with people in the game. I decided to come out of my shell today and try to find some new people to play the game with, since I know you can't exactly solo an MMO, lol. I'm not sure how my introduction will be received, though. I haven't really observed enough of the community to know what ya'll are like, so I guess I'm just winging it here. I hope I can find a place here, though. I guess.. that's it for now? You're free to ask questions and reply and all. I'm an open book! Hope to talk with ya'll soon (Am I doing this right?)
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