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  1. Mystery Box weapon Judgment Blade (1-hand ) ✔️11/05/20 pet Tiger Cub Haku ✔️11/05/20
  2. thank you. now u know i did not dodge your question rememeber i did not refresh page went u edit it .i stop post now
  3. can i ask first time in forum do i have to reload page to see new post and edit ?
  4. i not gear i dont care about pvp
  5. than u have to ask thanos and judge i not them
  6. yes. what point did i miss i only see your half post did not see other half that u miss
  7. it doesnt matter about number
  8. thank you ! i was only asking because tiki say cant healing in world chat and i did not know about uni test it out
  9. ty i was asking why he can heal is it hard to reply it
  10. and i ask why he can get heal and not wide out did u dont know how to read
  11. btw can i ask at 2.17 killa use engi pots but get healing if i see all poeple talk u cant get heal is it bug and u did not report ? and i hear someone name tiki talk bad and say engi pots cant heal and here in video the proof
  12. Mystery box weapon Judgment Blade 1 hand Pet Ghost Blade Ren ✔️06/18/20 altar ec Back gear Holy Flame Urial's Wings ✔️06/30/20
  13. Altar: Holy Flames Uriel's Wings (legendary) ✔️06/30/20