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  1. I hadn't. So the game had been working fine for 2 days now. Booted up like it should. Got problems again today. Logged onto the forums and saw your answer. Tried it and it started up just fine. I have no idea if that actually was my issue or if I just got lucky on my 7th attempt. It's just so odd that it works some days and some days it doesn't. I guess I'll report back if it acts up again. Thank you for your continued support Norleras
  2. Ooh, okay..? How would I go about doing that? Would a dxdiag suffice?
  3. I do not see a log folder in my SB directory? Yes, I did when I did a clean install the second time.
  4. I have tried that. Didn't help. I'll try flushing my dns next time it happens. That and restarting the computer I guess. I do not have anything called "Asmedia 106x SATA Controller" installed. It's all just so weird. I managed to get it working just now by just starting the game over and over for almost an hour. Just doesn't make any sense.
  5. So, I'm going insane. I downloaded this game 2 days ago. Had so much trouble to get the game working. I tried downloading the directx 9 and visual c++ package here on the forum and installing it. I tried the xigncode fix. I tried whitelisting everything in my anti-virus, even disabled it. Didn't change anything. Game still didn't start. So I thought I should restart my computer, might fix it. Tried one last time and somehow the game booted up. Yay. Played yesterday without any issues what so ever. Game booted up on the first try, no problem. Today. Same issues as the first time. I press start game and the Xigncode3 window pops up in the lower right corner, loads completely and then shows up as an icon in the lower right corner. But the game doesn't start. As soon as I mouse over the icon it disappears. Sometimes it just goes away even if I doesn't mouse over it... I'm not even getting an error message or anything, it just doesn't start at all.. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be? I have done everything I stated above, even did a clean install of the game. Still doesn't boot... I'm stumped, don't know what else to try.